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2013 Waterfront Film Festival lineup announced

70 movies – including 14 documentaries, dramas, comedies, 2 short documentaries, and 46 short films - are coming to the 15th annual Waterfront Film Festival, including several winners at other acclaimed film festivals.

The festival, that runs June 13-16 in South Haven, Michigan includes the Midwest Premiere of “Blood Brother”, which won both the 2013 Sundance Grand Jury Prize as well as the Sundance Audience Award for being the favorite film.  “A River Changes Course” will also make its Midwest Premiere at Waterfront, it won the 2013 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema.

The lineup includes:
“Ape” which was filmed in Grand Rapids, MI by Director/Screenwriter/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor Joel Potrykus, a graduate of Grand Valley State University’s film program
WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: http://youtu.be/S3qd3kdVzKw

Movies highlighted in the press release:
“Syrup” – based on the best-selling book of the same title, is an edgy comedy that details the cut-throat world of advertising through the eyes of a young prodigy chasing fame, fortune, and the woman of his dreams. 
(Stars: Amber Heard, Brittany Snow and Kellan Lutz)
WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: http://youtu.be/H6GCDAcvuCs

“Between Us” – is a dark comedic drama about two couples reuniting over the course of two incendiary evenings where anything can happen. Grace and Carlo are a newly married New York couple who visit their old friends Sharyl and Joel in their huge Midwestern home, collectively navigating rocky relationships, parenthood and financial woes.
(Stars:Julia Stiles and Taye Diggs)

“Blood Brother” – (documentary) is an intimate portrait of Rocky Braat, a young man whose desire to find a family would lead him to a hostel in India, a place of unspeakable hardship where he would find almost more love and need than he could bear.  (2013 Sundance Grand Jury Prize & Audience Award winner)
WATCH THE TRAILER HERE:   http://www.bloodbrotherfilm.com/

“A River Changes Course” – (documentary) director Kalyanee Mam offers a breathtaking and unprecedented journey through Cambodia, spending two years with three young people attempting to overcome the challenges of deforestation, overfishing and overwhelming debt.
(2013 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema)
WATCH THE TRAILER HERE:  http://youtu.be/ih2P46AjgV8

Many of the films set will have producers, actors, directors and writers in attendance and participating in Q&A sessions following each screening.
The full schedule of more than 70 films are available at www.waterfrontfilm.org.
Individual tickets are $12, day passes start at $90.
The festival is June 13-16 in South Haven at four new venues: Michigan Theater, Listiak Auditorium, the AV Auditorium at South Haven High School and the screening room at Foundry Hall.

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