Ice Island in Lake Michigan

March 8th, 2013 at 9:25 pm by under Bill's Blog, News, Weather

    Ice Island in Lake Michigan. (pic. from   Also, did you know that painting the center line in the middle of a road started in Michigan?

We get a rundown of what’s on the NBC Nightly News.  This was in the promo Friday:  “Weather Channel meteorologist Eric Fisher has the latest on the storm. Al Roker reports on how the European storm models have been better predictors of storm paths in recent years than the American models.”

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  1. Nathan says:

    I noticed that I get very off topic when there are no storm systems! Hopefully the one this Monday brings some action!

  2. Bill (Marysville) says:

    Saw the news report down here today in GA. Sorry still do not miss the snow!

  3. North side of holland says:

    Any word on the Walmart stories

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      Yeah…bomb threats were called in to the WalMart in Holland Twp. and the one in Grandville. The Holland Police said it was a nationwide call-in. Hope they find those who did this and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

  4. Larry from Hastings/Barry Co says:

    Bill, I seen the Al Roker report on NBC. I hope members of congress and the White House was watching. I feel at times, the USA is loosing ground on all fronts, hi-tech, education, etc. It’s sad when we have to depend upon Europe for a good weather forecast. I worked in security for about 20 years, I had my share of bomb threats. Walmart is a good company, and provide good jobs, etc. I guess that makes them a target for some “nut case”.

    1. Skot says:

      The vast majority of taxes go to National Defense instead of putting it into our childrens education.

      1. Bill Steffen says:

        By far the biggest tax distribution goes to entitlements (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Bridge Cards, etc.). That’s more than double the defense budget. A little under 20% of the Federal Budget (not counting all the other taxes you pay) goes to Defense. Within the defense budget there is a lot of stuff tucked away, including money for research into breast cancer.

    2. Brad says:

      Good jobs?

      1. Larry from Hastings/Barry Co says:

        If you have a job, it’s a “good job”.

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