Big Temperature Change at Monterrey, Mexico

December 11th, 2013 at 2:11 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

snow in mexico

Pic. is rare snow in northern Mexico, south of New Mexico.  The Arctic air continues to cover much of the United States and even part of Northern Mexico.   The Arctic front brought a dramatic change to Monterrey, Mexico.  After 3 days with high temperatures from 91 to 94F, Monterrey had high temperatures of 58, 44, 54 and 61.  The average high temperature for Monterrey now is 67.  So, they went from way above average to significantly colder than average.   Chihuahua reported a high and low temperature of 57 and 28 on Tuesday, compared to an average high and low of 67 and 39.  Tampico had a cool high temperature of 58 on Dec. 7th – about 20 degrees colder than average.   Mexico City did not get the cold air.  High temperatures for the first 11 days of December were between 76 and 80F.  Our cold air is going to stick around.  Temperatures here in Michigan are expected to be cooler than average right to Christmas and with temperatures below freezing, our snow cover is going to increase. 

2 Responses to “Big Temperature Change at Monterrey, Mexico”

  1. James Foley says:

    I bet that if they know about global warming that they are wishing for a dose of it right now. 48 of 50 states may be experiencing colder than normal weather. Only Florida and Hawaii have temps in the 70s.

  2. Seth says:

    James, you won’t be saying that when you are used 80-120 degree weather year round. American are used to 4 seasons, so yeah.

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