Grand Rapids has first freeze

October 25th, 2013 at 10:50 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

thermometer 32 degrees   Grand Rapids officially (GRR, Ford Airport) had the first fall freeze this morning, reaching 31 degrees at 2:07 am.  This is the first freeze for G.R. since a 29 deg. reading on May 13th.  That’s a freeze-free period of 164 days.  The date of the average last freeze in G.R. is May 6 (last freeze dates for selected weather stations in W. Michigan).  Many of us have seen or first snow (or at least the first flakes) this week.   Bloomingdale reports 3.7″ of snow in 24 hours.  Lake-effect precipitation has been impressive, with 24-hour totals of 1.2″ at both Keeler and Watervliet, 0.98″ at Fennville, 0.95″ Bloomingdale, 0.78″ at Hartford and 0.75″ at Wellston in Manistee County.  Holland officially had 0.49″, Kalamazoo 0.09″, Grand Rapids 0.02″ and just a trace at Lansing.   Giles, Wisconsin reports 7″ of snow (courtesy of Lake Superior) and Newberry in the U.P. had 4.7″, with 4.5″ at McMillan.  The date of the last freeze is often not much different from W. Michigan to Tennessee.  Look at these low temperatures this AM:  31 Huntsville AL, Knoxville TN and Asheville NC, 30 Nashville TN, Harrisonville AR and Gage OK, 28 Cincinnati, 26 Cape Girardeau MO and Indianapolis, 21 St. Joseph MO.   On the other hand, the low this AM was 76 at Key West, Florida.  However, Gainesville FL was in the mid 40s this morning.

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  1. Mike M. says:

    I need it to snow November 1st. That’s the day we put up our Christmas trees.

    1. Lisa (Caledonia) says:

      Fun! I put up our outdoor lights the weekend after Hallowe’en. Happy holidays! :)

  2. GunLakeDeb says:

    Thursday morning, the sleet that fell on our deck the previous night, was frozen solid at 6:30 AM. But Gun Lake is in a “bowl”, so I guess it’s no surprise that when it’s calm, we can be colder than GR?

  3. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    Grand Rapids was a little on the late side for the first freeze this fall. Here at my house I had a light freeze both last night (low of 30°) and Wednesday night (low of 31°). Here in the GR area there are still a lot of leaves on the trees, so many people will be raking well into November this year!
    Also, If one wants to believe the ECMWF model November may not be all that cold (compared to average) at the start and in fact may be some what above average. Well its now cloudy here 46°

  4. Jack says:

    First FREEZE… CUE:: Lol… Stay CUED & Happy FRYday !!! ;-)

  5. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Imagine that! The CPC just placed us back into the below average temperature forecast for the 6-10 day outlook! Who knew? Certainly not Travis who earlier this week was trying to tell us temps in the 60′s by the end of next week! More warm weather hype up in smoke!

    1. DF (SE Mich) says:

      Man the CPC is insane with how much they change that graphic… it was completely different earlier today.

  6. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Keep the “global cooling pattern” rolling! Winters will be getting better and better over the next 20 years or so! Rock n Roll will never forget!

    1. kevin. w says:

      Ok Rocky 20 years is stretching that one, maybe 5 or 10 I’ll give ya. You might be fightin heat mizer on that one.

  7. INDY says:

    More Winter weather coming Novi 5th-9th looks cold and snowy ..Stay tuned!! INDYY

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      Rock on INDY! Bring it baby!

  8. kevin. w says:

    I just saw the latest Euro ensembles and were back in this pattern it looks like after the 4th with a northwest to southeast pattern and I’m going with that as most models show this type. Euro and Gem model are pretty much the same, the GFS has a pretty wrapped up system(s) and brings it out in two different pieces, not quite sure on that one. I gotta wait and see what happens with that typhoon out in the pacific and figure how it gets absorbed into the westerlies. I’m guessing we could end up with a significant storm either here or just south of us then up the eastern seaboard. Models are at odds a week away thats for sure. This time of year I don’t go to much past about the day 5 mark with storms everything becomes to muddled up on the models with transitional periods. Just gotta be patient with this pattern, for sure.

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      Thanks for the information. We are in the transitional period between Fall and Winter, however when we finally switch to Winter watch out!

      1. kevin. w says:


  9. Nick says:

    hey bill put something up about the sunspots

    1. Barry in Zeeland says:

      Indeed! The sun has unleashed several X-Class flares in the past day or so:

      Maybe strong enough to blast away the clouds and cool air!!

  10. INDY says:

    55 mph winds coming if only we had snow that would mean BLIZZARD BILL!! INDYY

  11. Brian (Grandville) says:

    Gaylord NWS says waves could top 20 feet overnight on the lake up north.

  12. Jill C. says:

    Super windy here in Whitehall tonight (Fruitland township on the way out to Lake Michigan). The weather station out at the lighthouse is not reporting so I don’t know what kind of wind gusts they’re having out there, but judging by the sound of the wind and the occasional noise of acorns and whatnot hitting our door, rain gutters and chimney, it’s gotta be close to 40 mph. Thankfully, we still have power.

  13. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    The north buoy on Lake Michigan is reporting a SW wind at 36MPH with gust to 45 and 9ft waves and at Beaver Island they are reporting a SW wind at 23 MPH with gust also of 45MPH and the south buoy is reporting SW wind of 34MPH with gust of 42MPH while at Ludington they are reporting a SW wind of 35 and gust of 41. Here at my house it no where near that windy but I have a much warmer temp then the last few nights here with a temp of 44°

  14. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    BTW GRR is reporting a SSW wind at 16MPH with a gust of 23MPH and the temp at the airport is 43.

  15. Brad says:

    You can really see the influence of Lake Michigan in the average first frost dates. Average first frost in the interior SLP is nearly a month earlier than the average first frost in Nashville TN, whereas there is an average difference of only about 10 days between some of the lakeshore areas and Nashville.

  16. Travis Ulberg (West of Martin, Allegan County) says:

    We had 0.60″ of lake effect precip in our rain gauges on Thursday morning.

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