Halfway Through June

June 17th, 2013 at 9:54 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

hummingbird yvansled reportit   Hummingbird picture from “yvansled” at ReportIt.  Click on the image to enlarge.   We’re a little more than 1/2-way thru June.  So far, it’s been a comfortable month.  The average temperature in G.R. through the first 16 days of June is 65.0.  It’s estimated that if the temperature is 65 outside, additional heat from cooking, showers, lights, etc. would keep the temperature inside at around 69 or 70 – so you theoretically wouldn’t need the furnace or air conditioner.  The warmest temperature this month so far has been 81 and the lowest 41.  The average temperature for June so far is 1.5 degrees cooler than average.  With warmer temperatures centered around next weekend, we may able to climb back to average by 6/30.   If we do finish slightly below average temperatures for the month, it’ll be the 4th month out of 5 with below average temperatures.  We’ve had 3 days this month with thunderstorms (lightning or thunder at the G.R. Airport NWS), an average wind speed of 7.5 mph and 60% of possible sunshine.  Rainfall has totaled 3.77″ in G.R.  That’s 1.59″ above average to this point in the month.  That also gives us 26..46″ for 2013, a whopping 10.70″ above average.  Last year we had 15.11″ for the month, only slightly behind the average of 15.76″.  There’s still a tiny patch of snow (left side of the picture, bottom of the hill) on the Mt. Ripley web cam this AM.  Our sunrise is now at 6:03 am, the earliest of the year.  The overall longest day is the Summer Solstice on Friday the 21st.

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  1. Lisa (Caledonia) says:

    The thermometer on our home weather station is already saying 86 here this morning. Oh wait, 87. Are we in for a scorcher today?

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      That’s probably reading too warm. It’s 71 at 10 am at the G.R. airport and no one in W. Michigan is higher than 76: http://kamala.cod.edu/mi/latest.asus43.DTX.KDTX.html It we hang onto some sun, this should be our warmest day of June so far.

    2. DF (SE Mich) says:

      Sounds like the Flint station.

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      The ultimate derecho: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/misc/AbtDerechos/casepages/may30-311998page.htm Prime location was Grand Haven/Spring Lake and Walker.

  2. Kimoeagle says:

    Went up to GRR on Saturday — cloudy but pleasant, and we trammed through Meijer Gardens for Father’s Day. Enjoyable afternoon with our daughter…..sprinkled a little on the way south.

  3. Travis (Oakland County) says:

    The Flint thermometer strikes again, DF?

    I’m +0.8 in June so far before the coming warm-up.

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Detroit NWS is -0.63 for the month so far.

    2. DF (SE Mich) says:

      … and the Saginaw station, only 30 miles away, reads -1.1°.

      EVERY other climate station in Michigan is running below average, most by 1-2°. I don’t think Flint is a very good representation of Michigan, let alone Southeast Michigan. =)

      You should drive up there and get a picture of the station for the blog.

      1. Travis (Oakland County) says:

        haha We are the warm spot of Michigan, what can I say? If you compare cloudy days (GR to Flint or even to Detroit) that easily explains why Flint is running warmer compared to their averages. More sunshine.

        Then again, maybe the NWS is dropping the ball on that statistic too like their broken thermometer? ;)

        1. DF (SE Mich) says:

          Broken compared to itself is what confuses me.

    3. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Flint NWS is also -0.63 for the month.


      1. Travis (Oakland County) says:

        Wrong station

        1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

          Oh sorry. I was looking at Flint via Detroit’s NWS preliminary climate data.

  4. Mark (East Lansing) says:

    Spent yesterday at Gull Lake. Perfect day for the sailboat races. I wish every day was like that.

  5. Travis (Oakland County) says:

    Well, I contacted the Flint NWS station for all you guys ha

    They stand by their records 100%. They also cited naturally occurring low level winds out of the southeast with slight down sloping. Whatever that means.

    1. DF (SE Mich) says:

      There is no such thing as the Flint NWS =) Still fishy…

      I am kidding, I am sure you meant Detroit.

      1. Travis (Oakland County) says:

        Yep, DTX regarding the Flint NWS station.

    2. Cort S. says:

      When you have air traveling down a sloping terrain, it compresses due to increasing pressure and that makes it heat up a little bit. For every 1 km of elevation that a theoretical parcel of dry air descends, compression will heat it up 18 degrees F.

  6. Dave (Byron Center) says:

    So much for the “major drought” of 2012, where we finished the year about 4 inches below average.

    Interesting precip numbers:
    2013 is running 10.7 inches above average
    The past 3 years (36 months) are about 10 inches above average
    The past 5 years (60 months) are about 25 inches above average
    The past 10 years (120 months) are about 41 inches above average

    And there are many spots above these numbers like last week, where parts south of Grand Rapids received 4+ inches of rain in a few hours but the official GR number is just over an inch. There are hundreds of washouts and mini-lakes south of GR from last weeks storms–not good for farmers.

    This seems like a long-term wet pattern–are there any signs this is going to change?

    Imagine the next 10 years totalling 41 inches below average–that would be 10 years similar to 2012……


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