No Clean Air Action Days

July 18th, 2013 at 9:11 pm by under Bill's Blog, News, Weather

Clean Air Action Day   Have you noticed we haven’t had any Clean Air Action Days (formerly Ozone Action Days)  this summer?  Last year, we had 25 Clean Air Action Days.  That was a record.  This year, the zero total is also (obviously) a record, but a record low number.  A Clean Air Action Day is declared when ozone levels (or could be another pollutant) can be harmful to people sensitive to the ozone.  However, those levels have not been reached this year, despite the heat.   Last year, we had stagnant air during our big heat wave.   On our hottest day last summer, July 6th, the average wind speed in G.R. was 4.7 mph.  The average wind in Holland that day was 3.0 mph.  There were a lot of wind turbines that were not moving on a day when we were close to a record for power consumption.  Over an 8-day period 7/6/12thru 7/13/12), the average wind speed in G.R. was 5.56 mph.  The air was stagnant and (if you remember, it was a little hazy).  Today the wind was WSW averaging 15.25 mph from 2 PM thru 8 PM and for G.R., the wind was missing the pollution sources of Chicago, Milwaukee and Gary, Indiana.  So, we stayed below the Clean Air Action threshold (no free bus rides today in G.R. or the Holland area.  They are free on Clean Air Action Days).  Many pollutants have been reduced since the Clean Air Act was signed into law by Republican President Richard Nixon.  “The long-term trend is positive and headed to much cleaner air,” said  Janice Nolen, assistant vice president of national policy and advocacy for the American Lung Association.  Even CO2 emissions in the U.S. are falling.

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  1. thundercat says:

    I was just thinking about this yesterday and was going to pose the question to you Bill. Thanks for answering my question :)

  2. Jack says:

    Speaking of The Ozone, In My Hay Day ! Getting into The OZONE, Had A COMPLETELY Different Meaning !!! Right BILL ?(wink,wink) ….Bill Remember, or Do You Have This Old ALBUM, In Your Basement RECORD COLLECTION ? See Here:

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      I have that album – my fav. on the album is “20th Flight Rock”.

      1. Jack says:

        Nice Bill, I figured You Might. My Fav. Is ” Down to Seeds and Stems Again Blues”…… Thanks, 4 Staying Cued. Also Indy and I, Need To Speak with You, About The BILLS BLOG HOT-POT- LUCK PARTY!!!! Coming Soon !!

  3. Harry (Battle Creek) says:

    Thanks Bill!

    I was wondering about that just this afternoon. You read my mind!

  4. mr. negative says:

    Can’t remember the radio station, but remembered hearing the reason for no ozone action days, is the result of hybrid auto purchases. If it’s broadcast…it must be true.

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      There aren’t that many hybrids. There’s a lot going on…including the free market move from coal to natural gas. Pollution in general is down…even from nature…not a lot of volcanic activity right now.

  5. Travis (Oakland County) says:

    Never heard of those before. Must be a west michigan thing from all the Chicago pollution.

    I do remember ozone action days growing up. Not sure what happened to those.

    Great to see man made pollutants going down! Or maybe the pollution is just staying elsewhere like Bill said.

  6. Brad says:

    Be thankful. Thank you, President Obama.

    1. Travis (Oakland County) says:

      I would never vote for Obama, but it’s nice to see the clean air initiatives that the fossil fuel companies and car companies tried fighting tooth and nail are making an impact. It was genius to make car companies meet certain mileage requirements, and now consumers are demanding higher mpg vehicles themselves. It’s a win for the consumer, the car companies, and the environment.

      The emergence of cleaner natural gas has certainly helped too.

      1. Bill Steffen says:

        1) I’m not against what are called “green cars”. I think the Prius is a great car. Most people who have a Volt like the Volt, though I don’t like the extreme amount of tax money that went into that car. The average income of a Volt buyer is $165,000 a year. It’s a massive subsidy for the rich. GM should have to compete with everyone else. The government shouldn’t screw Ford to give an unfair advantage to Chrysler.

        2) Higher CAFE standards mean more deaths and injuries. It’s simple physics. We’re not reducing the weight of trees and when an itsy-bitsy tin car hits a tree, there’s going to be a greater risk of injury or death than when a bigger, safer vehicle hits the same tree. A Harvard-Brookings study estimated CAFE “to be responsible for 2,200-3,900 excess occupant fatalities over ten years of a given [car] model years’ use.” Moreover, the researchers estimated between 11,000 and 19,500 occupants would suffer serious but nonfatal crash injuries as a result of CAFE.

        3) GM is in the golf cart business…by making golf carts “street worthy” it counts toward the higher CAFE standards. It’s a gimmick that, of course, doesn’t budge global temperatures.

        4) I’m glad people have a choice. They can choose to drive a smart car or they can choose a safer vehicle to protect their family, their children.

        1. Travis (Oakland County) says:

          Bill, the Volt is Chevy which is a part of GM. Not Chrysler like you stated.

          And seeing as GM is losing tens of thousands on every Volt sold, if anything, it turned out to be a huge positive for Ford.

          The government gave all the car companies the same incentive on electric cars. GM was simply the one who took them up on their offer and lost because they overestimated the demand.

        2. Bill Steffen says:

          Read my comment again. I did not state that the Volt was part of Chrysler. It’s not a positive for Ford when the taxpayers have to subsidize their competition. Hard-working union members at Ford and paying to prop-up a weak competitor. That could actually cost Ford jobs! The government would be better off reducing the $10K incentive and all the other %%% for the Volt and giving people a 2K break to buy a Prius or any other fuel efficient vehicle. But the goal is less to help the environment than to use taxpayer money to subsidize union jobs to keep the campaign contributions coming in.

        3. Brad says:

          Oooh, another conspiracy! It’s petty for a guy making around $300,0000 per year to pick on a union employee struggling to feed, house, and clothe his family on a $60,000 salary.

    2. Brian(Grandville) says:

      Thanks for what? Chicago politics. I’m loving it. NOT!!!

  7. Cliff (Scotts) says:

    That line looks impressive up north, NOT!!! Hopefully we get some boomers and not duds like up north, they took out that moderate risk in Minnesota already.

  8. Mindy says:

    You got that right Brad, Thank you President Obama

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      Obama had nothing to do with the cleaner air. It started with the Clean Air Act and today it’s the free market move from coal to natural gas.

      First, a little history:

    2. Brad says:

      LOL, the not-so-invisible hand of the free market…Mitt Steffen! There is no free market, brah!

      1. Brad says:

        Meanwhile, your folks are at it again, Bill.

  9. Marti B. (Grandville near Rivertown Mall) says:

    Hmmm, I was just wondering about those ozone action days…. This might not be a bad year for pollution, but its a bad year for wasps/hornets. I sprayed 3 wasp nests near my back porch and the front entrance area where everyone comes into our building, just today!

    Oh, and Bill – I am officially retired now and I got my first social security money put into my account on 07/17/2013. :)

    1. Sally says:

      Congratulations! Have fun!

  10. Bonnie says:

    It doesn’t seem like the air is better this year. I’m having just as many, if not more, problems with my asthma this year. I’ve come close to going into the ER this year. Never even came close last year.

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