Jan. 1 – 7

January 8th, 2014 at 1:57 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

robin in winter - mike brady   This pic. of a robin was from Mike Brady thru ReportIt at www.woodtv.com   About 10% of Michigan robins stay here all year.  Robins eat worms, grubs and insects and pickings can get slim when we have 12-18″ of snow on the ground.   January 1-7 was 13 degrees colder than average in G.R.  Grand Rapids also had 15.2″ of snow for the week and we have 14″ on the ground as I write this.  The first week of January brought us a whopping 17% of possible sunshine (we only had 16% in December).  The average wind speed was a healthy 13 mph.  Today is the 10th consecutive day with temperatures below average.  As of midnight, season snowfall was up to 52.1″ for G.R. (compared to 9.4″ at this point last winter).  Yesterday’s high of 9 was the first time we had a midnight-midnight single digit high temperature since 2/4/2007.   Muskegon snowfall is up to 61.5″ for the season.  You think it’s been cold here…Jan. 1-6 was 29.3 deg. colder than average in Grand Marais MN.  Their average temp. for the first 6 days of Jan. was -13.6.   Muskegon and Lansing both have 17″ of snow on the ground.   Here’s GRR NWS list of coldest wind chills this week in W. Michigan.   Last week was the 7th snowiest week ever in Chicago…more snow fell in that week than fell through all of 16 winters in Chicago!

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  1. Bobby (Ada) says:

    FIRST! Brrrrr it it cold!!!

  2. Jack says:

    Hey Bill, The Robins in My Yard Also EAT Crab Apples . Especially in The Winter Months !! Just Sayin….& Stay Cued !!

  3. Jack says:

    To All Robin Lovers…I found this Today. Thought I’d Share. What Do Robins Eat in Winter? – Annenberg Media

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      Nice find, Jack. I’ve cleared the snow away in the backyard a time or two and put some berries down on the grass to try and attract winter robins.

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