Huge Meteor (Shooting Star)

September 26th, 2013 at 12:39 pm by under Bill's Blog, News, Weather

fireball map   A huge fireball (unusually bright meteor or shooting star) streaked across the sky this Thursday AM around 7:05 AM.  The map is courtesy of the American Meteor Society and they have a write up on the meteor.  They have (at last count) nearly 250 reports of the meteor.  If you saw it, you can record your sighting at their website.  It looks like the meteor moved from west to east across central Indiana, passing overhead near Indianapolis.  The meteor was seen from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.  If you saw it, leave a comment and let us know where you were and what you saw.  This September has been a busy month for fireballs in the USA, the latest marking the 13th significant event so far this month, more than any other month in the history of the online AMS Fireball Report. (A significant event is defined as a fireball event reported by 25 or more witnesses).

Found video of the meteor hereSightings now reported in 8 states and Ontario, Canada.  More sightings in Wisconsin reported to WTMJ.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I saw this… driving south on a country road from Ravenna. It was a streak from west to east, that flashed green and then was gone.

    1. Dann says:

      I live right in Ravenna, I’m so jealous that I didn’t get up until 8am! For once in my life, not getting up early wasn’t a good thing.

      1. Carol says:

        I seen it over by Conklin going south on 40th ave about 7:00 am. It was so neat seeing it!

  2. I Witness says:

    I saw it heading South on Bluestar out of Saugatuck this morning. It really lit up the morning sky, was trying to get my video up and running but by the time it was going the event was over. A long tail with a lot of sparks dropping out.

  3. Fiz says:

    ISON is bringing his buddies from the Oort cloud. Expect a lot more of these. What do you think, Bill?

    1. NASA tracks the sources of meteors using these trajectories if you want to find out. There’s no increase that I’ve been able to see. ISON is just one of dozens of comets floating in our solar system right now…and just one of thousands from over the last couple decades. ISON isn’t even a particularly large or interesting comet…Its just a good combination of big, and will be very close to the sun. If it weren’t going to be so close, most people would even hear about it. There’s nothing special really other than the attention its getting, and even then it is underperforming. ISON is just another piece of ice and dust in a universe full of ice and dust.

      Here’s an example of “larger” meteors being tracked and plotted from a particular shower (Pebble to fist sized mostly). In this case the correlation is so good you can figure out which comet it came from.

      1. Debbie says:

        Oh yeah…and we trust everything that is owned by the gov’t..including NASA. How is it a snowball can be preceded by meteors that can leave huge wholes in the planet? It’s not even logical.

        1. Brad says:

          Cue Alex Jones.

  4. bodiddy825 says:

    I saw it as well while heading south on my way to work this morning and have recorded it on the AMS website.

  5. Dann says:

    Too bad I woke up at 8am this morning for class! I live in Ravenna, and if Nancy was driving south of Ravenna, perhaps on 64th street, and saw it clear as day, I probable would’ve been able to see it too! Darn!

    1. Nancy says:

      Yes, Dann, you would have seen it as I was driving on 56th. Very cool!

  6. Kristen says:

    I saw it sometime around 7am this morning (9-26-13) on 8th Avenue heading towards M-6 in Jenison, Michigan. Didn’t know what it was at first. My first thought was a plane falling, so glad that was not the case. Kind of cool, now that I know what it was.

  7. ~Sandy~ from DeWitt/Clinton County says:

    I was in the shower at that time….bummer!

  8. Kristina says:

    i sw it heading down Wilson through Standale this morning right around that time. Thought a plane was going down or something!

  9. Tom Funke says:

    We saw it as we were driving south on I69 just north of Fort Wayne.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I saw it heading south out of Ravenna

  11. Pete says:

    Bummer, my all-sky meteor camera stops recording at 6:30am. Guess I am going to have to change the settings to record 24/7 to cover these daylight events. Darn it, I knew this might happen eventually!

  12. Annalee says:

    I saw it going South on 131 just passed the Shelbyville exit. It was AMAZING!!

  13. I saw it this morning shortly after 7am while driving to work. I was about a mile north of Delton. Very cool.

  14. Debbie OConnell says:

    I am in Battle Creek, Michigan, and around 7:00 this morning I seen at bright light streak across the sky..
    I was at work standing behind the building, it was brief because of the trees blocking my view..
    I was like what the heck was that, then I see this post on Facebook…

  15. Fran says:

    Yep! I saw it!!On my way to work, heading south on 31 in Holland, It was cool, with its stardust tail, glowing green!

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Different one but still AWESOME

  16. Arlene says:

    I was traveling south on 72nd Avenue in Blendon Township and saw the fireball as I was nearing New Holland St. It was approx. 7:05 A.M. on 9-26-13
    It was not very high off the ground (maybe 200 feet) and burning brightly for a little bit and then dissipated to nothing.
    A very shocking and yet beautiful sight. :)

  17. MJP says:

    I saw this over the East Beltline about 7:06 a.m. as I was driving south. I wondered what it was and now this explains it.

  18. Timbo says:

    I-196 southbound about the 13 mile marker. Saw it for probably 5 seconds at least. Big blob, fat tail, greenish tint, flinging chunks of fire. Thought it was a space shuttle for a minute.

  19. ninjaboy says:

    I seen it on my way to work this morning. I was heading south on Banfield rd. Going into Battle Creek. It looked like it landed in BC.

  20. Patrick says:

    I was standing outside on my first break just looking to the south when I saw it. Big and bright as you could see it slowly falling apart. It was the best part of my morning.

  21. Jessica says:

    Spotted it this morning on my way into work.
    I was on Michigan Ave heading south in Coldwater Mi.
    First time I have ever seen one that size during a brighter time of day.
    It was just before 7:00am. Very cool.

  22. Wes says:

    I saw the fireball driving South on 96th ave. just North of Zeeland. Thought a plane blew up going for a landing at Holland airport. It was quite awesome.

  23. Crystal says:

    Saw it in Ludington, appx. 7am. Green tint with a fire like tail. Wasn’t sure what it was, had a feeling it was a meteor though, too big to be a shooting star.

  24. Joanna says:

    I live in Downers Grove, IL and I saw it. It was so close, I could see blue and green flames as it moved slowly across the sky and then disappeared.

  25. Derek says:

    I was driving south on 131 just on the south side of Grand Rapids, MI when I saw it. It was going west to east and was really bright green. It lasted about 10 seconds, by far the longest “shooting star” I ever saw. I happened to be looking right at it when it appeared. At the tail end of the experience, it emitted yellowish sparks from breaking apart. Very cool sight!

  26. Barry says:

    7:05is going from roughly West to East Blue green traveling fast. Giving off blue green sparks like airplane chaff underneith. The angle seemed not very steep at all seemed to just be at a slight angle as it seemed to stay very huh.

  27. Shar says:

    My son and I saw it this morning around 7:06 a.m. we we’re coming down Mears st and turning on to Whitelake Dr here in Whitehall. Was taking him to the high school. It went so fast I told my son WTF was that!!

  28. Paul says:

    I was on Belmont Rd At the top of the hill heading toward Belmont when I saw what at first I thought was a shooting star. It then suddenly sprouted a tail in colors of orange and red. As I went down the hill I lost sight of it. With no clouds in the sky it was an amazing sight. I looked at the clock in my truck which read 708.

  29. Jean says:

    I saw in Bangor Michigan. It was going east. It had a green spark at the end of it.

  30. Kim says:

    Saw it as I was heading south on 32nd near 100th ave in Hudsonville/Jamestown area!

  31. Sue says:

    I seen this driving south on the east beltline heading to work. At first I thought it was a shooting star but then soon realized what it actually was. but I didn not see anything blue or green just a orange/ yellow like sparks. I thought it was pretty cool.

  32. michael g (SE GR) says:

    Since many seem to be struggling with this, a guide for proper use of saw/seen…..

    1. Mike M. says:

      I seen whacha done dere.

    2. Janet says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!! It’s driving me crazy how many people say “I seen”…… how can that many not have been corrected by an English teacher somewhere along the way?

  33. JRob says:

    My wife was watching the kids get on the bus and she saw it. She thought it was fireworks at first, then realized it was a shooting star. She said it was very colorful. We live in Otsego.

  34. Sue Rietman says:

    We also seen this out for our morning walk Moline MI

  35. Amanda says:

    I saw it a little after 7:00 this morning over Bloomingdale, MI. It was very bright, low and was sending off sparks from the tail.

  36. Brad says:

    Ah seen ah fair ball, eet wax beeg like my anty Jayne. Ahh frum west misshigannippi.

  37. Laura says:

    I saw this while going to work driving south on East Beltline just after 7 a.m. this morning. At first I thought it one of the many planes I often see in the morning until I realized the angle was odd then POOF it was gone!

  38. chris says:

    Me and a buddy seen this about three or four weeks ago up in kalkaska. We were up there for a family reunion and were sitting around the fire. It lit everything up. We were the only ones out there. It was awesome! Nobody really beleived us. I believe it was on Sept 6th or 7th

  39. Aaron says:

    I saw it this morning heading south on 131 jus north of Kalamazoo. It was a pretty awesome site, and it seemed to move “slow” and had a beautiful tail. Glad I was one of the few to see it!

  40. Kathy says:

    I was getting of my car headed into work on Alpine NW Grand Rapids, Mi. Never would have guessed it was that far away!

  41. Jack says:

    Have there Ever been Any ” Meteorites” Found in MICHIGAN ?? BILL, or anybody Know ? Dates and Location available ?? Staying CUED!!!

      1. Jack says:

        Thanks BILL!! Very interesting Reading !! The Meteorite You Own, what Kind Is It ? Of The 3 Different Kinds There Are. Did You Buy it Or Find It ? I’d Love To Find One ! Sorry, about all The Questions ! Staying Cued, and Thank – You ! ;-)

        1. Bill Steffen says:

          I bought it online. It’s small and made into a piece of jewelry for my wife.

        2. Jack says:

          Thanks Bill ! Is it a Stone, Iron, or Stone- Iron ? Does Your Wife Like It ? I know More QUESTIONS !! Lol….. Staiyin Cued !

  42. Chelsea and Ricardo says:

    We were in Mt Clemens In macomb county MI. We were on our way to work on groesbeck (97) and we saw a bright white streak that then turned to green and was gone. It lasted probably about 3 seconds . What a cool way to start our day:)

  43. Kathy says:

    I saw it heading south on Burlingame. It was very colorful, and it looked like it got pretty low before it went out.

  44. Tina says:

    Saw it on my way to work, headed south on Kalamazoo Ave by M6. Very bright very fast moving.
    Took awhile to realize what I was seeing.

  45. John says:

    I was 20 miles due north of Terre Haute Indiana. It was in an easterly direction. It had a blue/yellow tail. Saw it burn for about 3 seconds then it sputtered the burned another 2 seconds before flaming out.

  46. melissa says:

    I live near chattanooga,tn and I have seen it two nights in a row! Very crazy!

  47. kim says:

    my husband saw it in Marcellus. He thought that it was some sort of fire works.

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