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tungurahua volcano equador wiki    The Tungurahua Volcano in Equador erupted three times Saturday, sending lava down the mountain, blocking a route to the tourist down of Baños and shooting smoke and ash nearly five miles into the air.  Tungurahua is a high mountain, elevation 16, 480 above sea level, higher than any mountain in the contiguous U.S.  Even though it’s close to the Equator, the mountain usually covered in snow.   The mountain, 87 miles southeast of the capital city of Quito, was first scaled in 1873.  The mountain last erupted in 2006, when there were four fatalities and two people remain missing.  Check out the pictures here and here.   Also, at least 14 people lost their lives in a pyroclastic flow from the Sinabung Volcano in Samatra, Indonesia.  Here’s a summary of worldwide volcanic activity.

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  1. steven (Derby Lake) says:

    Possible catastrophic earthquake coming soon?

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