Weekend Sports Thread Nov. 16-17 – updated

November 15th, 2013 at 1:00 am by under Bill's Blog, Sports, Weather

  GVSU logo  GVSU (9-2) beat Saginaw Valley (9-2) today 49-34, despite having 188 fewer yards, less than half the first downs of Saginaw Valley and a 15.64 minute deficit in time of possession.  HUGE win for Michigan State, 41-28.  Nebraska had 5 turnovers, Michigan St. had none.  Michigan’s triple-overtime win at Northwestern was amazing.  Watch the last play of regulation (the field goal).  Notice the officials hustle to get the ball in play.  Video at the link is all I could find, there’s better video out there…again watch the officials.  The ball was tossed between officials twice.  If either one drops the ball, time runs out!   Central Michigan earned their fourth victory of the season over Western Michigan 27-22.  Western only has one win this season.    My alma mater, Wisconsin racked up 554 yards on the ground, blasting Indiana 51-3, but my wife’s alma mater gave up 60 points in a loss to Ohio State.  The Illini haven’t beaten O.S.U. at Champaign since 1991.  Ferris St. topped Northern Michigan 25-22.  The evening game on WOTV4 (now, as I write this) is Stanford and USC – Stanford has won the last four games with USC and is favored in this one.    We’ll be covered 10 of the high school playoff games this Saturday.   The Detroit Lions head to Pittsburgh where they are 0-9 in their last 9 meetings there.  They haven’t won in Pittsburgh since I was in kindergarten.  There are 2 games in the Severe Storm Moderate Risk Area – that’s Baltimore at Chicago and Cleveland at Cincinnati.   The Sunday evening game on NBC/WOOD-TV is Kansas City at Denver.   Watch 24-Hour News 8 for Football Frenzy and the updated severe weather forecast.

Besides the Michigan field goal with one second left…here’s the other play of the day.

7 Responses to “Weekend Sports Thread Nov. 16-17 – updated”

  1. Dan says:

    Lets go Blue! A win is desparately needed! Can the Lions beat the Steelers for a solid lead in the NFC north? I bet Sparty gets the monkey of their back and beats the Cornhuskers! Lets go teams. Think how it could be if the Lions have two more wins heading into the Thanksgiving matchup with Green Bay? It could be great!

  2. Jack says:

    GOOOO ” Fighting ILLINI” ( Mrs. Steffen’s Team)…. Beat the BUCKEYES!! Staying Cued….

  3. Jack says:

    Go Green, Go White !! S”PARTY” …….ON ! :-)

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Another big win!

      1. Jack says:

        Indeed !!! Let’s All SMOKE SOME Celebratory GREEN !!! ( cough,cough ). LOL….

  4. Jack says:

    LIONS= Same OLD Story, Same Old Song, and DANCE….” My Friends”!!! lol..8-8 Will make Them , a .500 Team just as I PREDICTED !! Thank- You &&&& STAY CUED…. Side NOTE:: What The ” PUCK” is Up with THE RED- Wings ??? ;-)

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Heartbreaker, for sure.

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