Saturday – Chc. T-Shower

September 7th, 2013 at 7:47 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Local   We have a chance of a shower or t-storm today.  A majority of the day it will not be raining.  Here’s a radar loop.  We need the rain.   See separate thread below for the severe weather probabilities and links.  I’m off to emcee the Tails and Trails Dog Walk for the Harbor Humane Society at Kirk Park this late morning (maybe kayak at Pigeon River after that).  Besides the dog walk, there will be lots of vendors, games for the dogs and owners, a raffle with lots of prizes and so much more.  Feel free to come join us.

The overnight runs of both the GFS and European model still have highs in the low 90s on Tues. away from Lake Michigan.  That’s our last shot at 90 for the season…we’ll be back to highs in the upper 60s to low 70s by Friday.  The GFS has cooler air arriving around 9/22 with 850 mb. temperatures approaching +1 – that would probably yield highs around 60 if that were to happen.

For Michigan weather observations and wind speeds, click here. Here’s WOOD-TV looping Radar. Check out regional radar, GRR radar, northern Indiana radar, Chicago radar and Milwaukee radar. Here’s the College of DuPage Radar Map (pick any radar in the U.S.), College of DuPage Grand Rapids radar, the local warning/advisory map and the National warning/watch/advisory map, and a surface weather map. You can checkout the latest Grand Rapids NWS discussion, the Northern Indiana NWS discussion (includes the Michigan Counties that border Indiana), the discussion for Northern Lower Michigan, and Eastern Lower Michigan. Check out Storm Total Rainfall (until they reset it). Here’s the Spyglass Condos Weather Station the S. Haven GLERL station, the Muskegon GLERL station, the Grand Haven Steelheaders webcam and weather station, and the weather station at Holland State Park. Check out the WOOD lightning tracker and U.S. lightning, the Maranatha Webcam at Lake Michigan and links to webcams. Here’s the infrared satellite loop (night) and the visible satellite loop (daytime), Lake Michigan water temperatures. Here’s storm reports from SW Michigan, Northern Michigan, NE Illinois, SE. Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and E. Michigan.

40 Responses to “Saturday – Chc. T-Shower”

  1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    I wonder if it will hit 90 degrees in Flint today!

    1. Vincent(N.E.Kent CO) says:

      It will today here in Overland Park/ Kansas City. Calling for a high of 96. I went to the Tiger/ Royals game last night. What a great game with perfect weather. Sunny and 86 at game time. The temp is 69 now.

      1. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

        Hey we stayed in Overland Park when we seen the Tigers play on July 19th That was a hot night in KC the high that day was 99° and I think it was around 97° at game time. The Tigers lost that night 1-0. Anibal Sanchez pitched a great game that night but Ervin Santana pitched a better one.

    2. Brad (Van Buren) says:

      Ya know how some people say “It never gets old”…Well, they are wrong, It Does.

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:


  2. Cassie (Wyoming) says:

    We had a small little thunder shower here around 8am.

  3. Casey says:

    This is a link to sat photo of rim fire in/near Yosemite N.P.. Check it out.

  4. Casey says:

    THis is a link to a sat photo of the rim fire a few days back. There are other great sat photos of this fire on the web-just search. Currently the fire has burned roughly a quarter million acres and is in its third week.
    From “As of Friday night 3,457 personnel were still involved in fire-fighting operations. Officials say the Rim Fire is expected to be contained on Sept. 20.”

  5. Casey says:

    What is up with the Atlantic? No storms yet! Bet some coastal residents hope it stays that way.

  6. Casey says:

    What is the latest (before New year) 90 degree day in MI history?

  7. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    I can hear rumbles of thunder NW of me, as usual everything is up north near Howard City on up

  8. Got a little rain here not much. Just enough to make the pavement wet

    1. Cassie (Wyoming) says:

      How come my comment says “Awaiting moderation”? o_O

  9. Had a small line of storms this morning. I slept through them though… probably missed a bit of structure.

  10. Mark (East Lansing) says:

    Only twice in 90 years has a game been delayed due to lightning at Spartan Stadium – last week and this week.

  11. Storms by Milwaukee are forming a line

  12. Mindy says:

    High of 85? It’s not even 75…lol !!!!!

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      81 in GR, 83 in BC at 3:30…lol !!!!!

  13. Kevin (Marshall) says:

    Torrential downpour west of Marshall.

  14. Mike (Mattawan) says:

    What do you think the chances are of tying, or even beating the daily high temperature record for this Tuesday?

  15. Found an interesting article, and it states Michigan is in the heart of “derecho alley” something that not a lot of people are familiar with. Heres a good article

  16. Cassie (Wyoming) says:

    Some nice boomers over the lake off of Milwaukee!

  17. Imthemom (just n holland) says:

    Our house cat caught a mouse today. That’s a good sign the weather will get cooler.

    1. Jack says:

      Wow…Mom, I didn’t Know Thanks and……. Lol… ;-)

  18. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Barely made 80 degrees today! Who knew?

    1. Barry in Zeeland says:

      Yeah, and the dew point was around 70 earlier. Doesn’t get much muggier than that. Try working indoors w/o air for 12 hours. Not pleasant.

    2. Rodey (Rockford) says:

      Obviously you didn’t know. Fantastic. I love it.

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        fixxxer you are one brain dead person. What a joke!

        1. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

          They were only 4 degrees of the predicted high. However, the actual temperature was about 50 degrees off your prediction.

      2. Rodey (Rockford) says:

        Thanks for listening. Fantastic. I love it.

  19. AlleganJoe says:

    Received a brief light rain at the Allegan Fair this afternoon. Wasn’t much-people just kept on going along-nothing to create a drenching. :)

  20. Jack says:

    CUE, Sir Elton John…. ” Saturday Night’s Alright”:::::: :-)

  21. Vincent(N.E.Kent CO) says:

    Back home now from Kansas City. Long 12 hr drive. Hit some rain for 5 mins in IL,but that was it. Nice and much cooler here. Had 94 on the car thermometer for awhile. Mostly 91 to 93 until northern IL when it started to cool down.

  22. Brad says:

    Folks, the Facebook response format is but weeks from implementation. It will be interesting to see what happens to Bill’s blog once anonymity is eliminated.

    1. Larry from Hastings/Barry Co says:

      You are a trouble person.

    2. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      It will be unfortunate. I do not like Facebook and I am not on Facebook.

  23. Dan says:

    Yes, Larry. I would agree with you. How come someone really have this kind of will? It is true what they say, huh?

  24. Dan says:

    *could, oops! I have not had my coffee yet!

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