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Oscars 2014 live blog (refresh for updates newest comments at top)

Final score:
7 Oscars for “Gravity” (out of 10 nominations)
3 Oscars for “12 Years A Slave” (out of 9 nominations)
3 Oscars for “Dallas Buyers Club” (out of 6 nominations)
2 Oscars for “The Great Gatsby” (2 for 2)
2 Oscars for “Frozen” (2 for 2)
1 Oscar for “Her” (out of 5 nominations)
1 Oscar for “Blue Jasmine” (out of 3 nominations)
0 Oscars for “American Hustle” (despite 10 nominations)
0 Oscars for “Captain Phillips” (despite 6 nominations)
0 Oscars for “Nebraska” ” (despite 6 nominations)
0 Oscars for “Wolf of Wall Street” (despite 5 nominations)

“12 Years A Slave” wins Best Picture (my picks: 20 of 24 – 83.33% not bad)

Matthew McConaughey “Dallas Buyers Club” wins Best Actor (my picks: 19 of 23)…. says “to that I say Amen, to that I say allright allright allright”
I called it flat out on eightWest, “he will be Oscar winner”

2013 Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence presenting Best Actor… this impressively strong category could have easily included Tom Hanks (“Captain Phillips”) and from what I hear, Robert Redford (“All Is Lost”)

Cate Blanchett “Blue Jasmine” wins Best Actress –available now on DVD/Blu-Ray (my picks: 18 of 22) also future pick on eightWest!

2013 Best Actor winner Daniel Day-Lewis presenting Best Actress

and the show is officially running long now…. 3 categories left, Actor, Actress, and Best Picture… Best Picture will be last

Alfonso Cuarón “Gravity” wins Best Director (my picks: 17 of 21)

Best Director next… Oscars mixing it up a bit… making us wait for Best Actor & Actress until after Director… a great change

Spike Jonze “Her” wins Best Original Screenplay (my picks 16/20)

John Ridley “12 Years A Slave” wins Best Adapted Screenplay (my picks:  15/19)

“Let It Go” – “Frozen” wins Best Original Song - Music and Lyric by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez”  (my picks:  14/18)–available on DVD/Blu-Ray 3/18/14… “Frozen” also go 2for2 tonight
With Best Song win Robert Lopez joins rare company winner of an Oscar, Tony, Grammy, and Emmy: …

Steven Price “Gravity” wins Best Original Score (my picks:  13/17)

sorry Travolta its Idina Menzel singing best song nominee “Let It Go” – FROZEN – Music and Lyric by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

at the 11:00pm mark – Oscar standings:
5 Oscars for “Gravity”,
2 Oscars each for “Dallas Buyers Club”, “The Great Gatsby”,
1 Oscar each for “12 Years A Slave”, “Frozen”

Producing critques – Bette Midler song should have included

Montage of those who died… James Gandolfini and Harold Ramis probably hit me the most but also Paul Walker, Tom Sherak, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Best commercial of Oscar night… the stunt people, producers, crew members quoting lines from classic movies for Pepsi min-cans!

no surprise I own/have seen multiple times…. most of the movies in that heroes montage

Catherine Martin, Beverley Dunn (“The Great Gatsby”) win for Best Production Design (my picks: 12/16)

9 categories left tonight…. the big four (Actor, Actress, Picture, Director), of course, plus Music, Song, and both Screenplay categories

Whoopi Goldberg honoring 75th Anniversary of “Wizard of Oz” (1939)–now we know why Liza Minnelli is there tonight… Pink doing a musical/clip tribute. nice!

Alfonso Cuarón and Mark Sanger (“Gravity”) win Best Film Editing  (my picks: 11/15)

Emmanuel Lubezki (“Gravity”) wins Best Cinematography  (my picks: 11/14)

Bill Murray gives a shout out to Harold Ramis

pizza guy making national tv– and getting to say “what’s up” to Julia Roberts… Harrison Ford asks for a napkin…. Ellen asks Harvey Weinstein to help pay the tab

twitter also not working from my phone app… apparently Gravity’s 3rd Oscar win of the night blew up the twittersphere (like the movie’s opening scene)

Lupita Nyong’o (“12 Years A Slave”) wins Best Supporting Actress –comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray on Tuesday 3/4 (my picks: 10/13)

such a talented group in Best Supporting Actress — all great performances!

twitter on the internet has “internal server error”

Gravity” wins Best Sound Editing (my picks: 9/12)

Gravity” wins Best Sound Mixing (my picks: 8/11)

Director Christopher Nolan accepts special film tech award on behalf of winners…. but he needs to get more of his own nominations… seriously have you seen his movies?

Ellen gets group photo of audience members for twitter: Meryl Streep says “I’ve never tweeted before”

Another shameless plug – Channing Tatum presented the young filmmakers honors earlier – his wife, Jenna filmed ‘Set Up’ in Grand Rapids in 2010, I talked to him about that, ‘Magic Mike’, ‘GI Joe’ and more:

3rd Best Song nominee - ”Ordinary Love” – MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM – Music by Paul Hewson, Dave Evans, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Lyric by Paul Hewson (U2)

“Nebraska” (6 nominations) by the way is available to rent now…. a great little movie that unfortunately will be overshadowed in every category…. but you should see it! (hint at future pick on eightWest)

“The Great Beauty” wins Best Foreign Language Film (my picks: 7/10)

Pretty good show so far… still wish it would have started with a big pre-produced open with clips/satire of the nominated movies.

I also saw Kurt Russell in the audience next to his wife, Goldie Hawn, we talked on the set of ‘Touchback’ in 2010:

Kevin Spacey is a cool guy… talked to him previewing the Oscars in 2011: … tonight he’s presenting the honorary Oscars clips

“20 Feet from Stardom” wins Best Documentary Feature… it won the Independent Spirit Award yesterday too! (my picks: 6/9)

“Blackfish” should have been nominated for Best Documentary Feature by the way… just saying.. that is all

Ellen taking orders for pizza – Harrison Ford and Martin Scorcese say they’ll eat some – kinda funny actually

“The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life” wins Best Documentary Short  (my picks: 6/8)

“Helium” wins Best Live Action Short Film  (my picks: 5/7)

2nd of 4 best song live performances … “The Moon Song” – HER – Music by Karen O Lyric by Karen O and Spike Jonze

“Gravity” wins Best Visual Effects… first of many wins coming for the sci-fi blockbuster—out on DVD/Blu-Ray now (my picks: 5/6)

“Frozen” wins Best Animated Feature — no surprise here, available on DVD/Blu-Ray 3/18/14 (my picks 4/5)

“Mr. Hublot” wins Best Animated Short (my picks: 3/4)

Harrison Ford walks out to John Williams’ Raiders of the Lost Ark Soundtrack… introducing 3 Best Picture nominees

“Dallas Buyers Club” wins Best Hairstyle & Makeup (Adruitha Lee and Robin Mathews)–out on DVD/Blu-Ray now (my picks 3/3)

“Great Gatsby” wins Best Costume Design (Catherine Martin)— out on DVD/Blu-Ray now(my picks: 2/2)

Okay nevermind—Sam & Naomi — So far, just single presenters Anne, Jim, Kerry – which might eliminate the awkwardness when there’s no chemistry between preseneters

Kerry Washington introducing Pharell Williams (sp?) song performance – “Happy” from Despicable Me 2 – which is one of 4 nominated in the category for Best Song

Animated heroes with Jim Carrey … looks like we’re going Animated Feature next… I guess not

Jared Leto (“Dallas Buyers Club”) wins Supporting Actor – his first Oscar win (also his first nomination)(my picks: 1/1)

Glad they’re showing clips of each performance, but some performances.. can not be summed up in a 30second clip

We’re going supporting actor first – Bradley Cooper, Barkhad Abdi had terrific roles, but Michael Fassbender and Jared Leto were on a different level entirely, I did not get a chance to see “Wolf of Wall Street” yet.

“… possibility number one: 12 Years A Slave wins best picture, possibility number two, you’re all racists” – Ellen

“If you win tonight, we should bring you the Oscar” – Ellen to Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence about her falling last year and minutes ago

Liza Minnelli impersonator joke didn’t go over too well.

Ellen starts with a safe California weather joke. Then a joke about June Squibb’s age.

4minutes away to start with Ellen DeGeneres hosting (last time she hosted was 2007)

Best Supporting Actress is usually the first category of the night.

Jennifer Lawrence fell again… on the red carpet, but I think her stumble to accept her Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2013 was a better performance.

Red Carpet has already started, ABC’s coverage begins at 7pm ET
Oscars broadcast begins at 830pm ET on ABC
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The Scorecard ( movies with 2 or more nominations )
“American Hustle” – 10 nominations
“Gravity” – 10 nominations
“12 Years a Slave” – 9 nominations
“Captain Phillips” – 6 nominations
“Dallas Buyers Club” – 6 nominations
“Nebraska” – 6 nominations
“Her” – 5 nominations
“The Wolf of Wall Street” – 5 nominations
“Philomena” – 4 nominations
“Blue Jasmine” – 3 nominations
“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” – 3 nominations
“August: Osage County” – 2 nominations
“Despicable Me 2” – 2 nominations
“Frozen” – 2 nominations
“The Grandmaster” – 2 nominations
“The Great Gatsby” – 2 nominations
“Inside Llewyn Davis” – 2 nominations
“The Lone Ranger” – 2 nominations
“Lone Survivor” – 2 nominations

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    I just saw the movie 12 years a slave. Wow! I felt it was a wonderful adaptation of the book and it is really about time to tell some of the story that are so heart breaking and soul searching. It is such an emotional ride and it is a true story. I wonder what who was Patsy and the many females who were trapped in the institution of slavery. I think there could be a great story about someone who came in as an African like her and what her story could be like if there were also some way to place her as a heroine. What do you think?

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