Mild Today, but Snow and Cold for Midweek

March 10th, 2014 at 4:20 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Fort, Snow Rauwerda     A shout out to the Rauwerda’s who make the best snow forts in town.   Today we melt some snow as temperatures climb up well into the 40s.   We have a chance of rain showers Tues. PM and that will change to snow as cold air filters in.  The farther SE you are the more snow you will see.  We may see an inch north of G.R. to 3-4″ near Jackson and Hillsdale to 5-6″ in NW Ohio.  That’s followed by more Arctic air with the NAM caribou giving G.R. a bone-chilling -8.4° Thurs. AM.  The European gives G.R. -1.3° Thurs. AM.   It’d have to go calm with fresh snow cover to get below zero (best chance SE of G.R. where there will be more fresh snow).  In any case, it’s going to get cold, then back to at least the low 40s on Friday.   You may have noticed the “dirty” snow near roads.   There was a 6.9 magnitude e-quake off the North California coast (48 miles WNW of Ferndale).  No injuries reported yet, no tsunami – it shook for about 20-30 seconds at 1:18 am EDT – it had a depth of 4.6 miles.   Neat view of the ice on Lake Michigan flying east looking back at Chicago.

6 Responses to “Mild Today, but Snow and Cold for Midweek”

  1. Dan (Byron Center) says:

    Snow or no snow for the Tuesday system? I enjoy and have always enjoyed talking about the snow, cold, ice, rain, wind, Thunderstorms , etc etc. I really find the weather very fascinating!

  2. jake says:

    Not bad. I can live with 2-3 inches of show. It is after all still officially winter.

  3. Wolverdog says:

    Funny, a real trend with the gfs riding the EURO’s coattails on storms this year. Still think the EURO is much closer to predictions. INDY cue up the sprites and the tunes! I am naming this winter dotti…

  4. Travis (Oakland County) says:

    NWS Detroit saying 50 is within reach today with mid 40′s again tomorrow. Nice!

  5. Judy (Fennville) says:

    Even though we’re all wishing for warm weather, let’s hope things don’t warm up too fast or that we get any significant rain….don’t need all that snow to melt before the ground can soak it up.

  6. Jeremy Jaynes says:

    Holland pretty bad this morning a sheet of ice gonna be challenging but that’s not safety

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