Oregon Snow

September 27th, 2013 at 3:39 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Snow Crater Lake Sept. 2013  Click on the picture (from the Crater Lake National Park facebook page).  These are kids with Ranger Krista enjoying a September snow day!  Officially 8″ of snow blanketed the park in 24-hours.  The heavy snow came more than a month earlier than the average first snowfall.    Here’s what the Crater Lake Lodge looked like Thursday morning.    This was the earliest snow in the park since 1986.   The snowfall resulted in the closures of Crater Lake’s West Rim Drive, East Rim Drive, North Entrance and Pinnacles Road Wednesday.  The snow was sticking to the roads.  The heaviest snow was generally above 6,000 foot elevation, with 1-3″ below that level.  The Crater Lake weather station averages 533″ of snow each winter.  The record is 879″ in the winter of 1932-33 and the record snow depth was 258″ in 1983.  Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the U.S. at 1,943 feet, making it more than twice as deep as the deepest point in Lake Michigan.  It’s been cool over much of the West.  High temperatures Thursday:  47 Grant Co., Oregon, 48 Rome, Oregon, 46 Elko, Nevada, 44 Sandpoint, Idaho, 41 Lewistown, Montana, 44 Dillon, Montana, 74 Las Vegas, Nevada.   Finally, check out some pictures of heavy snow at Crater Lake.

6 Responses to “Oregon Snow”

  1. Skot says:

    Bill, I am NO hurry to pull out the shovel. * sigh

  2. Larry from Hastings/Barry Co says:

    Bill, when is our first snow fall?

    1. Irish coffee says:

      Exactly ONE time BEFORE our 2nd snowfall? ;)

      1. Irish coffee says:

        Irish fella walks into a pub in Boston, orders 3 Guinness’ & continues to do so every day for 3 months straight before a curious local finally approaches him to ask why 3…everyday?The Irishman replies that 2 are to toast his brothers as they live far far away and all three brothers made an agreement to have a drink to each others’ health daily…..well, some time later, Irishman walks in and orders only 2 drinks.Distraught, the local goes over to him to offer condolences for the loss of one of his brothers.The Irishman replies- “Tank ye for ta sympahtee, but i no lost me brudder….i jus’ QUIT drinkin’!!

  3. Jack says:

    Brrrrrrrr…. I catch a Chill, just Looking at The ” Snowy Pic. ” !!!! I am NOT Looking Forward 2 SNOW here in West Michigan!!! Stay CUED!! ;-)

  4. Superyards says:

    Maybe snow will even hit Portland this year.

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