Lots of Snow U.P. North

March 25th, 2014 at 9:33 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

houghton County Weather Station   Check out the snow they have at the Houghton County Airport (from Marquette NWS).  We’ve melted a lot of our snow (Kalamazoo at WMU and Houghton down to 3″ – just a trace officially in Lansing and G.R.), but up north they are still close to maximum snow for the winter.  Here’s some snowfall depths on 3/25:  Painesdale 52″, Calumet 48″, Mohawk 48″, Big Bay 41″, Marquette (airport) 36″,  Munising 36″, Tahquamenon Falls 34″, Paradise 34″, Newberry 31″, Ironwood 31″, S. Ste. Marie 28″, Gaylord 18″, Houghton Lake 16″.   Mt. Bohemia in the U.P. is up to 301″ for the winter, Painesdale in the U.P. is at 290″ and in Lower Michigan, Maple City in Leelanau County leads the list at 247.8″.   In our area, Holland is up to 150.4″, Muskegon at 131.1″, Oshtemo at 120.1″, Grand Rapids at 114.1″, Kalamazoo 112.8″ and Lansing is up to 68.4″.

Also, big haboob in AZ.  More than 2,775 U.S. flights have delayed, another 337 have been canceled, according to FlightStats.   3.8″ new snow in Washington D.C.   Cherry blossoms in D.C. delayed this year.   Snowing in Nashville, Tenn. on 3/25.  Death toll now 24 in the Washington State mudslide.   Coldest U.S. October- March in nearly 100 years and quite a plunge since 2012.     Heckuvan East Coast Storm:  Monomoy section of Nantucket MA – second wind gust at 83 MPH. elevation above sea level on the island is 26 feet at 830 AM.   PLAY BALL!!

Model update Weds. AM – The European gives G.R. an inch of precipitation from Thurs. AM thru Fri. AM (and another 0.48″ Monday).  The NAM (caribou) has 0.69″.  The GFS plot has 0.48″ with the warmest day Sunday at 51 deg.   We are in the Storm Prediction Center General Thunderstorm Outlook for Thurs., though it looks pretty iffy to squeeze out a little lightning from this system.  More snow for the Eastern U.P.    Blizzard Warning for Cape Cod and the islands and also Eastern Maine.  They warn of possible hurricane force winds and 40-foot seas!   Here’s MA observations – Nanatucket as I write this has a north wind at 48 mph with a gust to 68 mph.  Still only 4 very weak tornadoes this month in the entire U.S.!!     GREAT LAKES ICE COVER 400% OF AVERAGE!

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  1. bluegill says:

    The snowshoeing is fantastic right now in Grand Traverse County. About 18″ of hardpack so you don’t sink in. The deer are quite stressed though, and the bear have been out a few times in the past two weeks. One bear around here leaves tracks 10.5″ long and 6″ wide. Forties forecast for Sunday and Monday – beyond that only thirties for the next ten days. Time to push some of your 50′s up our way.

    1. Brian(Grandville) says:

      That sounds like a big bear. Strange to hear they’re out this early. They must have cabin fever too. I talked to a couple in Mesick last week, who say they have had cougar sighting in the area recently.

      1. Bill Steffen says:

        My wife saw a cougar on the Otter Lake Trail in Benzie Co. in June 2010 – and it was definitely a cougar: http://www.michigancougar.com/CountySightings/benzie.htm

        1. bluegill says:

          We’ve seen a cougar three times in NE Grand Traverse County. Once with a carload of neighbors and they freaked out. There is one that hung around the south shore of Elk Lake for a good portion of last year.

      2. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

        I know people around here who live near Hoffmaster Park and they say there have been cougars seen throughout the park over the past couple years. I do a ton of hiking there, so people tell me to watch out.

  2. GR Girl says:

    OK, after looking at that picture I feel better about the amount of snow that remains on my Southeast Side lawn! Speaking of that, though, I’m curious about how and where snow is measured for these official records. There’s significantly more than a “trace” left at my house; it’s too solid to puncture with a yardstick, but I’d say close to a foot remains. Would you explain how this is measured some time, or point me to the explanation if I’ve missed it? Thanks for your blog; I have been enjoying it for quite some time!

  3. Dan says:

    Maple City is my hometown! The NW-facing shoreline brings lake effect snowfall with a wider range of wind directions than most areas.

  4. Barb says:

    I’m heading for Boyne this weekend. It should still be very good skiing.

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      It will be awesome! The conditions are just like mid winter!!!

  5. deb says:

    Pretty sure we will still see snow in the UP when we go in May for our anniversary trip. Last year we were up there on May 9th for our anniversary and it was snowing. Enough snow they had the plows out. I’m hoping not, but with this winter, I’m pretty sure we’ll see snow again up there.

  6. Tyler says:

    I was in Ironwood yesterday. It was 11 below zero when we got there but then it bounced up to 23 for a daytime high. When we got back to Escanaba it was up to 30 but they have way more snow then Escanaba does. They probably have 3 feet on the ground and the snowbanks are super high. I noticed the snow depth go down a lot when I got to Felch heading back to Escanaba. We still have a foot on the ground here. It was 9 below in Escanaba yesterday morning and today it didn’t get out the Upper teens.

  7. Tyler says:

    74 inches for the season in Escanaba this year. Hey Bill what do you have for the season in Ironwood this year and I heard 289 for Houghton right now. How bout any totals for Munising or Grand Marais?

    1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

      My wife and I went up to Munising/Newberry/Grand Marais areas for our anniversary in the fall. I love being able to picture the places now whenever it’s talked about on this blog.

  8. Cali1005 says:

    Well I can see why people are moving out of the U.P.

    1. GunLakeDeb says:

      They come to Gun Lake from time to time – always exciting to see a bird that huge!! And when we kayak the Kalamazoo River, we usually see them…

    1. Skot says:

      Hokey Pete !!! Now if I saw that, I figured eyes in Heaven !!!

    2. jerry hoag says:

      Very cool Jack, Amen Brother!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dan (Byron Center) says:

    114.1 inches of snow for GR! Did we reach our seasonal total? No more accumulating snow until next season? Ok, I’m ready for a warm up! This scraping the windshield and warming up the car has gotten old. 50 degree temps and possibly a 60 degree reading in the next few days!

    1. Skot says:

      Even Lows in the 30′s would excite me.

      1. GunLakeDeb says:

        LOL!! It’s pretty sad, how low our expectations of “warmth” have become :-)

  10. TomKap (Michigan St. & Fuller) Grand Rapids says:

    4.7 degrees in my back yard at 5:45am.
    And it’s March 26th.

    This is BEYOND absurd….

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      Get used to it. This is the new normal! The “mini ice age” is upon us!

    1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

      That’s when my school starts our Spring Break. My students will NOT be happy if that happens!

      1. GunLakeDeb says:

        But isn’t that always the case (or so it seems?) Cold and rainy/snowy for Spring Break….

  11. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    The BEST WINTER EVER lives on! Keep the COLD air coming baby!

    1. kevin. w says:

      Farmers have 6 feet of frost to get out of the ground but then again…..

      1. suehelen says:

        Oh, what does that matter? The skiing is great. Who cares if farmers can’t plant their crops?

  12. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

    I see where the NWS has west Michigan in a general thunderstorm for Thursday. I wonder if any of the slight areas for severe storms will see any activity, on Thursday? April’s weather will be fun to watch.

    1. jerry hoag says:

      I bet the slight risk areas will see some action!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!

  13. INDY says:

    Wow 5* degrees out at thee YARDofBRICKS another below normal day how many is that now 109!!!! Winter keeps going and going and going!! INDYY!!!

    1. jerry hoag says:


    2. jerry hoag says:

      INDY WHY NOT GO FOR 269 DAYS……lol>……not!!!!!!!!!

  14. jerry hoag says:

    All this cold air has gotten me bored to heck,,,I’m watching Tornado Rampage 2011 right now. I recorded it last night. I don’t like all the destruction it caused that year but the tornado footage is awesome!!!!!!!

    Yeah I am ready too for the Slight risk area shadings and the Moderate risk area shadings and the High risk area shadings!!!!!!! BRING THEM ON!!!!!!!

  15. jerry hoag says:

    Hey INDY??????? Why did you say in the other thread, I could kiss the bricks in the YARD OF BRICKS????? I AM CONFUSED……MIGHT BE THE MEDS……LOL….

  16. jerry hoag says:

    Hey Jack what is the JEM showing?????????? CUE IT UP JACK!!!!!!

  17. yooper4021 says:

    -21 at 7am at Spincich Lake (eastern U.P., near Newberry). Double digit below zero as close to GR as Lake City and Leota. Ridiculous. Enough already.

    1. jerry hoag says:

      You are not kidding man!!!!!!! Even Cadillac was well below zero this morning too. If I am not mistaken they are or have gotten down to -11.

    2. kevin. w says:

      I thought you guys were saying the more cold and snow the better????

      1. yooper4021 says:

        Me?? Not sure why you think that. I’ve had enough of this winter.

      2. jerry hoag says:

        Kevin, NOT ME!!!!!!!!! HECK NO…IM DONE WITH THIS CRAP!!!!!! YOu may be thinking of Rocky!!

  18. paul m says:

    With the rain coming and warmer temps the snow will really start to melt.
    Its been a long couple of days with Mr stomach flu rolling thru my entire family!

    1. jerry hoag says:

      Yikes Paul, Praying for you and the whole family to feel much better!!!!! Get a lot of rest and fluids man…..

      1. paul m says:

        4 boys and Dad are back to normal but Mom down for the count!
        Get it system this week Cu’s were going to Florida for spring break.
        highs in low 80s.

        1. jerry hoag says:

          Ahhhhhhh Paul, Well I pray that she feel better soon, so you all can enjoy Florida for Spring Break!!!!! Bring back that warm air too man…ok???

  19. INDY says:

    Jerry I have a YARDofBRICKS in my back yard just like the start finish line at INDY!! We Drink lots of sprites then we kiss them bricks your in for a treat May 25th!! check out some of my pics in FB!! INDYY!

    1. jerry hoag says:

      OK INDY!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have to do that man!!!!!!! I cant check FB til the 13th of April because that is when Lent is over but I wil check it our man!!!!!!!! SO looking forward to it man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. jerry hoag says:


    Wahoo, sounds like the chances for thunderstorms are increasing for Monday!!!! March going out like a LION!!!!!!

  21. INDY says:

    TRACK RACK AND CRACK some thunder booms and lightning booms!! INDYY!!

    1. jerry hoag says:

      INDY,,,,,Jerry is so ready for the BOOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING THEM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Eileen (Hesperia) says:

    -2 here earlier this morning.

  23. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    So far it looks like the official low here in GR will come in at around +8° and that would be good enough for 2nd place tie on the all time record for March 26th the record low for today is +6° so this cold and brutal winter continues! (I had a low here of +6° but that dose not count) looking around the area with the snow on still on the ground and all of the snow piles I would say we have a good chance of having snow piles left on the ground into the 2nd week of April and up north who knows how long the snow and ice will still be there? Late April for the northern lower and sometime in May for the UP? I think that may be a good bet.

  24. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    As for this warm up. To me it looks like it will not get that warm and while there will be some rain I feel it will not only get cold once April starts I also think we could see some snow for spring break! Stay tuned

  25. Jim S (Saugatuck Twp) says:

    06Z GFS back to showing us getting into the 60′s by Monday. We’ll see.

  26. kevin. w says:

    Talk to a farmer friend yesterday morning at coffee and said he has 6 feet of frost in the ground in the fields. He stated that if we don’t get a turn around to some warmer days even a warmer days with rain to bring the frost out of the ground he may not plant and have to use his crop insurance for non-planting season. He also says that quite a few of his farming buddies may also have to do something similiar if this cold pattern continues. This has been a horrible winter in my opinion and don’t get me wrong I love all the season’s but not when they become extremes. Hoping for some better things ahead.

    1. Jim S (Saugatuck Twp) says:

      What kind of crops does he plant?

      1. kevin. w says:

        Soys, corn, oats and most of those need ground temps at 50+. He’s an older farmer and he talked pretty depressing. He couldn’t remember being this cold since the late 70s and 60s and also was saying that he lost quite a bit after the brutal winters of the late 70s. Hope it turns around and my thermometer read -9 this morning that’s ridiculous.

        1. INDY says:


        2. GunLakeDeb says:

          Indy – you DO understand this means food prices are going to go up for ALL of us, right? And the farmer’s mortgage and equipment payments don’t get put on hold because he can’t plant his fields and expect to harvest a crop…..

        3. suehelen says:

          There are a lot of farmers starting to get worried.

          I really can’t stand ignorance.

    2. GunLakeDeb says:

      I guess I was hoping all the snow provided some insulation from the frost?

      1. suehelen says:

        It may help a bit, but there is still frost in the ground and the ground temp is very cold. It’s also going to take awhile for the fields to dry up enough to get equipment in there to start working up the dirt, not to mention getting those ground temps up warm enough to plant. I remember in years past, when my husband farmed (potatoes, peas, corn and beans), they were in the fields planting peas by mid April. When we grew russets, they were done planting by the second to third week in May. If it doesn’t start warming up soon, there are going to be a lot of farmers way behind the eight ball.

  27. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

    5th day in a row where I woke up to some new snow on the ground.

    Saturday: dusting
    Sunday: dusting
    Monday: 4 inches
    Tuesday: 1 inch
    Today: Half an inch

    1. John (Norton Shores) says:

      I didn’t get nearly as much as you on Monday, maybe a 1/2″, you can keep it lol!

      1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

        Yeah, the difference was huge! I was traveling on Grand Haven Rd. from Spring Lake/Ferrysburg area. There was four inches of snow and then all of a sudden when I hit Pontaluna Rd. by Speedway, there was maybe an inch?

  28. How about that sunrise this morning? It was great. The reflection of the frost on the trees made it even more enjoyable. Looks like this may have been our last single diget night until next winter. We will warm-up starting tomorrow in the mid 40′ with some 50′s over the weekend into early next week, then we drop back into the mid 40′s after that. Our days with highs in the 20′s may be over now. The coldest would be maybe a day in the 30′s but the next day we would be back into the 40′s. Our snow should be gone by the end of the week finally. It is currently 19 degrees here. That is a big climb from 8 degrees at 8am this morning.

    1. on the Grand says:

      It was beautiful. The first thing I notice when I got up was the colors.

    2. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

      The sunrise yesterday was beautiful too! A student and I were walking in at the same time and we both commented on it to each other.

  29. Jeff (Fremont) says:

    I’m shocked that GR doesn’t have any snow cover, I live just an hour north of GR, just south of Fremont (where they make Gerber baby food) and I have a foot of snow on the ground, and we live in a big open field next to other big open fields where the sun shines without interruption. Check it out, these were taken just a couple of days ago. http://imgur.com/a/aqkIY

    1. yooper4021 says:

      Sounds about right Jeff. I work in Cascade and live in Belmont, and the snow difference is noticeable south to north.

    2. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

      Pretty pictures!

  30. INDY says:

    I have 11 inches in my front yard and 2-3 inches in spots in my YARDofBRICKS!! INDYY!

  31. GunLakeDeb says:

    Three degrees above zero this morning. The only bare spots I see at work are where there’s asphalt – still have a good 6″ of snow on the ground in the front yard which faces south and is not shaded.

  32. John (Norton Shores) says:

    Tomorrow mornings commute could be a mess.

    1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

      I’m not really that impressed by the wintry possibilities for tomorrow morning.

    2. John (Norton Shores) says:

      I thought you would be impressed, it looks like an inch of snow maybe two especially more north and then a half hour to an hour of freezing drizzle, still that’s going to make a for a slippery commute.

  33. jerry hoag says:

    Here at my place only a few spots of snow on the ground now!!!!! A couple hills of snow and that’s it!!!!!!!!! Soon the grass will be green and the flowers will be blooming!!!!!!!!

    1. Sandy(Hudsonville) says:

      I read last night about your dog. I hope he is doing better today.

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