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volcano japan   We’re seeing an uptick in volcanic activity of late.  This is a new island that has formed SSE of JapanThe new island is roughly 600 miles south of Tokyo and was discovered last week.   Now check out this picture of the Sinabung Volcano in Indonesia.   A total of 18,000 people have been evacuated, as the Indonesian government raised the situation to the highest level of alert.  Lava cascaded down a mile from the center of the volcano and ash was blown nearly 23,000 feet into the air.  Gray ash covered villages, farms and trees as far as 40 miles north of Mount Sinabung’s crater.  An eruption of Sinabung in 2010 killed two people and caught scientists off guard because the volcano had been quiet for four centuries.  Sinabung is one of nearly 130 active volcanoes in the world’s fourth-most populated country, which straddles the “Pacific Ring of Fire“.   Mt. Etna is also erupting in Italy.  Here’s video from last Saturday.  Watch the video ’til the end…they’re in a hailstorm of rocks blown out of the volcano!  Pictures here.  Night video of an eruption and pic. with the full moon here.   Related – we’re due for a major earthquake somewhere.  Here’s a current list of the world’s erupting volcanoes.

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  1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

    No love for the volcanoes. Cool pics, though.

  2. GunLakeDeb says:

    The video of Etna is mind-blowing!!!! LAVA-HAIL???? Those cars never stood a chance….

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