Snowy Owls Come to Michigan

December 7th, 2013 at 8:00 pm by under Bill's Blog, News, Weather

snowy owl    Cold weather and early deep snow cover have contributed to a “phenomenal” (but there are other factors)  early December migration of snowy owls into the Great Lakes and Northeast.  The picture is from Pennsylvania this past week.  Here’s a map of snowy owl sightings.  Sightings have been reported in Vermont, Massachusetts, New YorkNew Jersey, and in fact all the way down to N. Carolina and Bermuda.  Needless to say, Harry Potter is excited!  Picture from www.nbcphiladelphia.

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  1. Cliff(Scotts) says:

    They rescued on around Vicksburg. It was a younger one, that wasn’t in good health. I wonder what caused that?

    1. John says:

      There was a report on Fox17 last night that said it was too far south and that it flew too long without food so it went into food exhaustion, and that two more hours and it would have died, this woman is now taking care of it and when it’s ready she’ll release it to fly again back north!

    2. Antwain cottrell says:

      I live there

  2. Dylan says:

    HEDWIG!!!! :)

  3. Mary (Barrow, AK) says:

    I’d love to go see one down here in Michigan! We commented several times this summer in Barrow how we weren’t seeing the lemmings near as much as usual. And I didn’t see as many snowy owls either… But I think it’s a cyclical thing….did get buzzed by one snowy and scared another one up right under my feet while I was short cutting across the tundra going to work soon right before I left Barrow this time though….BTW I think Barrow was warmer than Michigan today!

  4. GunLakeDeb says:

    I’d love to see one of these owls!!!

  5. BigCountry(Wyoming, MI) says:

    For those of you wanting to see a snowy owl, GRR airport is a great place to spot Peregrine Falcons, hawks, and snowy owls in the winter.

    There is even an occasional sighting of a bald eagle once and a while in the area with the Grand River nearby.
    All those creatures are drawn to the airport with its huge grass fields that get mowed short, which is great hunting for those high flyers!

    There is a viewing area with parking and picnic tables (which may come in a little more handy when it’s warm outside) which Kraft dead ends into just north of 52nd. It is closed overnight but its a nice place to look for carnivore birds and also watch airplanes.

    1. jeff says:

      Anyone know if one is allowed to take pictures there? It seems security can be rather finicky about that sort of thing nowadays.

  6. Glenn Rutgers says:

    We saw a snowy owl yesterday as we were leaving the Gerald Ford airport. That was right around 3 p.m.

  7. Tom Funke says:

    A great place to see in real time where folks are seeing Snowy Owls (or any other bird) is Check it out and please report your sightings for others to enjoy!

  8. Todd A.(in Holland) says:

    This is a picture taken this week of a snowy owl in Allegan County (near Overisel)

  9. Antwain cottrell says:


  10. matt says:

    We saw what I believe to be a snowy owl (definitely not an expert)sitting on the fence along the west side of Patterson in line with the east/west runway…there was no traffic so we were able to stop and took a picture just before it flew off. Not sure how to share the pic here…

  11. Joe Kimmell says:

    I spotted a large snowy owl this afternoon on Ridge Road near Lake Charlevoix in Charlevoix County , Michigan. It flew across the road ahead of me and at first I thought it was a seagull . Then it landed atop a telephone pole and I was able to slow down to get a better look. Unfortunately , I didn’t get a picture.

  12. Liz says:

    We saw a Snowy Owl early in the evening (Dec. 21) on 100th and Wilson near Byron Center. It flew through a field then landed on a telephone pole as we drove by. So beautiful.

  13. Josh says:

    Spotted one 24DEC off Garfield near 64th ave in Coopersville MI

  14. Sara says:

    I am watching one out my window right now. (December 31)

    Just landed on my neighbor’s roof in Jamestown, MI.


  15. Scott m says:

    I saw one north of Centerville mi this week. It was a very big bird and was in flight. Awesome sight to see

  16. julie says:

    I just seen one today in zeeland. White.beautiful! Jan. 4,2014

  17. Christine Miller says:

    We have one at our house on cranberry lake in Ottawa county. It’s amazing to watch him fly….huge!

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