Weinermobile Ditched

November 26th, 2013 at 12:54 pm by under Bill's Blog, News, Weather

Weiner Crash!   I came to a pork in the road and wow, I never sausage a slide-off.  Let me be frank, you can’t drive like a hot-dog in this kind of weather.  Driving like a weiner, trying to catchup, won’t cut the mustard on icy roads.   If you relish your vehicle, slow down and take it easy.       Actually, this pic. is making the rounds on the internet.  It’s from Feb. 2008 in Pennsylvania (I saw it on the KING5 website in Seattle).  Ten other cars slid off the road here at the same time and the Weinermobile-driver did a good job avoiding them.  There was no damage to the vehicle.   Oscar Meyer (part of Kraft Foods) has 6 Weinermobiles.

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  1. Scott says:

    Maybe the Weinermobile was heading out to the Ball Park. Nah, too cold. Because it was chili ..er … chilly enough out there he really got himself into a pickle, didn’t he!!! But I can’t laugh. We’ve all Bean there.

    1. Dan says:

      Scott, to be frank, I think you’ve got the wrong brand! :-)

      1. Scott says:

        Actually, I relish that brand – sorry you have a beef with it ;) :D

  2. DF (SE Mich) says:

    Write it up in the economic loss column. Billions in loss for Heinz and Kraft.

  3. Scott says:

    I’ve always wanted to take one of those out for a spin, just for the fun of it. I wonder how that thing handles itself in high winds!

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      I’m guessing not much down draft.

  4. Dan says:

    Driving like a wiener on icy roads is no way to play catchup! HAHAha. Love the word play! Driving like this will not cause anybody to exclaim, “HOT DOG”

  5. Paul Schloop says:

    Should have been a chicken dog and stayed home

    1. LILLY says:

      If it was a chicken dog it would have flu down the rood !

  6. Scott says:

    Now. How many of us are going to actually have hot dogs for lunch, since it’s in our heads? I do have some Bratwurst in the fridge, those sound good! Spaghetti is on the menu tonight, I could just cut up some hot dogs in there maybe!

  7. Ned S. (Now in South Holland) says:

    That’s what you get for hot-dogging it on the highways.

  8. Jack says:

    Hilarious Bill !! When I first saw the PIC. I thought was Ahh …Anthony Weiner ” Selfie” !! Lol… ;-)

  9. Brian says:

    Bet that driver froze his buns off waiting for a tow…

  10. Leacy says:

    I live in Michigan & do watch channel 8 News. Bill Steffen used to be on another News channel till he went to Channel 8 & I followed him…lol…

    1. Keith says:

      Followed him? So you were hot doggin’ got in a pickle and had to relish the fact you got caught with you buns getting chili.

  11. INDY says:


  12. Marianne says:

    Safety first when in the weiner mobile…. always always ALWAYS get your rubbers inspected before engaging in risky activities…. like driving on icy highways. Seriously, a good tire will save you from having your weiner winched and that in itself pays off tenfold for the cost of a good set of directional tread tires!

  13. Jack says:

    Hey BILL & Fellow ” OLD” Bloggers !! Remember This ” Old” T.V. AD??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNddW2xmZp8. :-)

  14. John says:

    Haha! Funny! I can’t stop laughing!

    1. DF (SE Mich) says:


  15. Jack says:

    Does Oscar Mayer have a ” BUN MOBILE” ??

    1. Rob( Norton Shores) says:

      That might get rear ended. hahahahaha.

      1. Jack says:

        Butt,Butt… LOL.. ;-)

  16. Mike (Mattawan) says:

    Haha wow! Dont think I’ve ever heard that many hot dog puns in one paragraph before!

  17. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

    Wow I guess anything can go viral these days!

  18. Steve B says:

    I was hoping you’d give us some links…

  19. Jack says:

    WOW Bill.. I just came up with ” THE PERFECT SONG”…. for THIS THREAD !! CUE, Perry Como ::::: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jVECp5Dzp4. Ha, ha, ha…… Stay Cued !!!! Y’all … ;-)

    1. Jack says:

      ” Dog” Gone it BILL!!!! I thought You Would Have Loved That PERRY COMO Tune !! Give it a listen……BILL!!!! ;-)

      1. Bill Steffen says:

        I watch it…I’m old enough to remember Perry Como on TV in beautiful black and white.

        1. Jack says:

          Yup, Us ” Ole” folks gotta Stick Together !! ( in my best Old Man voice ) sty cued…. ;-)

    1. Jack says:

      Global Cooling or Global Warming = Climate Change = ” NUTS” like Travis…. ;-)

    2. DF (SE Mich) says:

      Great find Indy! Quite a stretch of cold air for only November.

    3. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      How can that be? Travass said above average temperatures for November? How wrong could he be? Who knew?

      1. Rodey (Rockford) says:

        Obviously not as wrong as you always are jackass. Fantastic. I love it. Thanks for listening.

  20. LILLY says:

    If it was a chicken Dow he would have flew down the rood ! LOL & not slide in the ditch ! LOL

  21. Vidalia says:

    I bet the cops grilled him for a good long time after that.

  22. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

    I’m just glad he didn’t roll over. The nitrates at local hotels could have been expensive! However, they could have good dills…

  23. Derek says:

    This is a picture from 2008.

    1. Jack says:

      Oh…Really. ^^^^^^ the thread says…   It’s from Feb. 2008 in Pennsylvania (I saw it on the KING5 website in

  24. Jim says:

    I guess he missed the fork in the road.

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