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Local    I’ll leave radar up again.  We do have a chance of light snow.  The European model would give G.R. about 1/2 to 3/4″ of snow today/tonight.  The main feature today will be the stiff west wind.  The NAM model takes it to 20-23 mph around noon.  That will cause some drifting and maybe even blowing snow.  We could easily see gusts up to 30 mph (35-40 mph at Lake Michigan.  For Grand Rapids, the European model (overnight) has about 1/2-3/4 inch of snow Monday night, a very cold -5 to -15 Tues. morning (the NAM (caribou) gives G.R. +9 – quite a difference) and about -4 Tues. night.  We get flurries Tue. and about 1 to 1 1/2 inch of snow Weds. PM/Night, then dustings to maybe an inch Fri. and Sat.  No big storms, but a cold week overall.   The 84-Hour NAM snowfall forecast has a nice 6″ lake-effect snow for Berrien Co.   The GFS goes out 120-hours and shows more snow in the lakeshore counties.   The European has the coldest periods Tues. to Thurs. of this coming week and Sunday to Tues. AM the following week with this Tues. and the 27th as days when cold spots could hit -10 to -15.  This is VERY dependent on cloud cover and light or calm winds not coming off Lake Michigan.

Season snowfall:  29.0″ Battle Creek,  33.3″ Lansing, 56.4″ Grand Rapids, 60.3″ Lansing (WMU), 62″ Oshtemo, 67.1″ Holland, 67.2″ Muskegon,

High temps. Saturday – on the warm side it was 83 in Los Angeles, 77 in Brownsville TX, 53 in Great Falls MT and 54 in Denver.  On the cool side, the high was 55 in Orlando, 56 in Tampa, just 45 in Atlanta and 18 in Pittsburgh.  A band of 2-6″ of snow passed south and west of us…from MN, eastern IA into N. Illlnois and Central Indiana.  The snow caused a fiery crash closed I-65 in Indiana Sat. PM.  There were a few winter thunderstorms in New Jersey.  San Juan Puerto Rico had a high temperature of 91.  Much of Russia has been unseasonably mild this month (relative to average, of course).  Moscow is 16 degrees warmer than average for Jan. 1-17, though they’ll go below average this weekend and Verkoyansk in Siberia has had high temperatures of -59, -58 and -60 over the past 3 days.

NFL Weather: Sunny and warm in Denver (3 pm start) with a high near 60 (average is 44). Seattle (6:30 pm start) looks cloudy and maybe a little foggy with temperatures in the low 40s. Winds shouldn’t be much of a factor in either game, W-SW at 5-15 mph in Denver and N-NW at 5-10 in Seattle.

Model update: We’ll reach the mid 20s today, most areas get a dusting of snow…we have a nice southwest wind, but it was no warmer in St. Louis or S. Indiana on Friday, so it’ll be a cool south wind. Sunday gets wind…the NAM goes up to 22 mph in the late morning and the GFS plot is a similar 22 mph. Monday the cold air starts coming in…we may peak in the low 20s around early afternoon. The NAM (caribou) has a low temp. of 7 for G.R. Tues. AM, the GFS plot is 3 above about mid-morning. The GFS plot would have highs of around 11 Tues. PM, 12 on Weds. and 14 on Friday. Low temperatures will vary, depending on cloud cover and if the wind is coming off Lake Michigan Temperatures slowly moderate a bit starting late Friday, but more Arctic air keeps temps. quite cold Sunday and Monday the 26th and 27th. The European model would give us at least a dusting of snow each day with about 1-3″ on Weds. and another 1-3″ on Friday. The Euro. would give G.R. highs of around 19 on Monday, 11 on Tues., 13 on Weds. and 16 on Thurs. It takes G.R. to -13 Tues. AM and -4 Weds. AM and near zero Thurs. AM. For Sunday the 26th it gives G.R. a high near zero and a low Monday AM of -18!! It’s tended to a be a little low, but this is going to be a REALLY cold shot and longer than the Jan. 6-7 shot of Arctic air. The Sunday 2/2 GFS still looks mighty cold.

Links: Grand Rapids radar, Northern Indiana radar, Chicago radar, Detroit radar and Milwaukee radar. Here’s the College of DuPage Radar Map (pick any radar in the U.S.), College of DuPage Grand Rapids radar, GFS snowfall for the next 120 hours and NAM model snowfall for the next 84 hours. the West Michigan Lightning Tracker, National Lightning Tracker, the local warning/advisory map and the National warning/watch/advisory map, and a surface weather map. You can checkout the latest Grand Rapids NWS discussion, the Northern Indiana NWS discussion (includes the Michigan Counties that border Indiana), the discussion for Northern Lower Michigan, and Eastern Lower Michigan. Check out Storm Total Precipitation (until they reset it). Here’s the Spyglass Condos Weather Station the S. Haven GLERL station, the Muskegon GLERL station, the Grand Haven Steelheaders webcam and weather station, and the weather station at Holland State Park. Check out the Maranatha Webcam at Lake Michigan and links to webcams. Here’s the infrared satellite loop (night) and the visible satellite loop (daytime), Lake Michigan water temperatures (summer). Here’s storm reports from SW Michigan, Northern Michigan, NE Illinois, SE. Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and E. Michigan. Check out the wind and wave height at the South Mid-Lake Michigan Buoy (Apr. to Nov. only), the North Mid-Lake Michigan Buoy (Apr. to Nov. only), the buoy at Big Sable Point near Ludington, the weather station at Manistee Harbor and the weather station on the beach at St. Joseph. Here’s Michigan wind gusts from MesoWest, data from the MAWN agricultural weather stations and Weather Underground (data at the bottom from private weather stations). Check out the webcam at Krupp’s Resort, where they are pushing toward 3 feet of snow on the ground. Check out the cold temps. on the U.S. Low Temperature map. Here’s the morning run of the NAM forecast snow amounts. Here’s a live look at the Houghton Bridge. Here’s the Consumers Energy Power Outage Map. We continue to watch for ice jams on Michigan rivers as the cold air continues. Here’s some river water temps. Check out our new Lakes and Rivers Webpage.

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  1. Uncle Sparkee says:

    Your ol uncle sparks iis hammered and higher then a Georgia pine tree. What day is it. My eyes feel like two piss holes in the snow. Your ol aunty Edna better get the fire going the ol luv shack is cold. Where is aunty Edna why is she not here where what why. I thought I was ice fishing. Where is tokes the blood hound why what is that light coming in from above the back door.

  2. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

    Well, what a surprise (not really), Muskegon overachieved and is above freezing now at 33 degrees.

  3. INDY says:

    Just got back from east Lansing had to take my wife there what a dump I hope she is ok all week, glad I got out there before it got dark….Had my phone in hand the hole time driving !!!!! Go Broncos !!!!! INDYY!!!!

    1. Boris says:

      Right. The absolute worst part of East Lansing is ten times better than the worst parts of Grand Rapids. Nice try though

    2. Paul says:

      Yeah indy, I’m sure the streets ofAnn Arbor is so much safer…

      By the way indy, how did you “walmart wolvies” like the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl??? Lmao!!! I loved it!!!

    3. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Oh, I think she’ll be just fine. Unless you’re married to a couch, I think there’s nothing to worry about. :-)

  4. Uncle Sparkee says:

    If 99 percent of energy comes from the sun then why do I need to drop a bundle every month to keep a grow room lit. Maybe when your ol uncle spaks sobers up I will take that 1 percent and grow mushrooms and get rid of all the damn lights. I’m tired of constant lights.

    1. WswPlz says:

      Or you could move to where it’s sunny, but then your future mushroom crop may not flourish. Ah the sacrifices we make to live life on life’s terms, well most of the time. Lol

  5. Uncle Sparkee says:

    Great I found your ol aunty Edna. Her and tokes were out in the chicken coop fetching tomorrow’s din din. The door opened up and their stood your ol aunty with two chickens in her hands. Then followed by very cold air. She needs to get the chickens boiling and stoke up the fire. Even tokes is shivering, crazy blood hound

  6. kevin. w says:

    I think by looking at the Euro and GFS it wants to change the pattern in about two-three weeks and wondering if this goes along with the SOI numbers. Will See.

  7. Dylan says:

    Just watch…we will probably get like some CRAZY blizzard snowstorm next Wednesday cause that’s the day I head to the doctors to get more of my pain medications!! And God knows I need them cause Im gonna be running out in less than a few days cause the pain has been SOO bad this past month. But…Im still alive…and the pain just reminds me of that blessing. Still…Next week can’t come fast enough…hahaha…just hoping that even though I want a MAJOR snowstorm…that is doesn’t come next Wednesday!!! LOL

  8. Jim S (Saugatuck Twp) says:

    Up to 34.1 here. Heat wave.

  9. John (Norton Shores) says:

    The 18Z GFS is hinting at a possible snowstorm around February 1st, hopefully that’s the case to open up February!

    1. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

      That will not only move it will change many times in the next 10 days. In other words don’t count on it happing. You are just wishcasting.

      1. WswPlz says:

        Think your being a little hard on John, I mean all he said is that there is a hint( gfs) of a storm around the first and he hopes for a good start to February. Not really ” wish casting” if it’s based on data. Models do change, but that’s a given, as to how or what will come to be on that date, well we don’t know, as goes forecasting weather. Time will tell….. :)

    2. John (Norton Shores) says:

      Oh believe me, I am not wishing at all, I know how the weather can be, I will just watch it and see how many times it changes and where and if it will end at, it would just be a nice way to open up February

      1. WswPlz says:

        Well, we all kinda wish for certain outcomes. But to say that you are ” wish casting” per say, purely based on your first comment may be a bit assumptive as you clarified in your second statement as to your intent. In a way we are all ” wishing” or wanting something to occur as a possible outcome. Some may want snow, others rain, and yet there will be people who just want accuracy. So there is a bit of wishing in all forecasting. :)

        1. WswPlz says:

          One could always debate the definition of ” wish casting ” then you could really go on for quite some time, almost like global warming. Sorry climate change :) lol

  10. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    The cold front is north of GR. And with a SW wind I am now up to 33° here. I have to say its warmer then I thought it would be right now.

    1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

      It feels downright balmy outside. It is melting the top of the snow just a bit, which may help to reduce the amount of blowing snow this week.

  11. Mike (southeast Berrien county) says:

    What’s weird is that while we here in west Michigan have had a relatively cold/snowy winter, some folks out west have had it incredibly tame so far. Case in point, Denver, CO has had only 9.9 inches of snow for the entire winter so far & their high was 65 degrees today! Definitely a western ridge & an eastern trough in the jet stream this winter is how it’s been.

  12. WswPlz says:

    I really need a storm to lift my spirits. The 6-10 day probabilities look promising, let’s hope we can get a few models on board. Man, off topic but that lose was a tuff one to stomach, most likely going to hurt for some time. A good old fashion storm would help a bit, at least I could lay in a big pile of fresh snow and lick my wounds. For those who are fellow sports fans know the feeling, and as for NaVorrow Bowman ( defensive player, year, candidate ) to have that injury, my prayers go out to him and family.

    1. TomKap (Michigan St. & Fuller) Grand Rapids says:


    2. Elizabeth (NE GR) says:

      Last Sunday my other half slipped on the ice and is now home with 11 screws in his ankle/lower leg. I definitely feel the family’s pain…. Normally I’d be all over a snowstorm but now that he has his own “weather ankle”, some stable weather isn’t a bad thing….

      1. WswPlz says:

        Ouch, I hope he has speedy recovery, I know it’s hard enough to deal with in 55-70 degree weather( winter in ca) as I was injured playing college football(Can’t imagine in these temps). God bless…..

  13. Jevon Murphy (Chicago) says:

    The gfs is hinting at a possible system passing through the Ohio River Valley, which normally would bring a swath of heavy snow to the north of the system, however the “540 line” is well to the north of the low pressure system, with a high pressure system over Quebec to pump a little cold air in and another low on the TX/LA border to pump some moisture into the system (Gulf open for business, so plenty of moisture to work with)! This could be one to watch as we could see either a major snowstorm or a major ice storm if this were play out. The gfs is probably overdoing it a little, but could still be major nonetheless. The gfs is hinting that we could see air temps. of 30*-40* for a brief period of time, however with all the snowpack/cold air around I believe that gfs is overdoing the temps. a little. The gfs could be 5*-10*+ too warm. There is also another low north of Lake Superior that with a counter-clockwise flow could also pump some cold air in.

    The Euro is also hinting at the same system in its early stages but a bit further NW than the gfs has it in its early stages, the Euro has it on the NM/CO border and the gfs has two lows, but the main one is in central TX, and the othe drops in behind that would be the moisture feed.

    If the plays out the gfs is hinting at 1.25″-1.5″ of precipitation! And in NE MO 1.5″-1.75″! WOW! Definitely one to watch! However the gfs as said before id probably overdoing the system just a bit, but has been consistent within the last 24 hrs. on a run-to-run basis, so starting feel more confident with each run (especially now that Euro is hinting at it), but very low confidence to what kind of precip. type!

    1. WswPlz says:

      Well said Jevon, it is early I understand, ( as you also mention ) but al least there is something peaking in that could possibly shape into something of interest. At this point in our drought I will take it. Lol. Keep us posted, love reading your stuff.

      1. Jevon Murphy (Chicago) says:

        Thank-You WswPlz. I’ll definitely keep you guys posted!

        1. WswPlz says:

          Hey on a side note you go way back on this blog… At least to 2008…..But anyways appreciate info anytime you can stop bye. I’ve got to close my eyes and try to get that football game out of my head. That was a bad one for me, and a nice potential storm or two to track is just what the doctor ordered . Haaa.

        2. WswPlz says:

          Hopefully we can get one to track right through the middle of Indiana then make a little turn over to northern Ohio and produce some nice snow for us and no rain/ ice plz. WSW for all, only if it were that easy.

  14. Jevon Murphy (Chicago) says:

    Yeah I do go way back on the blog. It would be nice to get that perfect track that we haven’t got in quite a while. And have a good night!

    1. Jevon Murphy (Chicago) says:

      Only I use to comment from Muskegon!

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