It’s Cold

March 5th, 2014 at 2:20 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

high temps   nohrscClick on the images to enlarge.  The map on the left is  high temperatures on Tuesday.   Much of the country was shiverin’ .  Here in Grand Rapids, the first four days of March were 19.3° colder than average.  Holland was -20.5° for March 1-4.   This will be the 12th consecutive day that’s colder than average.  We have only had 4 days warmer than average since January.  Only 13 of the last 76 days have been warmer than average.   This was the coldest Mardi Gras in New Orleans since Feb. 14, 1899.  Here’s some high temperatures from Monday with the average high in (  ):  Grand Rapids 21 (39), Brownsville TX 45 (77), Houston TX 38 (70) – at daybreak, Anchorage AK was warmer than Houston!, New Orleans LA 40 (69), Jackson MS 35 (65), Jackson TN 31 (59), Little Rock AR 32 (65), Buffalo NY 15 (38), Philadelphia 29 (49), London KY 30 (55), Pensacola FL 45 (67), Tyler TX 36 (68), Jonesburo AR 30 (57), Lafayette LA 34 (69), Devils Lake ND 7 (28), Minneapolis MN 19 (35), Mason City IA 18 (36), Aberdeen SD 13 (34), Wilmington NC 34 (63), Savannah GA 44 (68), Charleston SC 40 (67).

The map/graphic on the right is snow cover across the U.S.  On Tuesday 53.9% of the U.S. had a snow cover.  That’s the highest total this late in winter since 1978.   The average depth in the snow covered area is 6.8″.  That’s a lot of snow and a lot of potential for spring flooding.

Season snowfall:  Holland 148.8″, Muskegon 129.4″, Grand Rapids 110.7″, Kalamazoo 104.6″.

Also:  Record snowfall in the mountains of Scotland, where ski lifts have been buried in snowAnother pic. of buried ski lifts:  ““Our records show that it’s snowed in each 24-hour period since we opened for this winter season on December 20, 2013.”  They plan to “ski into summer!”  ““Also heard the roof of the hut at the top of the Cairnwell chair at Glenshee is said to be 20 feet under the surface,”   Frozen Niagara Falls (lit up!).  Record snowfall in Canada.    Frozen Chicago.   While we fret over the plight of polar bears (I still haven’t found a single polar bear that can be proven to have died from “global warming”), look at what the cold and snow can do:   “This winter is harsh enough to put the lives of tens of thousands of Ontario deer in jeopardy.  “I wouldn’t doubt you could see a loss of anywhere between 40-50% of deer in some areas,” he said.  More cold weather news here.   Also:  Katy Perry doing TV weather??  Big thunderstorm comes into Sydney, Australia.  Here’s Sydney radar as the storm moved in.


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  1. Wswplz says:

    I didn’t see what they estimated the record snowfall to be, in the article ? What do you think Bill in regards to the famous climbers comments on ” climate change ”

    Mr MacInnes, who has written extensively on hillwalking and climbing, said climate change could be a cause of this year’s heavy snowfalls. He said he had been critical of climate change science in the past.

    “I wrote an apology to the people who predicted climate change,” he said.

    “I thought it was just a historical pattern, it probably is to a large extent, but I did kind of poo-pooed the idea of climate change.”

    The veteran mountaineer added: “This snow is not just something happening in Scotland.

    “This turmoil is throughout the world. I have been in contact with people from all over the world, people in rescue teams, and they have got the same pattern – even more pronounced than us.”

    1. TomKap (Michigan St. & Fuller) Grand Rapids says:

      Yep! It’s the “end of the world”!

      Too bad for everyone..including Rocky.

      1. Wswplz says:

        The death of the snow clowns aka snow demons

    2. Bill Steffen says:

      This is what happened in the late 70s winters. It was generally warm in the Arctic and Alaska, with the cold (relative to average) pushed south into NW Europe, central N. America and central Asia. The climate hasn’t changed, we’ve been here before. Global temperature has been remarkably stable (flat) for the past 13 years:

  2. Jeremy (Three Rivers) says:

    A cooling world would have the capability to be much more dangerous than a warming one. We should almost hope it really is warming so we don’t all freeze. Cold is way more dangerous.

    1. Wswplz says:

      I think some would argue because we are warming ( weather naturally or carbon induced ) it’s contributing to these type of events even though it’s not extreme heat or drought. I would agree with you however that extreme cold would be far more devastating as a weather event then heat given just a general scope. One could just sight the ice age to show that to be true.. I’m not big on the whole ” global warming ” band wagon, but I think we need to keep looking into ways to look after our planet.

      1. Bill Steffen says:

        Global temperature has been steady since 2002:

        You’re right about cold being a bigger threat than warm…especially if there was a disruption of the power supply.

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