Winter Returns This Week

January 12th, 2014 at 10:44 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

chicago glerl 1  chicago glerl 2These are 2 pics. from the Chicago GLERL camera from the Harrison Crib Water Intake about 3 miles east of downtown Chicago.  On the first pic., taken at 4:10 pm, you can see a gull on the left side of the pic. and the glorious red pic. on the right was taken at 6 pm, shortly after sunset.  You can see there is now open water…much of the ice that was along the west shore of Lake Michigan has moved to the Michigan side of the lake, as you can see on this MODIS satellite picture, taken at 12:25 PM EST.   It was a mild to warm day over much of the country today.   It was almost impossible to find a weather station east of the Rockies that didn’t get above freezing.  Grand Rapids made 39 Sunday aftn.  There’s warm air to our southwest…the high temp. Sunday was 59 at St. Louis, 65 in Columbia MO and a record 75 in Oklahoma City…and one more day with a southwest wind will keep the thaw going one more day, with highs topping 40 again.  We may see a sprinkle mainly during the afternoon.  Tuesday, a cold front passes and that will start temps. downward in the afternoon and bring us some snow.   The European model forecasts up to 4″ of snow Tues. into Weds.  The other models show less snow…there will probably be more snow north of G.R. than south.  Weds. will be chilly, with temps. during the day in the low-mid 20s.  Thursday we’ll get back up into the low 30s, but with a pretty strong wind.  A good shot of cold air arrives for Friday-Saturday with highs in the upper teens and more lake-effect snow.   For the entire week, the European model has 0.43″ of precipitation for Grand Rapids.  That’s almost all snow, so half a foot of snow from Tues. to Sat. is certainly a possibility.   The cold air coming toward the end of the week will be chilly, but not as cold as the batch back on Jan. 6-7.  However, a colder shot of Arctic air will move down across the Great Lakes from Jan. 26-31.

Check out the wind blowing down a condo under construction in North CarolinaOne woman was killed by a falling tree in North Carolina Saturday.  Winds hit 86 mph in Raleigh.  Strong winds on the mountaintops of the Northern Rockies…gusts to 115 mph in Glacier Natl. Park, and 100 mph on top of Mt. Coffey, WY.  It’ll be in the low-mid 90s for the Australian Open Tennis Match Monday.  Highs could hit 100 this week in Melbourne.  Twenty-one inches of rain has fallen in 4 days at Hanatuan in the Philippines.

For weather geeks:  The PNA goes positive…the NAO and the AO are trending negative.  That combination means more of an upper level ridge over the West and trough over the East…and that’s a good indication that colder weather is on the way for later this week.


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  1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Enjoy SNOW lovers! For the warm weather nuts please go hibernate in your corner!

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