Showers End – Patchy Fog Possible

June 9th, 2013 at 8:53 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Local    The last of the light showers/sprinkles are exiting to the southeast.  We’ll be partly cloudy (to mostly clear) this Monday night with a chance of patchy fog.  Rainfall was heaviest in Ingham and Clinton Counties where 1 – 1 1/2″ of rain was reported.  We had a few showers scattered about Sunday afternoon, but they missed Festival, B-93′s Birthday Bash, Kalamazoo’s Greek Festival and Art Hop and Battle Creek’s World’s longest cereal table.  Check out my facebook page and take a look at the 2 pics. from Jenni Westra.  Did anyone else see this?  I can’t tell from a still shot if the cloud in the middle is rotating.  Was this facing west or southwest?  Here’s storm total rainfall.   We’ll have scattered showers Sun. night into Monday evening, with a chance of a thundershower.   Any severe weather should stay well to our south.  Here’s the GRR NWS discussion. Use the links below and in the next couple threads to keep up with the weather. Watch for updates on WOOD-TV. For current Michigan weather observations and wind speeds, click here. Here’s WOOD-TV Interactive Radar, looping radar. Check out regional radar, GRR radar, northern Indiana radar, Chicago radar and Milwaukee radar. Here’s the College of DuPage Radar Map, the local warning/advisory map and the National warning/watch/advisory map, and a surface weather map. You can checkout the latest Grand Rapids NWS discussion, the Northern Indiana NWS discussion (includes the Michigan Counties that border Indiana), the discussion for Northern Lower Michigan, and Eastern Lower Michigan. Here’s the Spyglass Condos Weather Station the S. Haven GLERL station, the Muskegon GLERL station, the Grand Haven Steelheaders webcam and weather station, and the weather station at Holland State Park. Check out the WOOD lightning tracker and U.S. lightning, the Maranatha Webcam at Lake Michigan and links to webcams. Here’s the infrared satellite loop (night) and the visible satellite loop (daytime), Lake Michigan water temperatures. Links for watches and warnings in the thread below this one regarding severe weather and the latest from the Storm Prediction Center.

Model update:  The European gives G.R. 0.17″ of rain this Monday, then dry Tuesday.  Tuesday night thru around 9 AM Thurs.   The Euro. gives G.R. a total of 0.59″ of rain from Tues. night to very early Thurs. ..then mostly sunny and dry for most of Thurs. and Fri.  Weds./Thurs. some severe storms may move from ILL/IN to the Mid-Atlantic states, but the best bet right now is that severe weather will stay mostly south of our area.    The GFS plot give G.R. 0.10″ today (Mon.), 0.30″ mainly Weds. and the next rain next late Sat. night into Sunday.  Temperatures stay at or slightl below average.  Average is highs in the upper 70s.

20 Responses to “Showers End – Patchy Fog Possible”

  1. Barry in Zeeland says:

    Way to go GriffWings! Up 2 games to none and coming home to GR! What a crazy game tonight! VanAndel Arena is going to be rockin Wed night!

  2. GunLakeDeb says:

    Crossing my fingers that the rain misses us – I have a brand new puppy as of today, and those middle-of-the-night potty trips would be a lot more palatable if it wasn’t raining….LOL!!

    1. Red in Allegan says:

      Awww…..what kind of puppy is it?

      1. GunLakeDeb says:

        Mini-Aussiedoodle. Glorified mutt :-) Smart like an Aussie or a Poodle; and they don’t shed! He already asks to go outside to potty – but at 7-1/2 weeks old, he needs to go out a LOT!

  3. Barb says:

    I need rain at my house so I don’t have to water. It’s getting dry.

  4. INDY says:

    Nice fire going out thee YARDofBRICKS on this Sunday- Monday Michigans best weather is now……Days are as long as my bong….Enjoy….Stay tuned INDYY…..

    1. Skot says:

      LOving this weather tonight. East wind….steady too. Makes ya wanna sniff the air like a dog through the car window.

      1. Jack says:

        And Turn This UP..On The RADIO…. CUE: Dobbie Brothers ::: ;-)

  5. Travis (Oakland County) says:

    Looks like we may get some fun around here Wednesday:

  6. DF (SE Mich) says:

    Finally, a good soaking rain over on this side of the state. It has been about two weeks since I saw a drop of rain.

    Yesterday’s wind made for some great sailing!

  7. INDY says:

    What a nice day outside sure has been nice to enjoy Bill’s blog with out thee F word on it…..Go fishing cut thee grass drink some sprites and stay tuned severe booms Wed….INDYY..

  8. fixxxer says:

    Great weekend at orion. Great to see so much life and action in the city of detroit. Plus we had a good tstorm here in detroit last night.

    1. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:

      Did you happen to see the Deftones live?

    2. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      The most positive post ever from you.

      My cousin caught the Kill ‘Em All set on Saturday. So jealous.

  9. Dan says:

    We had a great weekend, weatherwise! I wonder if we keep the 70s all summer? It would be ok with me!

    1. DF (SE Mich) says:

      The GFS run continues to show at or slightly below average temps. We will see how long it lasts.

  10. Brian says:

    Looking at the accu weather 3 week outlook I see no 90s yet,and its almost july,still a unusuall cool weather pattern.

    1. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

      It could be one of those summers where we only get one or two 90′s days (it happens) but its still too early to say for sure how the summer will end up (for 90′s days) but right now looks cooler then the past few summers.

      1. GunLakeDeb says:

        It seems like the trees/flowers/shrubs are all rejoicing in this weather – everything seems to be growing extra-lush this year?!

  11. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    I received 0.28″ of rain overnight into this AM and now its cloudy and 66°. As DF stated above it looks like we will on the cool side of average for the next two weeks or so. Looking into July there are indications that mid summer will be near average and maybe a little wetter then average. But as always time will tell. My take is we will stay near to on the cool side of average for the first half of the summer. And there are indications that we may be heading towards a weak El Nino for next fall/winter.

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