We’re Not Done With Snow

March 16th, 2014 at 9:34 pm by under Bill's Blog, News, Weather

814temp.new   814prcp.new  These are the Sunday afternoon 8-14 day outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center for March 24-30.   Click the images to enlarge.   The map on the left is the probability of warmer or colder than average temperatures.  The deeper the blue, the better chance it’ll be colder than average and that deep blue cover the Great Lakes and Northeast with a good chance of below average temperatures for all but the Southwest and southern Florida.  It also looks wet, with better than average chances (in the green on the map on the right) for above average precipitation for much of the country.  The good news is that California and should see some needed rain.  We certainly don’t need any heavy rain in Michigan.  The combination of cold temperatures and above average precipitation means that we’re likely to see some snow here in Michigan.  The cool pattern will likely last into April here in the Great Lakes.  The average high temperature in Grand Rapids is 45° on 3/17 and that goes to 50° on 3/28, to 55° on 4/7 and to 60° on 4/19.   The Spring Season (Vernal Equinox) officially begins at 12:57 pm Thursday March 20.

Also, nice thunderstorm pic. from Texas SaturdayT-Storm damage from +70 mph winds in S. Alabama and S. Georgia6.7 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Chile on Sunday with several strong aftershocks.


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  1. Jeremy (Three Rivers) says:

    Amazing skiing up north today at Shanty Creek. Great fun with friends and family. It snowed two inches Friday night. A little icy on Saturday with a bitter wind. -10 this morning but the conditions sunny and amazing “The best of all season,” as a local said.

  2. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t the CPC outlooks been calling for above average precipitation for the past month or so now? Seems like it’s been quiet … Has what we’ve received been enough to be considered ‘above average’?

    1. yooper4021 says:

      You are correct – below average in GR month-to-date. They have been spot on for temps though.

      Speaking of temperatures and records, the beat goes on….from NWS Marquette:

      The -20F observed at the Houghton County Airport early this morning marks the coldest temperature this late in the season (127 years of data).

      1. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin says:

        I’d much rather they be incorrect about the temps and correct about the precipitation but beggars can’t be choosers after this winter!

  3. Jordan (Twin Lake) says:


  4. Adam says:

    So if our average temps are in the 40s and soon to be around 50, how far below normal are we looking at? where you say we are not done with snow? does this mean we can expect near freezing temps into april? or just a few degrees below normal? bc there is certainly a difference

  5. Karol Kammeraad says:

    So….not real sure why we need to know all this lovely good news in advance. Not only can we be depressed about March but we also can look forward to that in April? Come on! I’d rather keep my head in the sand, at least its warmer there.

  6. mr. negative says:

    Snow remains, and cold reigns.

  7. I know most of the folks at Texas Storm Chasers. Good group of people. If y’all want to follow their facebook page (they post a lot of photos) you can do so here: https://www.facebook.com/TxStormChasers

    I’m not liking this colder than average stuff at all, but I guess if we can’t change it, we gotta adapt. I’ll post a reply to this with a link to damage video from my friend John who works at the company I string for now, Live Storms Media.

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Thanks for the links, Charles.

  8. Jevon Murphy (Chicago) says:

    Looks like the CPC has Chicago right in the “bull’s eye” for above average precip. and the great lakes region as a whole in the “bull’s eye” for cooler than averge temps.

    We’ll have to watch out for some significant ice storms as well…

    1. Wswplz says:

      Hey Jevon, hope your doing well and your weather page is getting the visibility that you would want for your we site. I think I remember you saying that it was on FB but I may be misremembering. I looked for you briefly about a month back and was unable to locate your page. If you see this post could you leave the name of your weather page again as I would like to check it out. Thanks Jevon

  9. suehelen says:

    Even if we do get snow, with temps in the mid to upper 30s, it won’t stick around that long. I have to think positive or I’d go crazy. We need this cold weather to end.

  10. Florida1993 says:

    That’s great bill, but try telling us when we are going to warm up for a change.

    1. suehelen says:

      Yes. That would be nice.

      1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

        I don’t think we ever will and that is why he hasn’t told us when it there will be a warm up, I’m beyond ready for warmer temps.

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