(Meteorological) Winter

March 6th, 2013 at 4:11 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

   Picture from Sharon at ReportIt.  Check it out full screen.  Meteorological Winter is the 3 months of Dec., Jan., Feb.  Actually, the coldest period (when the average high temperature is below 40) is Dec. 2 thru Mar. 4.  In West Michigan, the meteorological winter was warmer, cloudier and wetter than average.  The 3-month period featured two months warmer than average, followed by a month cooler than average.  The average temperature in G.R. was 29.3 deg.  That was 2.5 deg. warmer than average.  Snowfall was right at average.  57.3″ compared to an average of 57.5″.  Precipitation was well above average with 9.91″ – that was 3.53″ above average.  It was the 2nd winter in a row with above average precipitation.  We had 52 days with measurable precipitation, compared to an average of 44.   The average humidity was 75%.  We sure had a lot of cloudy days, with only 20% sunshine.  We had an average wind of 10 mph and two days when we heard thunder.

In general, it was warmer than average this winter east of the Rockies and cooler to the west.  Here’s some selected cities departure from average temperature for this past winter:  Minneapolis (+1.1), Boston (+2.0), Detroit (+2.8), New York (+1.8), Chicago (+3.4 – no snow on the ground for much of the winter), St. Louis (+3.1), Raleigh (+2.5), Jackson (+3.3), Orlando (+3.5), New Orleans (+2.5), Cincinnati (+2.7), Omaha (+2.2).        Seattle (-0.7), Portland (-0.2), San Francisco (-0.7), Los Angeles (-1.0), San Diego (-0.6), Phoenix (-1.3), Las Vegas (-1.0), Salt Lake City (-3.7), Boise (-2.6), Denver (-0.5), Cheyenne (-1.6), Huron (-0.4).

The first five days of March have been 6.5 deg. cooler than average in G.R.

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  1. Kimoeagle says:

    Guess you could call this a meteorological report. “Official” snowfall in the past 12 hours in Angola is 3-4″…..with spots that measure 5″ (my yard). Meanwhile Fort Wayne and its suburbs got nailed with 9-12″ of snow. Our snow was not heavy, but it needed shoveling anyway!Evidently, the ‘ridge’ extended from Nerrien Co. ESE through SBM to Ft. Wayne, —- and I am told that our nation’s capitol is due to get dumped on. Good. They’ve been dumping on everything else — now Mother Nature can dump on Congress! ;-) (little sarcasm there). Have a good day — it should get better!

    1. Irish coffee says:

      We can HOPE(and pray),KIMO!! Yet w/ our debt over 100% of our annual GDP..and rising steadily(it should be w/in ~40 %of GDP for healthy economy)….not to mention income levels have dropped nearly 4%,as COSTS(gas, energy, food,health,etc) have gone up significantly.I imagine my 3 teen boys+ 6 y.o daughter will be treated to unfunded debt approaching $200+ trillion w/ INTEREST payments ALONE being UNsustainable…add ALL us baby-boomers on fed assistance(S.S, Medicare,etc) – we could be in for a world of HURT 25 years from now;(

      1. Ned S. (Now in South Holland) says:

        Irish Coffee, you’re right on the money. The country is going broke while Nero plays his fiddle. I feel badly for my kids and grandkids. The grandkids will probably end up speaking Chinese, as the Chinese will probably own us or defeat us in a war. The spending is unsustainable, yet our politicians want more and more of our hard earned money to fund more and more for those who are unwilling to pull their share of the load. I’m not against a safety net, but when that net makes it too comfortable to sit on one’s derriere instead of finding a job, then the tipping point has been reached.

        1. Irish coffee says:

          AMEN and amen Mr. Ned!! Look at liberal policies of governing in Det…only thing it sustains is a culture of poverty and dependence(inter-generational) as well as discouraging men + women(mothers/fathers)from raising their children w/ pride and HONOR!

  2. Irish coffee says:

    At least we have Obama on the record promising to “FUNDAMENTALLY transform”(read:radically CHANGE) our country!…too bad our most basic and FUNDAMENTAL principles of Founding WERE OPPORTUNITY+ FREEDOM! Oh well, i guess 50+million people voted for HIS vision of restricting FREEDOM and limiting OPPORTUNITY!!

  3. Weatherwatcher604 says:

    Despite all the doom and gloom on the economy, just want to say, “awesome picture”!

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