Cold Continues – With More Snow

December 9th, 2013 at 2:05 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

high temps.    This is the U.S. high temperature map from Sunday.   A few notable cold high temps:  Brownsville TX 49 – 2nd day in a row they didn’t get to 50, Dallas 33 – still a lot of ice left from the freezing rain.  Eugene OR 19 – Eugene had a low temp. of -10 and that was the 2nd coldest temperature ever recorded in Eugene – going back to 1890!!   The 3rd coldest temperature was -7 set on Saturday, the day before!   Same thing for Redmond OR.  They had their 2nd coldest morning in record history this morning with a low of -26; second only to the -28 back on Dec. 8, 1972.  Snowfall on Sunday in Philadelphia totaled 8.6″ (much of that fell during the Lions/Eagles game!  More snow fell Sunday PM in Philadelphia than fell ALL of last winter!  Here’s Calvin Johnson’s catch where his face gets planted in the snow.  There was either snow falling or snow on the ground at five NFL games on Sunday.  There were snow flurries at Austin, Texas – the first time they have ever had now on 12/8.  The arctic outbreak of 12/2013 is one of the 5 coldest December arctic outbreaks in Denver weather history.  The high temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska on Sunday was 8 degrees warmer than the high temperature in Grand Rapids, MI  and 2 degrees warmer than the high temperature in Oklahoma City!

Model update:  The European gives G.R. another 1/2″ of snow during the day today (Mon.), an inch Tues. PM and around 3″ on Weds.  Also 1/2″ Thursday, a dusting Friday and another .25″ from Friday night to Monday morning, which would likely be another 4″ of snow.  The coldest temperature on the Euro. for G.R. (airport) is 4.8F Weds. evening, with an 850 mb temp. of -21.9C.  The Euro. says we have a shot at the low 30s Friday and maybe Saturday and that’s it.   The GFS cranks up the wind (for G.R.) to 18 mph today and 25 mph at midday Tues.  It as a dusting to an inch and a half each day this week.   The coldest temp. for G.R. is 10 Thurs. AM.  On the GFS, Saturday is the only day we reach 32 over the next week and nothing above the mid-upper 30s thru the 23rd…so if that’s right, we’re virtually assured of a White Christmas.   The NAM (not surprisingly) cranks out the most snow…just a dusting during the day today, with the wind up to 19 mph in the PM.   For G.R. the model has 2.6″ of snow from Tuesday PM into Tuesday night and another 5″ of snow on Weds.   Holland gets the most on the NAM Wednesday with 7.7″.  The NAM also has the strongest winds – as high as 23 mph on Tues., which would certainly cause some drifting.

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