From Wilmette, Illinois

October 26th, 2013 at 11:47 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Bill at Lowe's in Portage - smoke alarm giveaway 10 26 2013   Click the imagChicago glerles to enlarge.  The first image is is from the 10th annual Family Fire Safety Day in Portage/Kalamazoo.  You’ll recognize Jordan Carson and Jake the fire dog.  The second picture is Chicago looked like a few minutes after sunset Saturday evening from the Harrison Crib, about 3 miles east of downtown.  The clouds cleared off late in the day and we got to see the sunset.  Driving down we saw gas as low as $3.11 (though my wife was driving and she managed to stop (we needed gas, so we stopped at the next exit) at the station with the highest price we saw before we hit Illinois (it’s about $3.70 in Chicago).  Traffic wasn’t bad, we hit one slow down in downtown Chicago.  We passed U.S. Cellular Field and I wondered if there will ever be a World Series in Chicago again.  Daughter 1 – who lives in Chicago – probably flew over us on the Dan Ryan Expressway as she headed to Washington D.C. for another WERQ training event.  My brother, Dave ( who makes high-end guitars for Parker by day and plays in (last he told me) bands on weekends and during the week in the summer, had a gig out in Brookfield.  Here’s another one of his bands, and another and another and another (yeah, that’s the Jim Schwall).   My dear 94-year old mother had cheese, crackers and wine for us…then an amazing dinner of meatballs, squash, homemade cornbread, avacado salad, Michigan applesauce with cake and homemade oatmeal-raisin cookies.

In weather news:  Severe weather in 2013 (Thanks to Cort for the link)   Worst frost in 80 years cuts fruit harvest in ChileSnow on the bike trail at Whitetop, Virginia.  I still haven’t had a killing frost at my house, but this AM it was 32 in Montgomery Al, 30 in Macon GA, 27 in Charlotte NC and even 38 down at Tallahassee FL.  In the meantime the AM low temp. was 44 in Juneau, AK.  Cut Bank MT went up from 48 to 65 in one hour.   ALSO:  Western Michigan Univ. got it’s first win of the year today in MassachusettsTake notice of Michigan State…awesome running defense again today.  Upset win for Minnesota over Nebraska, Northwestern 0-4 in the Big Ten (but help is on the way for 2015).  Cardinals take game 3 from the Red Sox on a freak play in the bottom of the 9th.

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  1. Jack says:

    Hello Bill: Thanks For Sharing your Trip to Illinois so Eloquently . It Felt Like we Were Riding along With You !!! Have Fun, Be Safe, and God Bless ! Also say HI to MOM. From US… In His GRIP, Jack & Irene…. :-)

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