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pando park tubing sunny day   The average wind speed for Grand Rapids (official weather station at the Ford Airport) had an average wind speed of 27.6 mph on Friday.  In the morning, I’ll get Andy (or someone) to do some digging on when was the last time we had a 24-hour midnight-to-midnight day that windy.  I quick looked back and found a 28.9 mph on Jan. 11, 1975.   The 27.6 mph beats the Nov 10-11 storm of 1998 and I believe that beats the Edmund Fitzgerald storm of 11/10/75.  It also 1/2/99, which was a near blizzard day.  Despite 4 days in a row with highs of 40-44, Grand Rapids has officially lost only 6″ of snow…from a max. of 24″ to the midnight reading of 18″.   We have not had at least a trace of snow on 31 of the last 33 days.  We need only 4.3″ of snow to move into 2nd place for snowiest winters in G.R.   pic. is tubing at Pando Park.

9:45 am – Bright sunshine at this time with some high clouds coming in from the west…it’s still breezy…wind west at 15-25 mph – temperatures now in mid 20s with wind chills ranging from +6 to +18.  I’m not getting any significant drifting now, as opposed to the mega-drifting we had in the strong wind on Friday.

Overnight model data – no big storms this week.   The GFS has afternoon temps. in the low 20s Sunday, near 20 on Monday, low 20s Tues…Weds. aftn. is around +12 with temps. rising to +15 Thurs. night…then about +11 Thur. aftn. and back to the low 20s on Friday.   The Euro. is mid-upper 20s on Sunday, upper teens Monday, mid 20s Tues with light snow, Weds. is chilly, around +10 in the aftn., Thursday gets milder, a quick 24, then falling back to 10-12 for Fri with Saturday staying in the single figures all day…back to about 14 on Sunday.  Then not as cold with more snow on Monday the 3rd.  Often I have snowdrops pushing out of the ground in late February…sometimes even blooming by the end of the month…not this year.   Here’s snowfall and wind reports from N. Lower Michigan and the U.P. (over a foot of snow at a couple spots and blizzard conditions in the Keewenaw).

Check out this pic.

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  1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Has anyone heard that we have a ton of COLD and SNOW on the way? The first week of March is looking AWESOME for SNOW lovers!



  2. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Let me describe how both the trails were today and how this WINTER has been so far! HEAVEN ON EARTH, INCREDIBLE, EPIC, AMAZING, OUTSTANDING, BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME, UNBELIEVABLE, AND THE BEST EVER! And it will be getting even better, because we will be seeing a polar vortex and then a lot of SNOW in MARCH!! I love it!

  3. What a bad end to such a great day. Someone I knows house burnt down today in the neighborhood I live it. I came out the front door to see black smoke in the air. I walked up the road to see the house engulfed in flames. I feel and pray for his family because I know them very well

  4. michelle( currently spring lake) says:

    Anyone been out and about? I have a friend that said US 31 is all black ice. Just wondering what 96 to GR is like. It seemed clear when I went into work this morning but I saw a jack knifed tanker near coopersville.

    1. John (Norton Shores) says:

      I was just on 31 and IMHO it wasn’t all black ice, there were patches of black ice but it wasn’t a sheet of black ice

      1. michelle( currently spring lake) says:

        Thanks! Yeah I had a good drive in and wondered why the tanker was jack knifed. I have to take M104 to 96 into GR.

        1. John (Norton Shores) says:

          Your welcome, you defiantly want to take it carefully, you never know when you’ll hit a patch of black ice.

        2. Mark (East Lansing) says:

          Yes defiantly, take it easy out there.;

  5. John says:

    The Ludington carferries SS Badger and SS Spartan were out on Lake Michigan on the January 11, 1975 date referenced above. The SS Badger made port in Ludington, but had to transit the channel at full speed just to get keep stearage. She was unable to dock for an entire day and was purposely run ashore in Pere Marquette Lake.

    The SS Spartan was unable to enter the Ludington channel and spent the whole day and night being battered by the storm. By many accounts she was nearly lost. That day/night the Spartan had four captains aboard. Three of them serving as mates. None had been in a storm like that before.

    The force of the waves prodeced by the storm bent the rear sea gate inward. That bend is still visiable today.

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