Rain, Floods in Mexico

July 23rd, 2013 at 2:47 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

flood graphic Very heavy rain has caused significant flooding in and around Chihuahua, Mexico.  The Airport was closed after both the Cacahuateles and Nogales rivers flooded part of the airport.  Passengers were wading thru the terminal in ankle deep water.  From the 15th to the 20th, Chihuahua recorded 7.61” of rain, including 3.07” on the 18th.  That’s about as much rain in a day as they usually get all month.  It was the heaviest rain in Chihuahua in 25 years.  It has also been quite cool.  Chihuahua has an average high temperature in the low 90s(F) in July.  The high temperatures from the 16th through the 22nd were 79, 71, 68, 73, 73, 81 and 81.  There was on fatality and a number of dramatic rescues during the flood.  Many Mexican cities have had lots of rain in the first 3 weeks of July:  Chetumal 9.95” (2 ½ times the average July rainfall), 4.82” Guadalajara, Saltillo 3.11” (average for July is 1.38”).  Saltillo has also not had an afternoon warmer than average all month.   Tampico 3.96”, Veracruz 7.41”, Mexico City 3.96” and Acapulco 5.94”.      

And 10 years ago, tornado wipes out what once was the world’s longest railroad bridge.

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  1. whatBillwantstosaybutcant says:


  2. Nathan says:


  3. Mike (Mattawan) says:


  4. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    The CPC has us in the below average temps for the next two weeks, however I am sure that Travis will be telling us that 90 degree temps are on the way and that we will see very little snow this winter. His warm weather bias is ridiculous!

    1. Travis (Oakland County) says:

      Coming from the worst predictor on the blog, I take that as a fine compliment, RJ.

  5. Brian(Grandville) says:

    Another front comes through dry. NWS missed on that once again.

  6. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Newsflash — no more 90 degree temps the rest of this summer. Enjoy!!

  7. Zach says:

    Mesodiscussion for severe potential in Michigan


  8. Travis (Oakland County) says:

    Another muggy day. Current dew point is 70 degrees. Current temp 79 degrees.

    Nice thunderstorm this morning and another on the way it looks like.

    1. DF (SE Mich) says:

      I have a picture perfect view of the anvil clouds up that way. Beautiful!

      1. Travis (Oakland County) says:

        Awesome! Heavy rain and thunder here now. Second storm of the day.

        1. Brian (Grandville) says:

          You guys have all the fun. Nice cool dry air mass settling in over here as I speak. Feels great.

    2. Bill Steffen says:

      3 PM – dewpoint down to 58 in G.R., 53 in Muskegon, 50 in Fremont and 48 at Big Rapids…pretty cool air coming down…just 61 at Frankfort and Manistee and upper 50s in Eastern U.P. and Beaver Is.

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