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River Comstock Park     BREAKING NEWS – Click on the image or click here (and click on on the red square by Comstock Park at this website) to enlarge!   THE LATEST COMPUTER MODEL FACTORING IN THE RAIN TODAY AND THE RAIN FORECAST OVER THE NEXT 48-HOURS PROJECTS AN ALL-TIME RECORD FLOOD IN COMSTOCK PARK.   If these levels are realized, the river would be 6.35 feet above flood stage in Comstock Park and 4.4 feet above flood stage in Grand Rapids.  In Robinson Twp. the forecast crest is 17.3 ft. – 4 feet above flood stage.  The Rogue is forecast to go to 10.7 ft., 2.7 feet above flood stage (record is 11.4 ft.).  For the Muskegon River at Croton, the level is forecast to go to 12.1 feet, 3.1 feet above flood state, but well below the 16.8 foot record in the flood of 1986.  The Thornapple is expected to rise to 12.8 feet or 2.6 feet above flood stage (record is 14.4 feet).  The White River at Whitehall/Montague is forecast to go to 6.8 feet (0.8 feet above flood stage – record is 7.5 ft.).  The Grand at Ionia is expected to go to 24.6 ft (3.6 feet above flood stage (record is 27.6 ft.).  AGAIN, THIS IS NOT SET IN STONE…THIS IS A MODEL RUN BASED ON THE RAIN THAT WE HAVE HAD AND THE RAIN THAT IS FORECAST OVER THE NEXT 48 HOURS.    Pictures from the Grand River Flood of 1904 (water came all the way to John Ball Park!).   Here’s HISTORICAL CRESTS AND FULL DATA ON THE GRAND RIVER AT COMSTOCK PARK.

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  1. Judy says:

    Took a drive down to the Allegan Dam last evening….two flood gates open. Now the field across the road from my house is flooded and it’s coming across into the neighbor’s yard….hope the trench that we dug takes the water to the back of our property, otherwise, we’re flooded…for the 5th time in 4 years. Thankfully, many belongings are still in totes and we still haven’t put down new carpet yet, so if we do flood, there will be minimal damage. Husband thinks we’ll be OK.

    Any predictions on the Kalamazoo River for what the flood stage may be?

  2. Hugh says:

    I appreciated the noon report picture of the water rise in relation to the blue bridge. Put it in perspective for me. Thanks Matt Kirkwood! Will you or Bill show a comparison again this evening?

  3. Szokoe says:

    Don’t you think the radar is showing more promise of moderate to heavy rain for us in West Michigan now?

  4. Rob Worth says:

    While the crest is going to be really high, the damming of the Grand River is preventing even more damage downtown. Leave the Dams in place because that’s what they are for to control floods as best as they can. We don’t need to return the rapids to the Grand because of the potential for huge flooding of the downtown area.

  5. Steven Sevarns says:

    The flooding that has been going on these days is crazy. If you guys could make a stop at sparta on Balyeat Field and show that, that would be incredible. Maybe even interview me.

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