MODIS satellite pictures

February 11th, 2014 at 9:59 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

modis great lakes  modis lake michigan  Modis Lake Superior  modis lake huron  modis lake erie  modis lake ontario Here’s today’s (Tues.) MODIS Great Lakes satellite pictures. According to Environment Canada, the Great Lakes are now at 86% ice cover (GLERL’s last report said 80% – just updated 2/11 to 87%). That’s second behind 1994 (88%) for the most ice on the Great Lakes up to this point in the season. Records go back to 1980 in the satellite era. There was still plenty enough open water to produce the clouds over West Michigan and even occasional flurries near Lake Michigan.  It’s cleared out tonight and temperatures are dropping.   The two deep Finger Lakes south of Lake Ontario are still open.  Cayuga Lake is 435 feet deep and Seneca Lake is 618 feet deep, nearly 3 times deeper than Lake Erie.   Also, watch the wind push the ice away from the Wisconsin and Illinois shore in this movie.   Here you can see the ice move on Lake Superior.  Here’s a view of the snow in Iran.

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  1. Brad (Van Buren) says:

    Bill, can I put in a special request for some warmer weather PLEASE. I’m a winter person, but this cold is starting to wear on me.

  2. Grady Foster says:

    GLERL now has it at 87 percent cover, which if I am reading the graph right would make it the fourth highest annual max in the satellite era.

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      You are right…they must have updated today. I wrote down last week’s total of 80%. They do count floating crushed ice as ice-cover, but still that’s a LOT of ice out there.

      1. Wswplz says:

        That is really amazing that a lake that size could almost be 90% ice cover, especially in the U.S ( *Alaska ).

  3. Kimoeagle says:

    I’ve been following two lake freighters that have been taking advantage (?) of the thinner ice on the western shore of Lake Michigan. They’ve been transiting between Escanaba,MI and either Gary or Burns Harbour.They are the Joyce L. Enkevort (tug) pushing the (1000′) barge Great Lakes Trader and the Philip R. Clarke. THey’ve both come from difficult trip in Huron and Erie, but seem to have few problems staying close to shore. FYI, they can be tracked via AIS apps.)
    Interesting, considering that the lakes are all but frozen shut!

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