Cool Start to August

July 29th, 2013 at 9:19 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather  On the left is the 6-10 day temperature forecast from Monday PM from the Climate Prediction Center and on the right is the 8-14 day outlook from CPC.  This map shows the probability of above average and below average temperatures.  You can see the large area expected to have a higher probability of cooler than average temperatures, including all of the Great Lakes area.  The maps reflect the expected trough in the East and ridge in the West.   Northwest flow may take the heavier precipitation relative to average to our south, leaving us with near to below normal rainfall here in Michigan.  If you get rain, consider yourself lucky.  This July G.R. has had 3.05″ of rain.  For 2013, we are at 30.26″ and that is 9.37″ above average for G.R. and way ahead of the 18.42″ we had last year thru July 29.    With a high/low of 79/50 that puts us 7 deg. cooler than average for the day.   That brings Grand Rapids down to just 4/10ths of a degree warmer than average for July.


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  1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

    Thanks Bill. Good stuff.

  2. Lisa (Caledonia) says:

    Bill, didn’t you mention a possible early start to snow (November) in a post a few months back, due to the pattern we’ve had over the past couple of years?

    1. Jen says:

      Dear Lisa,
      Yee gads! You said the “S” word and we’re not even into August yet!!! Oh, the humanity…

      1. Jordan (Twin Lake) says:

        Speaking of “S” words, fixxxer mustve froze in all this cold! Bring on the snow!

    2. LMH says:

      Yeah, I am wondering if this is still a possibility? ((Fingers Crossed)) I prefer snow in Nov, Dec, & Jan – and less in the months that follow ;)

    3. Bill Steffen says:

      Yes…last year November had average temperatures, but only 3/10ths inch of snow. It was a very dry month…lots of dry air, so the lake-effect didn’t get going. We only had 2.4″ thru Christmas Day…not so this year. The snow shovels should come out earlier…easily the most snow in Nov. since at least 2008.

      1. AlleganJoe says:

        NOT looking forward to the Snow returning Tooooo…. soon!! :( The below normal temps may unfortunately carry into Oct-Dec etc. I am Not happy. :( :( :(

      2. LMH says:

        Bill – I hope you’re right!!! I look forward to some white stuff this holiday season!!!!! :D

  3. Brian(Grandville) says:

    This summer seems to be going by much faster for me than last summer. Probably due to the cooler temps,which are much easier for me to deal with than the heat. At this time point the season average temps are leveling off, and should start to fall soon. Even better.

  4. Trouble says:

    Ugh, this summer has been weird. Guess last year is hard to forget, I haven’t been to the big lake yet :-(

  5. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

    I drove past the Kentwood teachers wrecked car yesterday on my way home from Findlay OH… It looked horrible :(

  6. mr. negative says:

    Six days of summer, and it’s done.

  7. Jack says:

    With Above Average PRECIP., and Cooler Temps. I Believe This Has Helped Out , “Our Farmers ” Greatly, after Last Years Terrible GROWING Season !! Any Farmers That You Know Bill ? Or any Farmers on The BLOG ? That can Confirm My Speculation !! StayingCUED….. For a Answer …. ;-)

    1. mike[kalamazoo county] says:

      Crops are a lot better than last year. That said we still need timely rains in august .5″-1″ every 7-10 days to make the soybean crop and finish the corn crop.
      Corn will be a good crop without a lot more rain but could be a great crop with more rain. Soybeans are made in august just because the plants look nice and tall at this point does not mean they will set a lot of pods and fill them if we get dry in august they will turn out average at best.

      1. Jack says:

        Thanks, Mike !! The Farmer Feeds Us All !!! Prayers For All The Farmers in Michigan, and Elswhere ! God Bless YOU ALL ! :-)

  8. Tim says:

    Four days ago the “all knowing” Weather channel predicted the Great Lakes Region would be above normal for temps in August and September. This could rival their stellar prediction in mid February of this year that March and April temps would be above normal for our region.

  9. YeahThatDan says:

    Wow! I mean, a cold start to August. This, after records already. I think, maybe we are in for a early winter? I could see snow soon, I mean in maybe September. But it is July! Why are we talking about snow? I think it is the cold air talking. Those are great maps. Will it warm up again soon? The lakes have to be cold now. And, it is summer vacation! Maybe the kids will at least get a snow day. How many will we have? I say at least 3. Great pick up by the Tigers today! Eat em up!

    1. Jordan (Twin Lake) says:

      fixxxer > Dan

  10. Jack says:

    COOL is THE RULE…. Aye BILL.. ;-)

  11. I ate too much food this weekend preparing to hibernate since it is now Fall. LOL

  12. Dan says:

    Remember what many have said about weather patterns. Once we get in one, its very difficult for that pattern to change. COoler the weather seems to be the theme!

  13. Cliff (Scotts) says:

    All I hear is that bow season will be rocking come October!!!

    1. Jeff(Northern Ionia County / Muir) says:

      Agreed! So felt like I should have been in my stand over the weekend.

      1. Cliff (Scotts) says:

        It would be a nice change for once Jeff going up in my climber and not sweating getting ate by Mosquitos.

  14. kevin. w says:

    I’ve been seeing more people cutting/splitting wood the past month then I ever have. I have about 20 cords now and plan on starting to cut more next week to stock up. Think were in for longer colder pattern come September. :)

  15. INDY says:

    Wow no Travis today he is cold I bet!!!! INDYY

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:


  16. DF (SE Mich) says:

    I believe GR tied it’s record low this morning… waiting in anticipation for official word :)

  17. Daniel (Denver, CO) says:

    The following article gives some good insight as to what may be lurking this upcoming winter. The pattern we’re in has been pretty persistent ever since the SSW event in January and the weakening of the polar vortex. Unless a massive shift in the pattern can take place in the next 2 – 3 months, most of the US will be looking at a cold and snowy winter (possibly fall too).

  18. DF (SE Mich) says:

    With the warm week and cold week, July is going to turn out right about average across Michigan. Some locations will be slightly above and other slightly below average.

    … and then there is MD-80 Flint >

    Insert climate station ;)

  19. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    I love it – no more 90 degree temperatures, in fact very few day with temps above 80 degrees the rest of this season! It does not get better than that and lets hope this trend continues well into the winter season! Rock n Roll baby.

    1. AlleganJoe says:

      This comment is most displeasing…like Summer has gone bye bye…tooo soon!! :( :(

    2. Rodey (Rockford) says:

      I love it. Plenty of average to above average temps well into winter. Fantastic.

  20. AlleganJoe says:

    It was 52 degrees at 3:17am. in Allegan. Toooo…Coooll…Toooo…Sooonnn… :(

  21. AlleganJoe says:

    This 70 degree temps is not my type of Summer–we need More 80+ degree temps!! The quicker the better!! :)


    Loving the cooler temps!! Has anyone notice some trees are starting to change already?? I have 2 near me. Looking forward to a white November! LOL!!

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