Lots of Snow

November 7th, 2013 at 12:34 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

snowcover north america  asia snow coverbarrow cam The map on the left is snow cover in N. America.  You can see the snow in the Rockies and the recent storm that left snow from northern Nebraska, southeast South Dakota and far northwest Iowa thru Minnesota, northwest Wisconsin into the U.P.  Pipestone MN had 10″.  Watton in the U.P. had 4.8″.  The middle map is snow cover across Asia.  You can see the snow in northern Scandinavia, the Himalayan Mountains and across Siberia (which is sometimes a source region for cold air that crosses the North Pole and comes south into North America.   On Tuesday, Verkoyansk, Russia had a high/low of -19°F/-30°F.   The last picture is a screen grab from the webcam at Barrow, Alaska from the Univ. of Fairbanks.  At Barrow, they have 3″ of snow on the ground and you can see the ice has already formed at the shore.  Barrow had a high/low of 13°/-5° yesterday.  Bettles, Alaska had a high/low of 8°/-9° and they have 10″ of snow on the ground.  The coldest spot in Alaska was Anaktuvuk Pass at -13°.  The Arctic icecap extent is much greater than it was one year ago.  The Antarctic icecap has set a record greatest extent for any November.  Average Arctic sea ice extent for September 2013 stood at 5.35 million sq km (2.07 million sq miles). This was 1.72 million sq km (664,000 sq miles) higher than the same month in 2012, but 6% less than the satellite era average.  At the same time, Antarctic sea ice reached 19.65 million sq km (7,600,000 sq miles), more than 9½% above average and the highest amount on record  since satellite measurements began in 1979.


Some cool high temperatures from Weds:  37° Spokane WA, 34° O’Neill NE and Ironwood MI and 33° at Sioux Falls SD.  Some warm high temps:  90° Corpus Christi TX (although it never got about 60° in Dallas), 87° Fort Myers, 71° Pittsburgh.  Temperature departures from average from Sept. 1 to Nov. 5:  Detroit +0.2°, Denver -0.4°, Phoenix -0.8°, Raleigh -0.5°, San Francisco -0.1°, Miami +0.5°, Las Vegas -2.3°, Albuquerque -0.3°, New York City +1.5°, Atlanta +0.8°, Cincinnati +0.7°, Minneapolis +2.6°.

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