Stupendous Snow, Colossal Cold!

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snow nbc sweden  1 AM – Band of heavy snow from Silver Lake, Oceana Co…offshore and then inland near Holland down to Sturgis – the band is strong 100 miles south into Indiana…snowing at the rate of 1-2″ an hour under the band.  Gust to 35 mph at S. Haven and 38 mph at Benton Harbor with the band.  Still snowing lightly elsewhere.  Reports of 12-20″ south of a line from S. Haven to St. Johns.  Winds will inc. to 15-25 mph.  Blizzard Warning issued for Berrien and Cass Counties and much of Northern Indiana.  Most schools will be closed tomorrow and Tuesday…GVSU and Western closed for Monday.  National Weather Service Discussion:  “I  EXPECT NEAR BLIZZARD CONDITIONS WEST OF US-131 MOST OF THE DAY MONDAY”.  Biggest snow in our area since the Groundhog Day Storm (we had a gust here to 49 mph with that storm) and a few spots have exceeded the Groundhog Day accumulations.  This is all really going to blow around tomorrow with bitter cold wind chills.

Tennessee has declared a State of Emergency due to cold and snow.  Parts of I-94 and I-65 have been closed in Northern Indiana.  Over 10″ in Chicago and St. Louis.  Rockin’ cold Monday from the Northern Plains and Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

The GRR NWS added Montcalm Co. to the Winter Storm Warning, which is in effect until 1 am Monday (remains in effect thru Monday for the lakeshore counties plus the next set of counties inland, which includes Kent, Barry and Kalamazoo Counties and we have a  Wind Chill Warning and will be in effect from 7 am Monday to 7 pm Tuesday.   The heaviest snow will probably be from Allegan, Van Buren and Berrien Counties ENE to the Thumb.  Drifts go to 3 feet.

Overnight model data:  The European model prints out 0.50″ precipitation for G.R. in 18 hours – at a 15-1 ratio, that’s 7.5″ of snow…at a 20-1 ratio, that’s 10″.  Inch an hour snowfalls are likely in the heaviest bands.  The European also has 0.18″ for Monday and 0.07″ for Tuesday…that’s got to be an additional 4-5″ of that’s right.  The Euro’s coldest temp. for G.R. is -6 Monday evening with an 850 mb temp. of -30C (-22F).  Even colder temps. are likely Monday night and Tuesday south of a line from Benton Harbor to Lansing where a WSW wind will miss Lake Michigan.  The Euro. has the coldest temp. at Kalamazoo at -11.  With a 17 mph wind, that’s a wind chill of -35.  For Jackson it has a low of -16 and with a 17 mph wind, that’s a wind chill of -41.  The Euro. would also have a touch (only a little) of freezing rain in G. R. next Sat. am. The GFS (caribou) snowfall totals:  Grand Rapids 9.3″, Kalamazoo 13.5″, Jackson 15.8″, Muskegon 6.8″, Lansing 13.3″, Big Rapids 4.1″, Mt. Pleasant 6.7″, Ludington 5.5″ (some lake-effect Sun. night-Tue.), Cadillac 3.5″  The GFS (caribou) has the coldest temp. in G.R. at -2 late Mon. with a 22 mph wind.   The NAM (caribou) has the highest snow totals:  Grand Rapids 11.3″ (plus another 2.4″ by Tues. even).  The lowest temp. is +1 Monday evening.  Other snow totals:  Kalamazoo 20.2″ (yikes!), S. Haven 18.6″, Lansing 16.3″, Jackson 15.2″, Pontiac 14.9″, Holland 14.2″, Mt. Pleasant 11.2″,  Muskegon 7.7″, Big Rapids 6.5″ (thru Tue.), Ludington 5.3″ and Cadillac 4.7″.       Stay warm and keep coming back to the blog for updates…links are below in the radar thread.  Lots of things to check out on the links.  (pic. from NBC – click on the pic. to enlarge).  See the radar thread below for lots of useful links.

The first 4 days of Jan. averaged 13.1 deg. colder than average in G.R.  Also, it’s going to be an early freeze-over for Lake Erie.

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  1. Cort S. says:

    Really cool to watch this lake-effect band dance as the wind shifts:

    1. tinainvbcounty says:

      That is pretty cool…should be swinging over my house soon…..almost there!! :)

    2. Jack says:

      Oh YEAH….” Dance Little SNOW BAND Dance”"” CUE:::: CRANK IT UP CORT !!!

      1. Cort S. says:

        The Stones! Don’t forget their little-known weather songs:

        “Can’t You Hear My Warning”
        “Jumpin’ Jack Lightning Flash”
        “Gimme a Tornado Shelter”

        1. Jack says:

          Lol….LOVE IT…Cort ! Wasup Weather Wise in UTAH ???

        2. Scott says:

          “Theres a SNOWSTORM going on right here…
          …Accumulations… Best of the Year…
          So get your SLED OUT, and your snowshoes too…
          Get on your snowmobile, it’s a snowstorm, it’s true


          We’re gonna celebrate the snowstorm today…


          We’re gonna watch the radar light up today! YEAH!

          Ceeeeeeeelebrate the snow COME ON!”

        3. Cort S. says:

          Utah has quieted down since our series of big storms in early-mid December, since lately we’ve been downstream of that upper-level ridge and you guys have been getting that persistent troughing. We still get little systems every now and then, which mostly make it snow in the mountains. The valleys, including SLC, have really bad air quality in the winter when we get high pressure in the region, and warm air rides over top of the cold air to create a temperature inversion. That traps the cold, stable air in the valleys for days, and it just builds up with haze and pollution. Need a good cold front to come by every so often to scour that air away.

        4. Jack says:

          Not Bad Scott..LIKE IT !!! Do Not Have To Tell YOU,,,To STAY CUED!!!

        5. Jack says:

          Thanks Cort, For the Utah Weather Summary !! I’m tossing around the IDEA of Moving To Colorado,for WORK in The MJ Industry !! I’ll Be The PRODUCT TESTER, Hence QUALITY Control !! Stay Cued…My Friend …..Keep The Links aaa COMING!!! God Bless!!!!

  2. tinainvbcounty says:

    Phew! Glad the blog’s back up! Livestreaming at 6 did not work out for me, or should I say my phone….not sure why, as it has worked before. In any case, glad to have this input back!

    1. Scott says:

      You take a look outside at all the drifts?

      Our pine bushes are “gone”! Drifted over, buried — whatever you want to call it. Here’s whats funny – one of the snowpiles drifted into what looks like an egyptian statue! Made me laugh.

      1. Jack says:

        ” Drift LIKE an Egyptian” !!! Hahahha.

        1. tinainvbcounty says:


      2. tinainvbcounty says:

        Funny you say that…I was just noticing the drifting and wind sculpture…..Egyptian statuesounds pretty cool!

  3. John says:

    It’s likely overdone but the GFS gives my area up to 10″ of lake effect through 48 hours, I think we can cut these totals in half, 5-6″ seems a good bet with 2′ drifts

  4. I hate the wide range of totals for LE tomorrow. Fox 17 has 4-8″ and Storm team 8 has 1-3?? I wonder where we will end up at. Kevin Craig was wrong tonight, he stated the heaviest snowbands would be at the shoreline…when in reality with a stiiff 20MPH wind the heavier band just be around or just West of 131. Anyone along and west of US 131 should expect near blizzard conditions tomorrow

  5. Breuker says:

    Man that band that was over the lake moving inland looked awesome!

  6. Ohh a btw my snowstorm total is 11 inches

  7. Cort S. says:

    From INDOT Northwest region:

    “This is how bad it is out there…”

  8. Mike (Berrien county) says:

    Where’re the trolls at I wonder who said the other day that this storm would be a complete bust?

    1. Jack says:

      Crying in Their BEER Probably !! Just Ahh Guess….. Stay Cued…!!!

      1. Mike (Berrien county) says:

        Haha… right on Jack! :-)

        1. Jack says:

          The WINDS are Starting To Crank UP a BITS See HERE:: I love this Link !

        2. Jack says:


  9. Scott says:

    I *have* to give credit where credit is due. Credit to the GRR NWS. They did a PHENOMENAL job with this storm and corrected whatever in the world was going on before in a big way. GIANT Kudos.


    1) Were the FIRST to upgrade the Watch to a Warning of all the offices
    2) Gave totals that were model-accurate and not biased to personal opinion
    3) Did not shy away from issuing warnings whatsoever
    4) Kept their head from doing blizzard warnings when criteria just wasn’t there yet.

    GREAT JOB!!!! NOW keep DOING exactly that from now on!

  10. KevinS Exit 41 Saugatuck says:

    Heaviest snow I’ve seen all year, right now. Dumping like crazy…Definitely 1 to 2 inch an hour rates with this band, or more .

    1. Scott says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong… has it parked, or is it still acting serpentine-ish?

      1. KevinS Exit 41 Saugatuck says:

        Seems to have a slight wiggle to it still. I’ll go from very heavy to snow to flurries then back to dumping. Very impressive. Does seem to have slowed the quick easterly movement it once had, at least in my area

  11. KevinS Exit 41 Saugatuck says:

    Bullseye is Saugatuck right now..
    Anyone else see the reed Timmer post about the water spouts and the cuplets that were visible in this snow band currently occurring?
    Love weather like this…..

  12. Jack says:

    Comment # 800….BTW,,,NEW THREAD !! ^^^^^^^^ ;-)

  13. cjhsa says:

    If I don’t die of pneumonia, I am moving out of here as soon as my son graduates. This is a joke.

  14. cjhsa says:

    Hey that’s pretty cool that you picked up on my old gravatar/Wordpress av!!

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