Cold and Snowy Christmas Eve

December 24th, 2013 at 10:43 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

cardinal on ice nbcwashington  As of 12:30 PM, we still have 62% of Barry Co. without power and 50% of Eaton County.  low temps. 12 7 Lake Michigan and the clouds kept much of S. Lower Michigan warmer than surrounding areas this Christmas Eve. morning.  G.R. had a low temp. of 13.  Look at low temperatures in N. Lower Michigan (-25 Rudyard, a record -24 at Pellston and a record -23 at Gaylord)  Look at low temperatures in Wisconsin – some down below -20.  It was -20 this am in Dubuque and Waterloo, Iowa,  -2 in Valparaiso IN, 7 in St. Louis and 9 in Dalhart, Texas.  It was -38 just north of Lake Superior at Geraldton.    Check out the sun shining on the icy trees in Belding.   Ashland, Wisconsin had 31.5″ of snow in 24 hours.    Caribou, Maine has set a record with 10 consecutive days with measurable snow.  During those 10 days, they’ve had 30.7″ of snowfall.  A big, windy storm has hit Ireland and the U.K. with strong winds, heavy rain and flooding.  Now this is a low barometer reading!  Here’s swans swimming in floodwaters in Worcester.  For you weather geeks, here’s a summary of the stratospheric warming pattern that should lock in the cold for much of January in the Eastern U.S.  Florida has escaped the cold so far this winter (lots of days in the 80s, a record 86 in Melbourne and Orlando on Monday), but that will change as the cold air plunges down into the Sunshine State during early January.  This is a good time to feed the birds…they’re going to have a hard time with the ice covering the trees and the heavy snow cover.  (picture from www.nbcwashington and low temp. map from SUNY – Albany).   FYI – this morning, I’m having some of my mother’s homemade Austrian coffee cake, fresh pears and a bowl of Southern Grits that we picked up in Tennessee.

The early (Tue.) morning NAM (caribou) model is in and it gives G.R. 3.7″ of snow tomorrow, 7.8″ for Ludington, 7.5″ for Muskegon , 6.4″ Holland, 6″ S. Haven, 3.6″ Cadillac, 3.4″ Kalamazoo, 3.2″ Big Rapids, 2.7″ Pontiac, 2.2″ Lansing, 2.1″ Mt. Pleasant and Jackson.  Here’s NAM forecast snowfall and the GFS model forecast snowfall.  The models have winds up to 15-20 mph tomorrow and that will cause some drifting snow.  The overnight European model gives G.R. a low temp. of -11 on 1/2. There will be slick roads and low visibilities at times.  This Christmas Eve, G.R. has 9″ of snow on the ground and 27.7″ so far this month.   44.4% of the U.S. has a snow cover this Christmas Eve. morning.  From Paul Pastelok at Accu-Weather Premium:  “The period from Dec. 30 through Jan. 10 will be a cold period from the northern Plains, Midwest, Lakes, Ohio Valley to the East Coast.  Departures during this period can average 10-14 below normal for far north Midwest to Lakes.”

4 Responses to “Cold and Snowy Christmas Eve”

  1. Scott says:

    Merry Christmas Eve, Everyone!

    I hope everyone’s Christmas is absolutely superb – and I hope fantastic memories are built and much time is spent with family and friends. Remember the Reason for the season, above all else. Bill, special Christmas wishes to you and your family. And to all on this blog, maybe we can spend the day in Christmas Cheer as a Christmas present to each other.

    Weatherwise, you could not ask for a more beautiful scene outside. Everything is just spectacular. Icicles on trees topped with 2-3″ of new snow down here. Partly cloudy, and just shimmering out there. Bundle up tonight this Christmas Eve and take a walk and just walk in this snowglobe of winter wonder. You don’t see this every year, but this year has outdone itself.

    So again, have a Merry Christmas and build yourselves some amazing memories!

    1. Ben (North Muskegon) says:

      Impossible to know how much snow Muskegon will get from clippers like this one. Could be anywhere from 3-12 inches.

  2. Travis Ulberg (West of Martin, Allegan County) says:

    I’m thinking the snow ratio for yesterday’s snow has to be somewhere between 30:1 and 40:1. Fluffiest snow we have received this winter so far. Last night the limbs over the roads by my house were so low that my car roof was almost touching them. We finally got our power back on this morning. We received just under 4″ yesterday, and have around 7″ on the ground. When I got to NW Grand Rapids at midnight last night to shovel, they had about 2.5-3″ of fresh snow. Around 1:30AM or so the sky just opened up and it snowed at a 2-3″ an hour rate for just over an house. They received 2″+ while we were there shoveling.

    1. Scott says:

      Very happy you got your power back on. Now if the power can come back on to our other bloggers before Christmas Eve arrives.