Sunday Snow

December 15th, 2013 at 2:50 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

advisory   Sunday AM – The Winter Weather Advisory covers the lakeshore counties, the next set of counties inland from the lakeshore counties plus Calhoun and Osceola Counties and runs thru 7 pm.  It’s going to be a cold and windy day.  The models have temperatures trending slightly downward today, with the NAM at 16 most of the day and the GFS at 17.   The NAM (caribou) gives G.R. a high of 23.  Needless to say, the snow will be stickin’ to the roads and blowing around some.  The GFS and NAM both have the wind up around 18-20 mph midday to early afternoon and that will cause some drifting.   We’ll see lake-effect snow showers.  The NAM (caribou gives G.R. and Holland about an inch of snow today, Muskegon 0.7″ and Lansing 0.2″.  The model gives G.R. another 1.9″ on Tues. and Holland another 1.6″.   It gives nearly continuous snow to Cadillac with a total of 7″ by Weds. morning.

The models are backing off some on the degree of milder air later this week.  The Euro. and GFS have G.R. peaking around 38.  Stay up with later forecasts.   We’ll get some rain (GFS 0.53″ for G.R., Euro. 0.20″, there is the chance of a little of that being freezing rain.  It looks too warm aloft for snow) Thurs. PM/night.  The GFS takes us back to the upper teens/low 20s on Sat. the 21st, while the Euro. hold’s back the cold for a day.  The Euro. has a high of about 15 on Monday the 23rd with a low on Christmas Eve morning in G.R. of -9 (the Euro. has tried to put us below zero on a couple of occasions this month and that hasn’t worked).  The Euro has a low of about -6 Monday am (the 16th), while the GFS keeps us in the mid teens.  It’s too far out to put any stock in it…but the GFS would have it snowing lightly Christmas Day morning with temps. reaching the low-mid 30s.

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  1. TomKap (Michigan St. & Fuller) Grand Rapids says:


    1. TomKap (GR-Michigan & Fuller) says:

      Well…At least ‘half’ of it!

      1. BigCountry(Wyoming, MI) says:

        Tom, if it’s going to be cold and snow on the ground, why not have a lot of snow on the ground? What’s the difference?

        1. TomKap (Michigan St. & Fuller) Grand Rapids says:

          Treacherous roads – bad for everyone.
          Dangerous for most pets, especially small ones.
          Bad for business/retail – hurts the economy.

          Want more?

  2. Sharon says:

    We live in Michigan. It rains, the sun shines, and the snow falls and accumulates. Live with it or move. I have never seen an anchor tied to anyone’s behind keeping them here.

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