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hail new mexico 2 FEET 7 3 13 Santa Rosa   santa rosa 3  hail santa rosa two Shiverin’ Snowman!!  Look at these pictures of up to TWO FEET of hail that fell in and near Santa Rosa, New Mexico.  Here’s the first picture enlarged and focusedCheck out these pictures.   The hail was up to the size of golf balls and did some damage to roofs and skylights.  Here’s what a recent hailstorm did in the Texas Panhandle.

23 Responses to “2 FEET OF HAIL!!!”

    1. Gary says:

      “Cod.edu” sounds like a school of fish. Sorry …

    2. Jerry hoag says:

      WOW!! It sure was a beast!! Very impressive radar images!!

    3. diane snow says:

      huh looks like an april photo to me anyone can change the dates no leaves on the trees check it out

  1. Mike Geukes says:

    Is it me or do the photos, show trees with no leaves on them.

    1. Jerry hoag says:

      Yeah, the leaves were gone on some of the trees because of the continous hail!!!

  2. Keith Haley says:

    Is these an April fools joke …. in July ?

  3. Dreamer says:

    It looks like snow, not hail!!

  4. countrylivin says:

    kaboo-ya, kaboo-ya!!

  5. GunLakeDeb says:

    That’s pretty amazing!!!!!

  6. Inge Smith says:

    Incredible! We may say that this is cool, but who in their right mind wants to see this in July???????

    1. fixxxer says:

      No one said we wanted this.

  7. Leslie says:

    WOW now a picture like that would bring “only in Michigan” to mind but I guess not.

  8. Barry in Zeeland says:

    Anyone know how much that dropped their temperatures? Seems like with that much ice on the ground it would really cool everything off.

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      I looked and found one weather station that only reports high/low that had a 42 degree temperature spread and a low of 38….but I don’t know if that was from hail or just a mountain location that can get big daily temperature swings.

  9. Lacie says:

    This is no joke I’m from Michigan but live in New Mexico now and they got 2 feet of hail and if you go to KOB 4 you can see more video and pictures.

  10. fixxxer says:

    Is it going to clear up or what bill?

  11. INDY says:


    1. Jack says:

      Hahaha…. He just wants Attention…Indy. Side Note if we Get a Derecheo on the 10th. Uncle Jack, will Get U. 2 Fifths !! ;-) … 2 fifths x 2= The 10th of July…Bingo!!!! Get it Indy ? Lol…… Stay Cued, and Happy FOURTH….. -)

  12. ~ Sandy~ from Dewitt/Clinton County says:


  13. ben says:

    Why does the media always have to exaggerate?
    It doesn’t look like anywhere near 2 feet.

    Maybe the heap where it was plowed but that isn’t what fell.

    Ok so it’s an unusually deep amount of hail for July.

    But exactly how deep was it really? 6,8, 10 inches? A foot?

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