Great Lakes Water Levels

March 7th, 2014 at 2:53 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Marie playing golf on frozen lake michigan   This is my daughter (#2) – playing golf on the frozen waters of a Great Lake in northern Lower Michigan.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  Someone may recognize the lighthouse.  Guess this is the time to pull out that pink golfball.   The water level of Lake Michigan/Huron is unchanged in the last month (the lake is mostly frozen, the snow on land isn’t melting – so everything is pretty much steady).  The lake is up 13″ in the last year and 13″ below the century average.  It’s expected to go up 3″ in the next month as the snow melts.  Lake Superior, also frozen over, was also unchanged in the last month.  Lake Superior is up also up 13″ year-to-year (a huge increase – that’s an increase of 7.18 TRILLION gallons) and is now 1″ above the long-term average.  Lake Erie ( also over 90% frozen over) is also unchanged in the last month and is up 2″ in the past year.  Lake Ontario is the only Great Lake that is substantially open water.  Ontario is down 3″ in the last month.  That makes sense.  It’s been so cold that we’re not getting a lot of runoff (and there is a lot of ice at Niagara) and we’re still getting pretty good evaporation with the open water.  Ontario is at the same water level as a year ago.   Cool pic. here of the ice in the Chicago River with the the moon above.  Check out this pic. of frozen Lake Michigan off Chicago.

Also:  How much road salt ends up in Lake Michigandigging a tunnel under Lake Huron78,000 visit Lake Superior ice caves in last 7 weeks.

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  1. GunLakeDeb says:

    The video at the end of the Ice Caves story is way cool!! I’d love to kayak that area some day!

  2. Bernie at the lakeshore says:

    Here is some water level history most people don’t know about…

  3. Grady Foster says:

    How about having your commentators predict golf course openings???

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