Thanksgiving Weekend Sports Thread

November 28th, 2013 at 12:36 am by under Bill's Blog, Sports, Weather

  Heckuva finish to the Alabama-Auburn game.   Michigan hung in until the end against OSU.  GVSU made a gigantic comeback.  Lions stomp the Packers, 40-10.  Right now we you can see Pittsburgh and Baltimore on NBC/WOOD-TV. Since the Lions played today, we may get the Bears/Vikings game if FOX has a game at 1 PM Sunday. The Sunday evening game is Baltimore at Washington (with RG III and Holland’s own Kirk Cousins).

There are 16 college games on Friday. At 2 pm Eastern Mich. is at C.M.U. The weather should be cool and dry. There are 2 games on WOTV4. At Noon, it’s a Big Ten showdown with Iowa at Nebraska followed by Miami (FL) at Pittsburgh. Saturday, the big Michigan/Ohio State game is on WOTV4 at Noon from Ann Arbor. The Minnesota at Michigan State game is also at Noon on the Big Ten Network. My Badgers host Penn St. at 3:30 on WOTV4. Georgia and Georgia Tech is the 3:30 game on WOTV4. Notre Dame has a tough match-up with Stanford at 7 PM out west (FOX). On WOTV4 you can see UCLA and USC at 8 PM. That’s #22 and #23, pretty even match-up.

Grand Valley’s playoff game is on at 2:00 Saturday on Comcast channel 900.  Go Lakers!  In the past, Grand Valley games have been announced by Tom Cleary and Dick Nelson – longtime and very knowledgeable sportscasters here in W. Michigan.

The high school playoff games are all day Friday and Saturday from Ford Field. We have half a dozen W. Michigan teams playing, but since the blog gets comments and readers from all over the state and beyond, I’ll show you the complete schedule. Tickets are $10 and you get to see 4 games and be in Ford Field…pretty good deal. The Friday games are televised on FOX Sports Detroit-Plus; the Saturday games are on FOX Sports Detroit.

7 Responses to “Thanksgiving Weekend Sports Thread”

  1. Vincent(N.E.Kent CO) says:

    Go PACKERS!! Family,Turkey and Football. What a great day this will be.

    1. Jack says:

      Vincent Your Pack, Looked Like Crap !! Sorry…Stay cued…..

  2. Dave says:

    Bill, you forgot to mention that Grand Valleys playoff game is on at 2:00 Saturday on Comcast channel 900. Go Lakers

  3. Jack says:

    Ha…It Looks Like The Lions MAY actually WIN on Turkey Day !! I’m THANKFUL, for that ,I Guess !! ;-)

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      1st time in a decade. Whoopie.

    2. Brian(Grandville) says:

      A win is a win I guess. I just thought that after 5 turnovers the last game they would’ve made some progress there. Still do not think highly of Szwartz, and never have.

  4. Dan says:

    Best game Michigan played all season! They almost pulled off the upset! This team which has struggled mightily especially with the offensive line looked good against Ohio! Sparty needs to kick some Ohio A** with their suffocating defense!
    LIONS need to win their division to make it respectable this season! Also, please cut down on the turnovers. If they do this, they can play with any team in the NFL!

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