High Winds in the Seattle Area

November 3rd, 2013 at 1:34 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Two people were hurt (including a two-year old) and over 105,000 were without power in the Seattle area when a strong windstorm blew through Western Washington on Saturday. The SR 520 floating bridge was closed for two hours because of high winds.  As many as 50 cars were abandoned on the bridge as occupants fled for the shore amid the flying sprayUS highway 2 was closed because of fallen trees and wires.  The bridge was last closed because of weather in 2006.  Seattle’s peak gust was officially 58 mph.  North Bend had a gust to 68 mph.  Elevations above 2,500 feet were expected to get between six and 11 inches of snow. Some areas in the higher elevations of the mountains could get up to two feet of snow.   Picture from KING5, NBC in Seattle

High winds also downed trees and wires in TN, NY, MA and CT.  All of this was not related to any thunderstorms, just general wind around strong low pressure centers.  Miami FL had a record high of 89 Sat., Phoenix was the warmest spot in the U.S. at 90.  Barrow, Alaska dropped to -9 and Verkoyansk in Siberia had a low temperature of -30F on the morning of 10/31.  Also, 58-foot duck deflates in 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan and check out the giant mushroom found in Poland.

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  1. Hugh says:

    Here I am, up an hour early. My body clock does not recognize the time change. Darn…

  2. Barry in Zeeland says:

    Did I read that right, 50 cars abandoned and the people ran for shore? I think I would feel a whole lot safer creeping along in my car than trying to make a run for it with water and wind whipping you around in the picture above. Pretty scary.

  3. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    I wish that Wood did a better job of forecasting the specific wind speeds for the current 48 hour period. I usually need to go to the TV 13 web site for a specific easy to read forecast that includes a very specific wind forecast for the next 48 to 72 hours! Based on the low wind forecast for today I will be heading out to the golf course! Golfing in November! I will enjoy it while it lasts, because come December watch out for a heavy dose of COLD and SNOW!!

    1. Scott (City of Rockford) says:

      Rocky I agree 100% with that I too find my self going to TV 13 for wind forecast during the summer boating season.

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        Yes, they do a great job with their detailed day to day forecast and I really appreciate the daily wind forecast!

  4. Brian(Grandville) says:

    Tigers have a new manager.

    1. Rad ( Jenison / Hudsonville ) says:

      Well, Who is it ?

  5. Rad ( Jenison / Hudsonville ) says:

    Former Tigers catcher Brad Ausmus ?

    1. Brian (Grandville) says:

      Yes, just had the press conference.

  6. kevin. w says:

    They won’t make it, oh well.

  7. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Remember Travis is delusional and tries to push his global warming agenda 100% of the time. He has lost all credibility!

    1. Rodey (Rockford) says:

      And you have never had any credibility Fantastic. I love it. Thanks for listening and commenting.

  8. Michael (Berrien county) says:

    Another day of below normal high temps. With the exception of last Weds & Thurs, I’d say that we’ve pretty much been below average for highs every day now for about the past 2 weeks. Yet some people on here keep talking about what an incredibly mild weather pattern we’re in right now.

    1. Barry in Zeeland says:

      Who cares what the temps are? If the sun is out like today, that’s all I need to be happy! Today was near perfect. Made it out with my son and played 18 holes of disc golf at Macatawa Greenspace. Awesome out.

      1. INDY says:

        Again Who Cares!!!! INDYY

        1. Jack says:

          I Care GO COLTS…….” Indy”… Stay Cued…. & The answer My Friend is BLOWIN IN THE WIND!!! CUE, BOB DYLANnnnnnn…… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUX9IcSzHX0. ;-)

      2. Skot says:

        Great attitude Mike !!!

    2. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      Yes the average high temperature this time of year is still above 50 degrees! Travis is out of his mind!

      1. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

        I don’t know what you mean… the next three days will be above average. I actually like below average temperatures like you, but I am just stating the facts. Read the forecast and check out the models.

        1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

          Two out of the next three may be above average, then back to the 40s for the rest of the week – as per NWS.

        2. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

          Yup, that’s what I said

        3. Mark (East Lansing) says:

          My bad. I thought you said the next three days will be above average.

  9. arcturus says:

    When was the last time the trees had so many leaves at this time of the year?

    1. Brian (Grandville) says:

      Good question, I have been thinking the same thing.

    2. Bill Steffen says:

      I don’t think that has objectively been studied. It might be different for different locations.

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