Weekly Great Lakes Water Levels

August 16th, 2013 at 1:59 am by under Bill's Blog, News, Weather

Lake Michigan Charlevoux Michelle Olin   Lake Michigan at Charlevoix – picture by the brilliant lawyer, Michelle Olin (aka Daughter #3).  Click the pic. to enlarge.  After a spectacular rise in water levels through the spring and much of the summer, the dry pattern has started to bring water levels back down a little (typical of late summer).  Lake Michigan/Huron is down one inch in the past week, but still up 3″ year-to-year.  The level is 19″ below the century average.  Lake Superior also dropped an inch last week, but remains 6″ above the level of one year ago and just 4″ below the long-term average.   Lake Erie is down 3″ in the last month, but is still up 9″ year-to-year and is one inch above the century average.  Lake Ontario dropped 6″ in the last month, but is up 13″ from one year ago.  Ontario is 5″ above the long-term average.   Nearshore water temperatures have been cool and that has kept air temperatures cooler near Lake Michigan.  Muskegon hasn’t been up to 80 degrees since July 22nd.

Also:  Michigan’s the Lighthouse State!   Purple mud in White LakeTall ship visits Muskegon (unexpectedly).   Finally, a local Canadian newspaper with an up-to-date, factually correct report on lake levels.

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  1. Judy (Allegan) says:

    Back around 1998-2000 my husband was involved in an effort to put down rock to keep the contamination from getting into White Lake. He would come home with various colors of dirt on his skin and clothes. Scary!

    BTW….I’m not particularly happy with the new website. I can no longer comment on stories using my Yahoo e-mail and will have to sign up for some other group (just what I don’t need….another set of user ID and password to have to remember). Also, the organization of the website does not appear to be as user friendly…so far.

    1. Hugh says:

      Agree, user non-friendlyish

    2. Jack says:

      Agree, See My Earlier COMMENTS !! Maybe I’ll Get used to The Change ! I like 2 Add…… ” If Something ain’t Broke, Why Try To FIX ( no pun intended )…… IT ” ?? Stay cued, Go Tigers…… Happy FRYday. !!!!! ;-)

    3. Jack says:

      Here is a OLD Song , That Speaks about CHANGE !!! Tune….BY, Joni Mitchell . CUE:: Big Yellow Taxi!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94bdMSCdw20. :-)

    4. Brian(Grandville) says:

      Agree, I created a yahoo account just to comment, because I don’t believe in,or like the whole concept of facebook, and now I can’t use that.

    5. Brad says:

      Hmmm…why are taxpayers on the hook for this cleanup? Obviously, there was failure in the process to make this business absorb its own costs. A familiar theme in American capitalism.

        1. Brad says:

          Well, there is a difference here- a bad investment of taxpayer dollars, not necessarily predictable beforehand, versus taxpayers paying the costs of a private company doing business. There are good reasons for government to invest in and bail out business, but fairness if of utmost importance.

        2. Bill Steffen says:

          Businesses are bailed out for political purposes. The government gave millions to Chrysler, but nothing to Circuit City, an equally large employer, who was forced to close. The difference being that Chrysler had union employees who contribute vast amounts of time and money to the Democratic Party – so, they will get a free bailout. It’s ironic that employees of Ford had to give through their tax dollars to prop up their competition. It’s totally unconstitutional, a bad deal for taxpayers and a bad deal for consumers. The market should decide. If you far-left, well-off, defined pensioners want to pool your money together and start a green-energy company, go for it…but you want to steal the hard earned dollars of others and hand them to the connected cronies (Al Gore?). It’s a bad deal for the middle class.

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