Down to a Trace of Snow in G.R.

March 23rd, 2014 at 8:42 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

nohrsc u.s.  nohrsc michigan  water equivalant  HEY – you think we’ve had snow…look at the pictures at this link!

Sunday evening, the Grand Rapids National Weather Service reported that we have now fallen below one inch of snow on the ground (officially a trace at the airport).  So, we end the streak at of consecutive days with 1″ or more of snow on the ground at 105, going back to the evening of Dec. 8.  This is the 3rd longest stretch of time with an inch of snow on the ground in G.R. since records began in 1896.  The record stands at 117 days from 11/28/1903 to 3/23/1904.   We’ll end in 2nd place for season snowfall in Grand Rapids.  Muskegon has 5″ of snow on the ground as I write this Sunday night.  They have had 107 days with an inch or more of snow on the ground.  That’s the 4th longest stretch.   Muskegon should reach 111 days Thursday morning for 2nd place.  Muskegon’s record is 118 days also in the winter of 1903-04.   Lansing still has an inch of snow on the ground and each day now they add to the all-time record, which started on Dec. 9.    Records in Lansing go back to 1863.   The old record for Lansing was 101 days in the winter of 1962-63.

Model data:  The two rush hours that could get a little tricky this week would be Tues. AM and Thurs. AM.  We’ll get about an inch of snow (dusting to 2″) mainly early Tues. am…temps. will be below freezing, the snow will stick and we’ll have icy spots.  Toward daybreak Thurs. we get a mix developing…that will go over to all (intermittent) light rain.  Rush hours Thurs. PM and Fri. AM may be on wet roads.  The GFS plot and European are both around 1/2″ for the Thurs./Fri. rain.   We’ll have to keep an eye on the area rivers.  The European gives us a high in the upper 40s to near 50 on Friday.  The GFS-plot gives G.R. 60° on 3/30 and the European has a 2 pm temp. that day of 55° (so the high would probably be upper 50s).  Can you wait that long?

National snow cover is at 23.2% with an average depth in that area of 4.4″.  In the Northern Lakes Section (Wisconsin/Michigan and a little bit of the surrounding states) we have 72.2% of the region with a snow cover.  Last year on this date, the Northern Lakes Sector had a 90.5% snow cover (it was a cold March last year).   In 2012, we had the warmest March ever, and only one very small spot in the Keewenaw Peninsula had snow on the ground on March 23rd (and the area north of S. Ste. Marie in Canada downwind from Lake Superior).  This year the Northern Lakes Region has an average snow cover of 14.6″ (compared to 13.5″ last year) and a water equivalent of 3.7″ (that’s mainly northwest and northern Lower and especially Upper Michigan).   The water equivalent of the snowpack in the Northern Lakes Region last year on March 23 was 2.9″.   So, there’s still a lot of water locked in the snow cover across N. Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and Northern Lower Michigan.  The flood threat has eased a bit with the melting snow in Southern Lower Michigan, but the ground is wet and we’ll still have a decent flood potential through much of April.  A heavy rain anytime in at least the first half of April could cause significant flooding.

Check this out:  Sun hitting a hail shaft in Utah today (Sun.).

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