Waterfront Film Festival 2013

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This year’s Waterfront Film Festival hopes to be bigger than ever

2013 Waterfront Film Festival poster courtesy Waterfront Film Festival

2013 Waterfront Film Festival poster courtesy Waterfront Film Festival

After 14 years in Saugatuck, the festival is moving 15 minutes south to the larger city of South Haven and its larger venues. 

After years of converted venues that were cramped and often hot or uncomfortable, I’m looking forward to this year’s venues:

Two venues at South Haven High School (600 Elkenberg Street)
Venue#1 – Listiak Auditorium (capacity 540)
Venue#2 – AV Auditorium (capacity 370)

Three venues at Michigan Theater (210 Center Street)
Venue#3a – theater (capacity 243)
Venue#3b – theater (capacity 130)
Venue #3c – theater (capacity 110)

Foundry Hall (422 Eagle Street)
Venue#4 (capacity 250)

The last three years have seen about 16,000 people during the four day festival… and organizers are hoping for 20,000 this year.

Back in October, organizers of the volunteer event announced that the festival was moving from Saugatuck to South Haven for at least two years for financial and logistical reasons.  Grand Haven and Saint Joseph have expressed interest to host WFF in 2015-16.

This year’s festival runs June 13-16 in South Haven, including more than 70 movies – including 14 documentaries, dramas, comedies, 2 short documentaries, and 46 short films including several that won at other festivals or awards contention.  Many of the films will have producers, actors, directors and writers in attendance and participating in Q&A sessions following each screening. 

If its your first visit to Waterfront Film Festival, keep in mind that most movies only screen twice during Friday, Saturday,  and Sunday but some movies only screen once, so check the schedule and buy your tickets ahead of time if you really want to see it, because many movies do sell out well before the screening time.

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The full schedule of more than 70 films are available at www.waterfrontfilm.org.

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