White Christmas

December 25th, 2013 at 1:16 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

White Christmas Map Bill Steffen Christmas wrapping paper  Click the images to enlarge.  Regarding the image on the right:  “New trend in wrapping on a beautiful, snowy day! Check out this weather -related gift in some DIY wrapping paper sporting our fav. meteorologist, Bill Steffen!“  Thanks to the Miller’s for that!        A “White Christmas” is 1″ or more of snow on the ground at daybreak Christmas morning.  This morning, 41.7% of the Lower 48 states reported a snow cover.  That compares to an 11-year (all the far back I can look) average of 39.4%.   We were up as high as 67% earlier this month.  The most snow on the ground in Michigan is 46″ at Painesdale in the U.P.  The most I saw in Lower Michigan is 20″ at Lake Ann.  The southeast part of Lower Michigan (Wayne, Monroe Co. up to Port Huron) has just a trace of snow on the ground.  Other snow cover totals this Christmas morning:  19″ 9SSW Gaylord, 18″ Boyne City, 17″ Rogers City, 15″ Traverse City, 14″ S. Ste. Marie, 12″ Fremont, 11″ Houghton Lake and Alpena, 10″ Hart and Reeed City, 9″ Muskegon, Rockford and Big Rapids, 8″ Grand Rapids and East G.R., 7″ Holland and Grandville, 5″ Hopkins and Lansing, 4″ Hastings and Grand Ledge, 3″ St. Johns, 1″ Brooklyn (Jackson Co.).      8″ of new snow in Onekema in Manistee Co.

Weds. morning run of the NAM (Caribou) overnight (Weds. night) snowfall forecast:  2.7″ S. Haven, 2.5″ Holland, 2″ Pontiac, 1.9″ Muskegon, Kalamazoo, 1.6″ Ludington, 1.5″ Lansing, 1.4″ Jackson, 1.3″ Gr. Rapids, 1.1″ Big Rapids, Cadillac.

Consumers Energy reports 7.1% of their customers (131,000) are still without power as of 1:30 pm (Weds.).  The county with the highest percentage of customers without power is Barry Co. with 53.3% without power.  Next is Shiawassee Co. with 51.9% in the dark, then in order…39.7% Eaton Co., 35.8% Lapeer, 34% Oakland, 31.1% Ingham, 28% Clinton…just 0.8% in Kent and Kalamazoo Counties.

Right now…daughter 2 and my wife and doing a jigsaw puzzle…we had french toast with Michigan plum jam for brunch – with hot coffee.  We opened presents.  I got a kayak-trip to the U.P., the wife got a little bling and daughter 2 got a gift from Namibia, Africa.  Daughter 1 is in Sarasota, Florida today, Daughter 3 watching the snow accumulate in TVC.  Back to work for me tomorrow…I work Thu., Fri., Sat., and New Year’s Eve and Day next week.  We’ve got lots of cold and some more snow to talk about in the 8-day forecast.  Our “old-fashioned (if you grew up in the late 70s) winter” continues.

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  1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    NEWS FLASH! We are in a COLD and SNOWY pattern! Completely the opposite of last year right Travis?

  2. Resourceful Nana says:

    I wish I could claim (St. Joseph County) some of the snow falling elsewhere in the state! We had a dusting Monday night and another one this morning, but there’s not enough to build a decent sized “snowperson” (thanks to all the rain that fell Saturday night). Still, it’s white enough to reflect light into the house and brighten the view, day and night. The stars were brilliant last night, too! Christmas blessings, everyone!

  3. Stevekentcity says:

    Since the forecasts change every 6 hrs, can any one tell me if the snow will let up. I need to plow tonight just need to know when to start?

    1. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

      It depends where you are located. Areas in west flow will see snow pick up once this disturbance moves through soon. Within 3 hours.

      1. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

        Okay, Kent City. The snow should increase in coverage after 7PM and be the heaviest between midnight and 8AM. Total accumulations of 2-4 inches according to the NWS.

  4. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    >>>>>>>WEATHER BULLETIN>>>>>>>>The SNOW may not stop till tomorrow morning! Currently we are still seeing lake effect SNOW and the next wave of energy is only a few hours away. This will energize the SNOWFALL rates! By morning GR may have up to 6 inches of fresh SNOW! I love it and keep the COLD and SNOW coming!

    1. Jo Anne says:

      Amen! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! May God bless and protect you all!!!

  5. Wacky Red ( Allendale ) says:

    We certainly have a white Christmas. Merry Christmas to Bill and his family. And to you all.

  6. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    This is the best weather that we have had on Christmas in a long time and this is best start to winter that we have had in decades! The COLD and SNOW just keeps coming!

  7. Mike (Mattawan) says:

    ahh… its nice to finally have a white christmas! Merry Christmas Bill and Bloggers!

  8. GunLakeDeb says:

    SOOOO glad to be in the minority of Barry County residents who actually have electricity – what a blessing!!

    Merry Christmas to all of you!!

  9. Beth says:

    This reminds me a bit of 1993-94. That was a cold and snowy one! Maybe more so than 2013 so far….

  10. Ned S. (Now in South Holland) says:

    Merry Christmas Bill! Bloggers too!

  11. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    The next wave is already moving in :) ! Another bullseye for the RDB model today! The accuracy score so far this year is 7 on point and 1 miss! I love it! Parts of West MI may pick up 4 to 6 inches of SNOW tonight!

    1. Boris says:

      Actually I went back and checked. You have been right one time and wrong seven times.

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        What ever you say Boris aka fixxxer!

  12. Barb says:

    Went to Seidman Park with the dogs this afternoon. Just breathtaking. Had to bend down quite a bit with the branches weighed down by ice and snow.

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:


  13. INDYY says:

    Boris says!!! Rocky feels good to have a lot of fans on Bills blog!! INDY feels u!!!! Get ready for more snow and cold!!! INDYY!!

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      Rock On INDYY – this could be the best winter that we have had in years! As you know we are headed for 100+ inches if SNOW in GR this year! ROCK n ROLL will never die baby!

    2. Jack says:

      Merry Christmas….2….. The IWS, And The RDB……FROM::: The JEM MODEL !!!! Stay Cued, for MORE COLD & SNOW!! Possible BIG STORM Second Week of JANUARY , It Could BE ahhhh BLIZZARD 2 REMEMBER of 2014 !! ;-)

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        I agree the 2nd week of January could be the BIG ONE! Get ready people!

  14. Brad (Van Buren) says:

    What happened to the wind? I thought it was forecasted to be 15-25mph winds today.

    1. Nic says:

      They backed off on that yesterday.

  15. The NWS has me in the sweet spot tonight! :) according to their FB page! has me in the 3-6″ range, with the best accumulations just offshore once again!

  16. Point and click gives me 6″!

  17. Bob(Muskegon) says:

    I was looking back through Bill’s blogs and noticed in 2011 he predicted 2012 or 2013 winter would be a close reflection of the old days IE: 77-78 Bill you right on track!!

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      I agree, however with that said his official snowfall forecast for GR this year is only 75 inches? Lets hope he is way off. I say over 100 inches for GR this season! Bring it on!

      1. Tom says:

        I don’t know if you are insane or are just kidding around, but we have had way more than enough snow for the season. It is time for a thaw and get rid of it all.

        1. Judy (Fennville) says:

          No…he just loves winter/winter sports. I agree with you….more snow means potentially more power outages, school/function cancellations, accidents, deaths, road degradations (pot holes), etc. I think that now we’ve had snow for Christmas and enough cold for the flora that needs a cold spell, it can all go away and just get our precipitation in the form of rain with no ice.

      2. Bill Steffen says:

        I wondered if the heavier snow would be along and west of US 131 and not quite as much at the airport. With this cold air, Lake Michigan should get some early ice and that could cut down on lake-effect later this winter. If the air stays this cold, the storm track may be SE of us.

  18. Jack says:

    Just a OLD Christmas SONG, From The Royal GuardsMen for All The Family To ENJOY !! Remember This Tune BILL ? Or Any of The Blogger Family ?? CUE :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh-J4GSPgAM. :-)

  19. Stephen(NorthMuskegon) says:

    Went over to my Grandma’s house at about 4 and since then we have picked up 2 more inches of snow and its snowing heavily outside currently.

    1. Judy (Fennville) says:

      Did you go over the river and thru the woods to get to her house? ;)

  20. Travis Ulberg (West of Martin, Allegan County) says:

    Well yesterday we got a bonus(not forecasted) 0.5″ of snow. We just got home from my aunts/uncles house in Bloomingdale. They had about as much snow as we did today. I measured 1.4″ here so far today. We did come home to find a huge branch in our front yard that wasn’t there when we left. Looking like I could get 40+” for December.

  21. Mark (East Lansing) says:

    Hurray! We just got our power back! The company that has been working on Meridian Township is from Missouri. I am truly grateful for their efforts.

    1. GunLakeDeb says:

      Last night there were 2 Consumer’s Energy trucks parked, and the guys looked like they were planned where to go next? As I drove by, I rolled down the window of my car and yelled “You guys are AWESOME!!!!”. They laughed and thanked me – but they’ve been working tirelessly in miserable conditions and over the holiday to restore the power, when you just KNOW they’d rather be with their families….

      1. John says:

        If they were working in my area I would have spent all of my money to buy them all hot chocolate and Christmas candy to thank them so much, even though they are not in my area I thank them all so much for working their buts off thru Christmas to get power back to as much people as possible! Imagine if we didn’t have them! Thank you so much consumers and any other power companies out there working to restore power!

        1. Jordan (Twin Lake) says:

          You’re so full of it!

        2. John says:

          You need to shut the f*** up! There are a lot of people working hard to restore power working on Christmas to restore power and it’s something nice I would do and all you can do is run your lazy a** mouth! Jeez what did you do today, I can tell you have no life!

        3. Jordan (Twin Lake) says:

          You talk just like Deb(okc).

      2. Amanda says:

        They gave me what I wished for last nigh! My power came back on at about 8 last night after 84+ hours without! We saw the trucks leaving our area and we waved and smiled. Bless those men and women working around the clock to restore our power! They restored it 24 hour ahead of the estimate.

  22. michael g (SE GR) says:

    Just back from the in-laws along M 82 between Newaygo and Howard City. LOTS of snow in the woods there. Picked up 3″ this afternoon and evening. 16-18″ on the ground. Very little ice or melting to compact what was on the ground last week, and a good dump on Monday afternoon/evening really adding up!

  23. Jim S (Saugatuck Twp) says:

    We had 2″ from last night through early this afternoon…we have added on more tonight. So far, 20″ in December, and 32″ on the season here. We still have yet to see a classic, NW flow lake effect event. Seems the models keep showing it in the 5-8 day range, but then lose it as we seem to be stuck in the pattern of one clipper after another. That means more snow for GR to the NW.

  24. I hope this snowy pattern continues into 2014 as well… Because 2013 was definently one of my favorite years for weather

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      It will!

  25. Bobby (Ada) says:

    Love the snow and the white Christmas, but cannot wait to head to Florida in 2 weeks to play some golf! :;)

    1. kevin. w says:

      Don’t forget you still have to come back to lovely frigid Michigan. Just kidding enjoy those two weeks I’m sure it’s well deserved and I still hear its going to be warm there.

    2. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      Have fun golfing, however I will be enjoying the winter wonderland! I will be skiing and snowmobiling on almost a daily basis. Give me SNOW over golf any time!

  26. Dan says:

    After the Christmas day snowfall is GR now officially at 30 inches of snow for the season?

  27. 1.9 inches of snow overnight and as of 5:00am
    Snow Depth is 9.0

    1. 7:00am 2.2 new overnight, 9.0 depth

  28. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    More GREAT news – next week we will be seeing more COLD and lake effect SNOW, lake enhanced SNOW and clippers! Then the week of the 6th a snowstorm may be brewing! Get ready for a COLD and SNOWY January people! I am heading out to the trails to enjoy this near perfect winter weather!!!

    1. Tom says:

      This is not great news at all! There is nothing to enjoy about all the cold, snow, and ice and power outages that we have had. I am ready for a good long thaw and melt all of this crappy white stuff that is out there.

    2. AJ (Cedar Springs) says:

      I agree! Cold weather is only enjoyable when there is snow outside. A “good long thaw” would only create a mess. Then we would be back to cold temps with no snow. If you live in Michigan, you must be able to tolerate winter. Power outages and ice storms are definitely not a fun part of living in Michigan; snow and winter sports ARE fun though! I hope Tom can find something to enjoy about winter, like you do Rocky.

  29. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Oh one more item. Enjoy this SNOW map. GR will be picking up over a foot of SNOW!


    1. Mike (Berrien county) says:

      Awesome map!

  30. Craig (Holland North Sider) says:

    On Holland’s North Side it seemed to snow most of the 24th and 25th. I probably cleaned between 7-8 inches of snow off the driveway between those two days. There is probably a solid 10 inches on the ground throughout my subdivision. Truly looks like winter! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

  31. 16.6 December snow for Breckenridge and season snow is 18.0

  32. Mark (East Lansing) says:

    We have about 8″ depth now. Most of the area has received 2-4 over the past 36-48 hours to keep things fresh and white. Quite beautiful out.

    1. Ben (Charlotte MI) says:

      Beautiful, except for the broken and falling down trees, that is.

  33. INDYY says:

    Over 14 inches of snow out thee YARDofBRICKS !!!! What a Winter !!!! INDYY

  34. Paul (Yankee Springs-Barry State Game Area) says:

    Hmmm…..doesn’t appear to be “tapering off” this morning. Intensity has been picking up past couple hours….looks like 4″ or so has fallen in rhe woods the past 24 hours

  35. Jim S (Saugatuck Twp) says:

    Winter Weather Advisory extended for the lakeshore…2-4″ additional inches.

  36. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

    Pretty heavy and fluffy snow falling right now here. It looks like the heaviest will fall in Allegan County with 2-4 inches, as Jim just mentioned. I wouldn’t be surprised to see higher amounts though.

  37. INDYY says:

    Who needs snow storms when we have the lake Michigan…….Enjoying 14 inches of snow today out thee YARDofBRICKS !!!!! Turn up the heat going to get really cold never in along time we have had teens for highs over a week straight!!! INDYY

  38. Hudsonville Barn Cat says:

    Man, I’ve never been so ready for a January thaw as I am this year.

  39. Finally got my power back 1pm yesterday!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Got my internet back 1 hour ago, using geneators to power the lines. THANK YOU TO ALL EMPLOYEE RESTORING POWER!! Had a family get together in Lainsburg in Shiawassee co. Lot of tree damage in the county! On the way back saw many power flashes,looked just like lightning.

  40. Tom says:

    Looking forward to an old fashioned January thaw, that can not come too soon for my way of thinking. This winter has gotten real old real fast. I know anyone who has lost power in the past week will agree with that.

  41. Mike (Berrien county) says:

    Looks like more cold air, more lake effect, more clipper system snows in the northwest flow for next week by the looks of the models. I’m guessing in the neighborhood of 35, perhaps closing in on 40 inches for the season here already. I’m sure areas north up the coast near Muskegon probably have even more than that so far. This is quite a winter pattern we are in, even without any huge synoptic snowstorms!

  42. Judy (Fennville) says:

    Wish we would have had a little sunshine yesterday…..would have made it even prettier. My husband and I took a little drive through the backroads in the woods in the morning and took some pictures to send to family who are in warmer places. I think we got about 4″ from Christmas Eve to this morning. Yes it’s been a while since we’ve had such a snowy winter, but really this is not so abnormal. I think we’ve just been lucky for several years.

  43. Id say my season snowfall so far is around 35-40″ not exactly sure where Im at but Im somewhere in there

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Then you must still have 24-30 on the ground now

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