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May 16th, 2013 at 7:03 pm by under Bill's Blog, News, Weather

AnimatedMosquito  The main type of mosquito plaguing us right now is the Aedes mosquito.  They are a floodplain mosquito and their population has exploded after the April flood.  Their eggs can lay dormant for 7 years, waiting for the next flood.  Another bad trait of the Aedes mosquito is that they like to bite in the daytime.  Some mosquitoes are more active in the evening and at night.  The Aedes mosquito will bother you morning, noon and night.  This crop may be around for another 2-3 weeks.  Watch us tonight for a story on the pesky critters.  One piece of good news…the Aedes mosquito does not carry the West Nile Virus.   Leave a comment and let us know how bad or not so bad are the mosquitoes where you are.  We had a lot of rain in April and there’s still a decent amount of standing water around for them to breed.

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  1. Lace says:

    The skeeters are really bad in Carson City. My daughter and I went to drop my husband off at a neighbors. (Which is not surrounded by dense forest or tall grass, completely out in the open). The skeeters were so bad that they were trying to get into my van windows. We had at least 100 of them. I had to use my windshield wipers to get them off. It was horrible. When they bite, the site grows red, with a huge white bump (about the size of a dime). When I was a kid, they would bite us but, we would just have a little bump. Blood sucking vampires!!!

  2. Scott (robinson twsp) says:

    It’s actually funny watching them swarm the truck when we pull in the driveway. We have to do the Chinese fire drill and run in the door,hopefully none sneak in.

  3. Jean says:

    Battle Creek: I don’t think that I’ve ever seen them swarm this bad. I really started to notice them yesterday. I was out around noon in my back yard and couldn’t believe how many were all over me, and trying to go through my shirt. There was a breeze. I always thought that helped to keep them away. I came home from work tonight to water my flowers, because we haven’t had a lot of rain in May. I don’t know where they’re coming from. I had three on each leg and they were swarming all over my arms and head. I put on some Off with Deet and that did the trick. I was safe the rest of the evening. They’re already getting into the house.

  4. KF (SE of Lowell) says:

    Between Lowell and Saranac my son had to run a half mile home from the bus stop and that was 3:00 in the afternoon. They are the worst I have seen.

  5. Scott Stuit says:

    Out in Hudsonville I haven’t seen many at all. Went to my Dad’s in Comstock Park (English off of Buth) and it is an Insect Infestation Horror Movie. Worst I ever saw.

  6. NC says:

    Ada/Cascade — absolutely horrible! Swarms of them out all day, we can’t go outside right now. Anywhere you step in the grass, tons of them fly up and start swarming. They’re waiting at the back door and they fly into the car as soon as I open the door. I had to take my dog for a walk tonight — I had my son in a wagon. There were so many I had to drop the wagon, pick up my son an run for the house. Totally disgusting. The worst I’ve ever seen, anywhere.

  7. suzi failing says:

    Byron Center…..our horses are having a rough time of it….they are completely covered in bumps from bites…………

  8. Jack says:

    HELLO BILL and Y’all …Here Is The ONLY GOOD SKEETER !!!!! SPIN : LOL.. ;-)

  9. mr. negative says:

    Ada – skeeters are impossible, dog is now frightened to go outside. Three bottles of bug killer on the front yard today, four bottles for the backyard tomorrow. Control will be achieved, no matter the cost…

    1. Scott (robinson twsp) says:

      Does that work? What brand is it?

      1. Kim says:

        I would like to know what you are using too!

      2. mr. negative says:

        Yep, looks like it worked well. I can stand in the yard once again. Used a couple bottles of TRIAZICIDE…hose end bottles.

    2. Ben.s says:

      I’m in ada to0, Same situation with our dog (whos not afraid of anything lol) Ive never seen them this bad!!! i cant even go fishing (it doesn’t help though that there’s a pond in our bbackyard.

      HELP ME!

  10. Sue says:

    In Plainwell Tuesday afternoon, mowed the lawn with dozens landing on my arms continuously!

  11. Holton, MI. I don’t know about anyone else, but trying to enter your vehicle is dangerous here. We have so many mosquitoes that they almost carry you away. On top of that, when you open the door to get in your vehicle, you end up sharing it with about a dozen EVERY time! BUT, we are winning the war… one mosquito at a time!

  12. mart (gr) says:

    no bites yet for me in GR

  13. Greg says:

    South of Ionia….Absolutely Horrible! During the sunset on Thursday, looking west there were thousands of them above the farm field. My dogs only stay outside for minutes before wanting to come back inside. Insect repellent does not work on these bloodsuckers. Soaked myself this afternoon, and it did not help at all. I was using Cutter and Deep Woods Off to no avail. On top of the horrible infestation my bug zapper died today too (I think it was sabotage).

  14. I was out in the lawn shooting pictures of flowers yesterday and killed at least 8 mosquitoes and was bitten numerous times. But I still was able to get good photos. Those will be posted over on later today, or if not today, then next week as I will be heading to the plains with my friend Michael to chase the big storms!

  15. There were so many at golf last nite, it was more like polo than golf!!!! Had deep woods Off on….they flew around me, but didn’t bite much at all…but they were everywhere….

  16. Skot says:

    Fixxxer called. Told me its, “TOO COLD for SKEETERS”
    So it is written, so it shall be done.

  17. Jeff B. (Gowen) says:

    They are really bad here. I not only can’t cut my grass in the early evening like usual, but I can’t even leave my dogs out.

  18. Dan D says:

    No mosquitoes here in my yard, but neighbor is getting eating alive, reason – I have Mosquito Squad. I can sit outside in the evening and not have a single mosquito bug me.

  19. Jen in Middleville says:

    I sprayed Ortho Lawn and Garden…they’re still bad, especially in the garage where I couldn’t spray. I’ve never seen anything like this.

  20. Travis (Oakland County) says:

    Haven’t noticed any skeeters here yet. Then again, we didn’t get the floods and all the excess standing water like West Mich.

  21. Mike says:

    We were out on Bruce’s Bayou (Grand River, Crockery Twp.) on Wednesday night. They were bothering us out on the open water, which has never been the case anywhere. Upon landing the kayaks, the mosquitoes where all over us, even in spite of a heavy application of repellent. They are already as bad as I’ve seen them in the last four years of kayaking.

  22. Pauline says:

    Absolutely terrible here in Ionia. The apartment complex where I live has a pond of standing water and lots of pine trees which mosquitoes love. I put a natural product on my dog called Bug Bar and it seems to help him as bug sprays are harmful to pets. In the past the Bug Bar stuff worked for me too but not this year. You can’t even sit outside on your patio to enjoy your morning coffee. I need a mosquito netting suit. :)

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Hey Pauline, where did you get the Bug Bar?

      1. Pauline says:

        I got the Bug Bar last year at the hardware store in Greenville but if you pull up their own website you can do a search for the nearest retailer near you. :)

        1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

          Thank you, ma’am. :-)

  23. Janet says:

    I’ve always been one that mosquitos LOVE but they are really bad in Muskegon too. I’m trying to work on a float in the evenings for a Memorial Day parade and they think I’m running a free blood bank!

  24. Trisha says:

    Fennville: Terrible! They swarm the car, the pets, the people. We put on bug spray repeatedly at our son’s ball game, but they just kept coming. We all went home feeling eaten alive.

  25. Kristine says:

    Saranac, just north of the river. Bad in the sunlight, horrific in the shaded areas. Clouds swarming us as we wait for the school bus, even with bug spray on. We look like crazy people pacing around and swatting and waving our arms out there. Little one was trying to stomp one IN Meijer yesterday.

    We had our yard sprayed once for mosquitoes several years ago, but try to avoid it because of the kids and chemicals. If this doesn’t die down in the next few weeks, we’ll do it again. Just so we can actually BE outside.

  26. Dan says:

    At the West River baseball fields on Wednesday night (just west of Northland Dr.), they came out in force once the sun began to decline. Initially at about 6:30 upon my arrival they weren’t bad at all, as long as I was far away from the trees, but by the time my son’s game began, around 7:20 p.m., there was nowhere to hide. Many folks moved their vehicles so that they could watch the game with some protection.

  27. Killed the first on this season on my arm, I know there’s more but it’s surprisingly good so far here in this part of Gratiot County ??? I’m sure I just jinxed my back yard now. Pool is open, clear as a bell, now to just warm up more 59°

  28. Lylla Allred says:

    they are also real bad on PlainField and Knapp st Ne can’t take the cuties for a walk they are out in full force can’t the city Spray or put somthing in the sewers on the street ? Please help !!

  29. Jean says:

    They are bad in the panhandle of Wyoming, however, having spent May and June weekends in the U.P., they are comparable to the woods up there. There, we sprinkle garlic granules around the perimeter of where we are hanging out and it seems to work pretty good. (I think you can get them at places like TSC or online at Amazon.)

    You’ll spend the evening with a strange craving for spaghetti, though…..

  30. chuckd says:

    I know people say this- but this is truly the worst I have seen them in my life. Even in “town” near Plainfield & 4-mile it is nearly impossible to be outside in my back yard.

  31. snoeseach says:

    Down at Gun Lake the last two weekends they were all over, hundreds if not thousands on the cottage and in the lawn. But the majority must be males, I don’t think I’ve bitten yet? It was interesting last weekend in that we have a large amount of migrating Baltimore Orioles around and they were going crazy feasting on the buggers! They usually stop by for the May Flies every spring. Hope they can stick around for a while this year.

    1. snoeseach says:

      I don’t think I’ve “been” bitten.

  32. Kevin (Laketown/Sauagtuck area) says:

    Allegan county Kalamazoo river area….unbelievable how many and how quick they find you. I have never witnessed so many in one area…

  33. Judy says:

    Fennville area…..BAAAAAADDDD!! I’d go outside to work in my garden but I don’t have that much blood (or pain tolerance)! The dashboard in my car is littered with the ones I killed yesterday morning on my way to work….talk about distracted driving. :/

  34. Osthemo in Kalamazoo CO., off of S. Drake Rd. Reading on the deck yesterday at 8:30 PM. Luckily none!
    We have some standing water in the little woods in the area. Maybe they haven’t finished breeding.

  35. Rick from N. side of Zeeland says:

    They are really bad over here. We live out of town with a good deal of woods around us. They seem to be sticking to the shade areas. But much like a vampire, they really come out once the sun goes down.

  36. michelle(comstock park) says:

    Comstock park..6mile and North Division..the worst I can remember seeing. ugh.

  37. Crystal says:

    The mosquitos are awful just west of Standale. We walk out the door and are swarmed. Even with spray. My daughter had 20 bites in under 2 minutes. Don’t want to let my kids play outside. =(

  38. Resourceful Nana says:

    Very few mosquitoes here in northern St. Joseph County, although there are many midges that swarm in the evening but don’t bite! I’m grateful for the bats and birds that help keep things in check.

  39. Rob's Wife (Plainfield at 3 Mile) says:

    Was in Eaton Rapids on Wednesday. Worst I’ve ever seen them. We tried to have a bonfire but gave up because it was miserable. The whole ride back to GR there were 4 in the car eating us alive! Will it be this way all summer?

    1. Sheri (ER) says:

      Hey… I live in Eaton Rapids and you are absolutely correct!!! They are horrible!! Just letting my mom out of the car the other night, about a zillion came bomb diving in!! Glad you took at least 4 with you home :)

  40. Milwood Kalamazoo says:

    Definitely noticed the mosquitos late this afternoon. They like to bite, but the bites don’t bother as much as those from other species.

  41. Lindsey says:

    Between the time it took me to walk from my car to my house one or two (two bumps) of these little blood suckers but me through my pants. I now have two sizable welts on my rump and am waking around scratching my bum all the time. Embarrassing! Through my jeans and everything!

  42. Pat says:

    Well, that just sucks! I hate Mosquitos and they just love me. Putting on my spring/summer scent – OFF!

  43. Jerry hoag says:

    I live on the sw side of Grand Rapids by the John Ball Zoo. WOW are the sketters bad here too!! It is like one leg of mine can be normal as ever and the other covered all over (black as can be) I thought the bees around my house were bad this year but holy cow these sketters take the cake. I will be so happy when the sketters die off in 2 to 3 weeks as they are saying. Before the normal sketters of summer come out to play. Hey reminds me of a long ago song::::

    There’s a sketter on my (bleep bleep) knock it off!! There’s a sketter on my (bleep bleep) knock it off!!

    Sorry but I couldn’t pass it off, as I am sure there were a few more of you thinking the same song! Lol

  44. angela emery says:

    omg are they ever awfull this year my husband sat on our glider swing and he had a hand held bug zapper in lees then 10 mins he killed 14 mosquitos . any body have a miracle out there to kill these nasty pests I live in wyoming.

  45. Ben.s says:

    Bad… Just The worst I’ve seen in over 16 years. We have a pond outback which doesnt help…

  46. Cyndi Lewis says:

    Here in Dorr they are everywhere and nasty! Can’t wait for the standing water to dry up. I itch! I’ve been blogging about how to avoid bites without DEET but I’m ready just to bath in the chemical to stop the attack!

  47. Sama says:

    I live right infront of the kalamazoo river in Galesburg. It is so bad that we ha ve to wear bug spray at night. We can’t even go to the park after five pm. It’s awful and most of the stores are sold out of bug spray.

  48. Tracie says:

    We are north of Kent City and I have never experienced so many mosquitoes at once in my life! Last week if anyone dared to leave the house, they were instantly covered with a swarm of mosquitoes, kind of like a horror movie. Last Wed and Thurs, there were so many IN the house I couldn’t go more than two or three minutes without one trying to bite me. I can’t even count the bites. It’s been miserable, and they do bite 24/7. They are much harder to kill than usual too, and very sneaky. I got a zapper racket at Meijer and that has helped in the battle against them, but I will be thrilled when they are all gone!

  49. Bill C says:

    I live in the woods, so I am used to a lot of them. There are a lot more than usual this year, but I think that the reason is two-fold. First, last year’s drought coupled with this year’s flooding means we are getting triple-hit on hatch numbers. The second thing is that I have not seen a single bat flying around this year. I have a bat house that normally holds around 50 bats all summer, but so far this year it is empty. I wonder if the general bat population is down in this area, and if so to what extent. Bats do far more to control mosquito populations than anything we do, even with all our chemicals.

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