Maranda Park Party!

June 19th, 2013 at 9:19 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

park-party    Thursday is the 3rd  Maranda Park Party.  It’s in Muskegon.   It’s free and kids under age 18 get a free lunch!  The parties run from Noon to 2 PM and have lots of entertainment, games, food, drink and prizes.    Here’s a schedule of parties this summer:

  • June 20th- River Oaks Park, Kalamazoo, MI
  • June 27th-Lamar Park, Wyoming, MI
  • July 11th- Smith Ryerson Park, Muskegon, MI
  • July 18th- Kollen Park, Holland MI
  • July 25th- Northwestern Middle School, Battle Creek, MI

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  1. Barb says:

    I would like to see a party in the city of Grand Rapids, such as Garfield Park, MLK Park or another inner city park.

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      We have been to Garfield Park before. We do mix up the locations. We’ve been to Greenville, Ionia, Cedar Springs, Comstock Park (Whitecaps), Allegan.

      1. matthew says:

        when are they coming back to cedar springs or grand rapids understand that they are going to wyoming to lamar park but when is the cedar park party if there is one

    2. Maranda says:

      Thanks for your comment! We have been at both Garfield and MLK and have had great parties! We have outgrown these parks so we had to move out of the City. We were able to work with Parks and Rec. programs and bring kids from the city parks to our Wyoming Park Party so that was really cool. We also had a great Park Party in Muskegon Heights and our Park Party in Battle Creek is also an inner city location. Hope you can join us for our final Park Party this week at Northwestern Middle School in Battle Creek!

  2. tinainvbcounty says:

    I think Miranda park parties are a wonderful asset to the community. However, at today’s event, there were literally hundred, if not over a thousand complete sack lunches that got throwninto the dumpster ( left overs). The dumpster was overflowing with these. There are too many food pantries and missions around that would have loved to have gotten and used instead of wasted. Heck….extras could have been handed out to those who attended that could have gotten a meal. It was crazy to see that much food , untouched, go so completely wasted! :(

  3. tinainvbcounty says:

    I would like to correct myself in my previous post. I had assumed some things ( yup, I know what they say about assuming things, yet did it anyways). Upon further investigating and an immediate response from Miranda, I was sorely mistaken in my previous post. Things were not what they first appeared in the dumpster, and Park Party people had taken steps to provide leftovers to the mission. I am relieved to hear that Miranda and the entire Park Party team continue to take such great steps to make their functions of such high quality and high value to our community. I am sorry to have jumped to a false conclusion and will happily promote your good work. I was a picklehead! Thank you!!

  4. nikki Blankenship says:

    My children and I have attended every park party since July 2001 when my 5th child was just 2 weeks old. We now have 7 and every year Miranda takes time for a picture with them. Sadly this year you are not near Allegan and we will miss our first park party. Can’t wait til you return to Allegan area. Hope the families that are able to attend enjoy. Its a great time.

  5. Jerry Langlois says:

    We are seeking to have a park party next year at Spring Lake Heritage Festival. Please let us know if this is possible. This would be for Tuesday, June 10th, 2014.

  6. Maranda says:

    Jerry, thanks for your interest in hosting a Park Party in 2014. Please have your city officials send a formal letter of request to me at and we can see what might work out. All the best!

  7. Jessica says:

    Are you coming to the Allegan Fairgrounds this year?

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