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January 3rd, 2014 at 11:47 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

wind chill factor table   Here’s a wind chill factor table (click to enlarge).  The Chicago NWS set out this on historical low wind chills in Chicago:  HERE IS A RANKING OF THE EVENTS WITH THE COLDEST RECORDED WIND CHILLS ON RECORD DATING BACK TO THE WINTER OF 1929-30. THESE WIND CHILLS ARE BASED ON THE HOURLY OBSERVATIONS AND ALL ARE WERE CALCULATED USING THE NEW WIND CHILL FORMULA.

1)  JAN 10 1982    -60
2)  DEC 24 1983    -59
3)  JAN 20 1985    -58
4)  JAN 17 1982    -53
5)  JAN 22 1936    -52
6)  FEB  9 1933     -51
7)  JAN 18 1994    -50
8)  JAN 16 1977    -48
9)  JAN 18 1930    -48
10) JAN 15 1994   -44

It’s been pretty windy overnight.  We’ve had gusts to 52 mph on the beach at Muskegon and 53 mph on the beach at Ludington.  Gusts have hit 43 mph at the Muskegon Airport, 37 mph at Battle Creek and the Ludington Airport, 33 mph in Benton Harbor and 30 mph in G.R.

Brutal cold for the Green Bay/49ers game.   Here’s what a stiff wind, some blowing spray and temperatures of 5-10 degrees can do on the New England CoastSmoke plume from the fire at Fifth Third Park visible on Doppler Radar.   Particles reflect back like raindrops or snowflakes…visible almost up to Newaygo Co.

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  1. Tyler (Escanaba) says:

    This winter is awesome! I was so hoping for this kind of winter. I just hope it keeps up till spring. Last year we had a lot of snow but it all mostly came in the second half of the winter but we had more snow then the cold. This year we have had more of the cold then the snow. 2008-2009 we had a real winter but the engine of that winter quit when February came around. 2007-2008 was probably the most severe winter of the 2000′s I would say.

    1. TomKap (Michigan St. & Fuller) Grand Rapids says:


  2. DF (SE Mich) says:

    It looks like Chicago is expecting -40 to -45 wind chills.

  3. Tyler (Escanaba) says:

    I was at my Grandma’s house today and my Uncle’s were all there. We started reminiscing about the cold wave of 1994 and 1996. During the early February 1996 arctic air blast My Uncle who worked at the time in the Northwoods of Wisconsin just across the border from Iron Mountain said one of his coworkers came into work that day and told him he had 50 below zero that morning on his thermometer. My other Uncle says yep the Winter of 1995-1996 killed all of the woodchucks. There hasn’t been any since then due to how cold and snowy that year was and the frost level went so far down it killed them all. My other Uncle says during the 1994 cold wave in Mid January his car quit on him in Iron Mountain. He couldn’t get it started and many other cars quit during that cold wave. Those two winters I will never forget.

  4. Tyler (Escanaba) says:

    Last post for the night. My Midwest report for the day like I have done the past 2 nights. The U.P. lows this morning included -9 Escanaba, -20 Ironwood, -23 Iron Mountain, -15 Menominee, -19 Marquette at the National weather service site. Wisconsin this morning lows included -18 Green Bay, -18 Wausau, -21 Rhinelander, -20 Fond Du Lac, -20 Eau Claire, -11 La Crosse, -26 Hayward and Tomahawk. In Minnesota this morning Minneapolis was -10 and the coldest I could find was Hibbing bottoming out at -29. Mason City Iowa was -21 this morning and Des Moines was -7. Chicago dropped to -12 under a fresh snow cover. The U.P. is getting more snow tonight. Houghton is getting stomped on up there. Another snowstorm coming off to our south hitting Kansas to southern Michigan with heavy snow this weekend.

  5. bobcat says:

    And you’re ‘hoping’ for this kind of winter?? I love a lot of snow, but the extremely frigid temps and high winds is something no-one could possibly hope for.

  6. Tyler (Escanaba) says:

    I love a real winter. Cold and snow. Who wants a winter like we had in 2011-2012. That was a horrible winter even in the U.P. The ground was half bare all winter and temps in the 30′s and 40′s and even close to 50. March it was 80 degrees already. We never had a winter that year.

  7. Jack says:

    NWS HISTORY ” Tid-Bits” ::: On January 4 in Southwest Lower Michigan…

    Arctic air is firmly entrenched across Lower Michigan with extremely cold temperatures prevailing for the first half of the month. Eight of the first twelve days of the month fall below zero at Lansing. This is the coldest morning with a low of 29 below zero. This is the all-time low for the month of January at Lansing and the coldest temperature of the 20th century there. The temperature falls to 20 below zero at Grand Rapids and 15 below at Mount Pleasant.
    West Michigan is digging out from 1 to 2 feet of snow, with drifts of several feet as the Blizzard of 1999 slowly winds down. Lake effect snow will continue the next several days, however.

  8. Jack says:

    Off Topic…RIP Phil… :-(

  9. Jack says:

    Phil Everly, of Everly Brothers fame, dies at 74, wife says
    Fox News ‎- 1 hour ago
    Legendary pop singer Phil Everly, who together with his brother, Don, formed one of the 1960s most popular pop duos, died Friday, his wife, …

  10. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    Bill are you sure that is the new wind chill chart?? for a -60 wind chill on the new chart you would have to have a temp of -20 and a 50MPH wind.

  11. Vince Diotalevi says:

    Regarding the wind chill records I believe that those are from before the wind chill formula was redone? So it would be much harder to achieve a minus 50 wind chill now a days.

  12. michael g (SE GR) says:

    Funny that the top 4 were all between 1982 and 1985.

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