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June 2nd, 2013 at 5:35 am by under Entertainment

So considering the explosion of social media since I started the blog 5 years ago… and the amount of time that I don’t have in my day, I’m considering changing my focus and allotting more of my limited time to twitter, facebook, and YouTube instead of this blog page.

I’m not sure everyone out there knows it, but this is my side job.  I love it, but sometimes…. its a chore to blog reviews… partially because I’ve set a bar for myself of adding so much detail plus a poster, photos, movie info that it takes SO much of my precious little time outside of work.

I’ve been told by some people, whose opinions I respect, that my reviews are often too long… so I want to flip the script and make it shorter, easier, and more digestible for today’s “drive thru” consumers of information… short, tweet, and to the point. (that “tweet” was intentional, because its always limited on Twitter ).

Blogging is also not as easy as tweeting or updating a Facebook status… I have to turn on my aging desktop computer and start my Internet program, then log in, then find the aforementioned poster, photos, and info for the movie I’m reviewing.   I can’t devote time during my shift to it, then when life gets in the way, I get behind on a review, and I feel bad that I haven’t posted it… my To Do list gets longer… and the next thing you know… I’m behind … and then I skip a review … and next thing you know I haven’t reviewed the Oscar winner or biggest box office blockbuster just because of the process of trying to blog.

I have tried to streamline the process but with mounting time constraints at work and outside of it…plus the ease and bang-for-the buck I can get out of twitter, facebook, and YouTube… it only makes sense for me.  Plus the interaction is easier and more immediate on those sites than the occasional and random conversations I can have on here.

So, unless there’s a massive outcry, I will be giving my movie opinions and info via Facebook posts, in 140 characters or less on Twitter, and in short videos on YouTube … making this page more of a reference guide.

Any thoughts?

:) – Aaron

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