Rare White Squirrel

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squirrel   This white squirrel showed up for lunch at Diane’s bird feeder.  She submitted the picture to us at ReportIt.  Click here to see the picture full screen.  This is not an albino squirrel, it’s a white squirrel (note the black eyes) and they are extremely rare in Michigan (I’ve never seen one in person).  They are a variation of our common gray squirrel.  Once in a while there is a gray patch on the back or head of a white squirrel. Sometimes a population of white squirrels can be traced to a pet white squirrel that escaped into the wild.   Here’s some more pictures of white squirrels.   Here’s some towns with white squirrels.  Check out the video of the white squirrels in Marionville, Missouri.

This is from Wikipedia:  ”

Olney, Illinois, known as the “White Squirrel Capital of the World”, is home of the world’s largest known white squirrel colony. These squirrels have the right of way on all streets in the town, with a $500 fine for hitting one. The Olney Police Department features the image of a white squirrel on its officers’ uniform patches.


Along with Olney, there are four other towns in North America that avidly compete with each other to be the official “Home of the White Squirrel”, namely: Marionville, Missouri; Brevard, North Carolina; Exeter, Ontario; and Kenton, Tennessee, each of which holds an annual white squirrel festival, among other things designed to promote their claim of “White Squirrel Capital”.   Leave a comment if you’ve seen a white squirrel before.


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  1. Tina steward says:

    We lived in Bexley, Ohio and they have several white squirrels. We always loved seeing them.

  2. Roxann says:

    We have seen white squirrels several times in Gladstone (western U.P.).

  3. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    That is very cool! It would be beautiful to see in person, but maybe the DNR will end up wanting to shoot them off to like the mute swans, what a very sad situation for the swans, I love seeing them at Wabasis Lake so graceful so beautiful, I was even able to kayak close to a family of them never got attacked. I’m saddened by that news that the mute swans will be destroyed in Barry County and eventually every where else in Michigan. I hope at least they will use the meat to donate to shelters and food banks.

    1. Judy says:

      They are not destroying all of them….just most of them. Hopefully it will allow the Trumpeter Swan numbers to come back, since they have been driven out by the Mute Swans. You will continue to see swans…don’t worry.

  4. Daffytoons says:

    Our family visited the caves of Kentucky this past June, including the Lost River Cave in Bowling Green. As we were walking the hiking trails of the area, we saw the white squirrel who lives there. Apparently several of them live in the Bowling Green area. Very cool to see in their natural habitat!

  5. Bernie at the lakeshore says:

    I remember when the zoo in Traverse City had a collection of white and albino animals native to Michigan.

    That little zoo was unique and I was sad to see it closed.

  6. Kimoeagle says:

    When we lived in Streamwood, IL in the late 60s, we often saw a white squirrel that scampered along the support boards of our (and others’) privacy fence. Only one. However, it was definitely not starving!

  7. Michael Ratcliffe says:

    Seen hundreds of ‘em…but I live in Olney so…

  8. Jack says:

    Would LOVE To See a “White Squirrel” !! Maybe Someday I Will….Also This Thread Did Remind Me of a Old Ray Stevens SONG !!! CUE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K16fG1sDagU. Lololo… Stay Cued……. ;-)

  9. Angelique says:

    We have one right here in Grand Rapids, MI. I have seen him/her only a few times (most recently a couple of weeks ago), but I have seen him/her every year for probably the last 3 or 4 years now, so he/she must live in the tree’s on our street. We are just right across the street from Target on Alpine, if you want to come and watch for him/her, but like I said, I only see him/her a few times a year, but always in the same tree if that helps.

  10. Paul says:

    Is this squirrel from Harlem? JK!

    1. Jack says:

      LOLO … NO….”Harm”lem ( pun intended) !!!! Loloo….. Stay Cued… Or Play The Rolling Stones…HARLEM SHUFFLE!!!… ;-)

      1. Paul says:

        Good one Jack!

    2. Jack says:

      Whoops… Should Read…No “HARM”lem ( p.I.) DONE ! ;-)

  11. Jon says:

    uh oh it’s a sure sign climate change is a hoax. He’s white like a polar bear. Pretty sure the farmers almanac says that means ten years of global cooling.

  12. Mary says:

    I have lived in Olney, IL, for more than 40 years, so I have seen so many I could not even begin to say how many I have seen! In our City Park, you could see many, but they can be found all over town. It used to be that if you were to find one that had been struck in the road, you could take it to a taxidermist, but I think that is no longer legal.

  13. Don says:

    I live on 42nd in wyoming and have one that I see everyday.

  14. Kate says:

    We leave in Beavercreek Ohio, near Dayton and have 2 white squirrels living in our neighborhood.

  15. Susan says:

    I have a white squirrel I found in my yard. I really think it’s someone’s pet. Will put up fliers tomorrow. Was hungry I fead it bird food and water. It curled up and went to sleep. Very tame, but it acted like it couldn’t see well. I have it in a safe box. Would like to show a picture but not sure how to do it on here.

  16. Alyssa says:

    I live in Milton, Florida, and there is a while squirrel in my neighborhood that comes in my yard quite often

  17. Jenni M says:

    In Farmington, MN I see them daily.

  18. Tammy says:

    Just saw a large white squirrel in our yard here in NW Virginia. First time ever!

  19. Linda says:

    I walk almost every single day, and for the first time I saw a white squirrel, it was so beautiful, I just stopped and looked at it and it was looking right back at me for about 30 seconds and up the tree it went. It was in a Madison Alabama.

  20. Autumn says:

    We have a white squirrel in Vancouver, WA. He has a little gray behind his ears.

  21. Critter says:

    We just saw a white squirrel here in Gaylord, MI. I could not tell if it was an albino or a white morph. Sure hope to see it again!

  22. Janet C says:

    We live in a semi rural area and there is one that lives across the street and comes over into our yard frequently. It is all white but I don’t think it is albino. I can’t say for sure though. I have a couple of videos of him/her and although the eyes seem to be a little reddish, they are quite dark and I can’t tell if they are red or if it is just the camera. We call it Whitey and I can say for sure that it has been around for at least 8-1/2 years. There is another resident squirrel that is mostly gray but has a white tip on it’s tail that is most certainly an offspring. We call it Tip, and it has been around for a couple of years at least.

  23. Janet C says:

    Re: Previous post. Forgot to say that we are in Southwest Ohio

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