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Local   A Wind Advisory will be in effect until 3 am for gusts from the SW to W at 40-45 mph.  The cold front is through…gusts to 35 at Lake Michigan and 30 mph inland now (2:30 pm).  Winds will pick up behind he front and peak this evening with peak gusts of 30-40 mph.  Still  a chance of a sprinkle, very light shower and even a few flurries this evening/tonight.   We’ll see a quick wind shift from the E-SE to the SW and then W as the front comes thru.  Temperatures will fall a bit in the mid-late afternoon.  Rain may change to a little light snow (less than 1/2 inch) as the last wraparound band comes thru Fri. night.  The morning run of the NAM (caribou) model gives G.R. just 0.1″ of snow and 1.0″ to Cadillac.  We’ll become partly to mostly sunny for Saturday PM and with west winds, it’ll be cooler as you get close to Lake Michigan.  South winds will send us back into the low-mid 50s Sunday afternoon.  We’ll have to watch rainfall totals south of I-94 where the heaviest rain has fallen.  Benton Harbor had 1.4″ of rain Thurs., southern Kalamazoo County had 0.9″.  As of noon, rainfall since midnight is 0.25″ for G.R., 0.11″ Kalamazoo, 0.13″ Battle Creek, 0.36″ Muskegon, 0.29″ Holland.  We’ve noticed rises on the Kalamazoo and St. Joseph Rivers.  You can check river levels here.

Also:  Heavy snow falling in the western U.P., NW Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota.  There’s still a lot of snow on the ground around Lake Superior90% of Canada still has a solid snow coverGlobal sea ice is actually above average right now.

Links: Grand Rapids radar, Northern Indiana radar, Chicago radar, Detroit radar and Milwaukee radar. Here’s regional radar, the College of DuPage Radar Map (pick any radar in the U.S.), College of DuPage Grand Rapids radar, GFS snowfall for the next 120 hours and NAM model snowfall for the next 84 hours. the West Michigan Lightning Tracker, National Lightning Tracker, the local warning/advisory map and the National warning/watch/advisory map, and a surface weather map. You can checkout the latest Grand Rapids NWS discussion, the Northern Indiana NWS discussion (includes the Michigan Counties that border Indiana), the discussion for Northern Lower Michigan, and Eastern Lower Michigan. Check out Storm Total Precipitation (until they reset it). Here’s the Spyglass Condos Weather Station the S. Haven GLERL station, the Muskegon GLERL station, the Grand Haven Steelheaders webcam and weather station, and the weather station at Holland State Park. Check out the Maranatha Webcam at Lake Michigan and links to webcams. Here’s the infrared satellite loop (night) and the visible satellite loop (daytime), Lake Michigan water temperatures (summer). Here’s storm reports from SW Michigan, Northern Michigan, NE Illinois, SE. Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and E. Michigan. Check out the wind and wave height at the South Mid-Lake Michigan Buoy (Apr. to Nov. only), the North Mid-Lake Michigan Buoy (Apr. to Nov. only), the buoy at Big Sable Point near Ludington, the weather station at Manistee Harbor and the weather station on the beach at St. Joseph. Here’s Michigan wind gusts from MesoWest, data from the MAWN agricultural weather stations and Weather Underground (data at the bottom from private weather stations). Check out the webcam at Krupp’s Resort, where they are pushing toward 3 feet of snow on the ground. Check out the cold temps. on the U.S. Low Temperature map. Here’s the morning run of the NAM forecast snow amounts. Here’s a live look at the Houghton Bridge. Here’s the Consumers Energy Power Outage Map. We continue to watch for ice jams on Michigan rivers. Here’s Closings.

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  1. Jack says:

    First on this FRYday….. Hope The Tigers Get There 1pm Ball Game in TODAY. Friday Apr 4
    Day: Mostly cloudy with scattered storms. Highs around 55°F. Windy, with a east southeast wind 8 to 26 MPH, gusting to 45 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 100%. New precipitation amounts from one quarter to one half of an inch possible.
    This is The Forecast for COMERICA Park…. Stay cued & Gooo Tigers ( maybe….).

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      I thought it was supposed to be 60 there today? Guess you can’t believe everything you read.

      1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

        A wise old man once told me, you can’t believe everything you see or hear.

        1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

          Thanks Bill some good reading.

  2. Resourceful Nana says:

    I’ve seen rain that “just kinda develops” on hot, humid summer-type days with those “pop up” thunderstorms. Are we looking at something similar today with cool, humid air?

  3. INDY says:

    60′s today what’s that maybe next month!! INDYY!!

  4. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Watch out – SNOW is coming tonight!

    1. Jeff (Richland) says:

      Watch out for possible flurries!!

    2. Rodey (Rockford) says:

      RAIN coming. Watch out. Bring it.

      1. INDY says:

        D D D !! INDYY!!

  5. Mark (East Lansing) says:

    We did get a little rain yesterday but it never froze, fortunately.

    1. DF (SE Mich) says:

      The ice down here was much more hazardous when it was falling off the trees in the afternoon… it was crazy.

    2. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

      We did have some ice here, in fact it was more then I thought it would be. And id I mention windy? So far today the wind has been much lighter.

      1. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

        Whoops that should have been (did I) and not id I.

  6. INDY says:

    Just had my 4th sprite today feeling right about the weather cold!! INDYY!!

    1. yooper4021 says:

      Watched all of the local mets this morning, and saw no high temp forecasts in the 30s over the next 10 days….but no 60s/70s either. Baby steps.

  7. What a crappy day! Was looking foward to the mid and upper 50s! What gives?

  8. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    Its cloudy here and still cold with a temp of only 37° Today dose not look to get much above the low 40’s (if that) to me. So with the cold today and tomorrow we will start April off well below average (we are now already -2.4° for the month) and with the expected cold first half of the month should give us our 5th month in a row of below average temps.

    1. INDY says:

      Yupp Slim March weather in April….Who would of thought!! INDYY!!

    2. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Even Flint is below average for the month. Can I get a WHO KNEW?

      1. Red in Allegan Co. says:

        Who Knew!

      2. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        Imagine that! Who knew? Certainly not Travis – he keeps saying it has been a pretty nice Spring! What a joke. You can not believe a word that he utters!

        1. INDY says:

          Up hill battle!! INDYY!!

        2. GB says:

          So you think it has Ben a crapy spring?

        3. Rodey (Rockford) says:

          Wow just like you, can’t believe a word you say either. Who knew? Fantastic. I love it.

        4. yooper4021 says:


    1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

      The fog here in Hastings is getting bad also. I am sure out in the rural area it’s even worst. Everyone drive safe today…have fun this weekend.

      1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

        Almost forgot….GO. BADGERS.

  9. INDY says:

    Wow what a nice day for a Tigers game!! INDYY!!

  10. DF (SE Mich) says:

    I don’t know fellas, be careful. If we can burn the fog off we could easily make it into the 50′s over this way. The cold front is just reaching Michigan City. The Detorit NWS is still saying low 50′s. I agree it will be tough.

    I’ll defend your prediction for now Travis.

  11. GunLakeDeb says:

    Cold. Damp. Foggy. Rainy. Yuck.

    That’s all. Carry on.

  12. What happened to the 50s? No warm air in sight. Nothing warm even to our south. Only 43 down in Fort Wayne.

  13. INDY says:

    Wow talking snow in April…Love It!! INDYY!!

  14. Anna says:

    It’s pouring up here in baldwin. It’s a very cold rain. It’s nice in the fact that it’s washing the roads, but the ground is still frozen so there is already a lot of standing water. If this was snow, it would be a good old time. I hate the in between season can’t snowmobile, but can’t use the atv yet either.

  15. GunLakeDeb says:

    Oooh – THUNDER!! Larry in Hastings – did you hear that and smile? :-)

    1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

      Nothing at this time, I am sure it will happen very soon. I takes about 10 to 15 min.for storms to reach my house from GunLake. Thanks for the info.

      1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

        Pouring rain, I am waiting for the lightning and thunder.

  16. Unless Intellicast is wrong, they keep us in the 50′s everyday starting after April 6. They even bring us up to 60 on April 10 with showers. I guess we shall see

    1. Looks like Intellicast is wrong.

      1. Actually I just saw News 8 and they are close so no there not wrong

      2. Mr. Positive says:

        Well aren’t you a Debbie downer.

    2. suehelen says:

      Weather underground is saying the same thing.

  17. I am finally hearing our tornado siren! Byron Center is testing theres right now

    1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

      This Saturday at 1pm here in Hastings will be our monthly test.

      1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

        We need a updated system here in Hastings. It’s hard to hear the siren at night during a storm. I am about 4 blocks away from the fire station.

        1. Ohh wow. I am 1 mile from my siren, and when its a quite, clear day I hear it great. In a storm, I can barely make it out..

        2. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

          The system we have is over 40 years old, I believe. We need new warning siren and have a PA system to make announcements. Have the system in different locations so everyone knows what to going on. I know it’s a extreme idea, but nessary.

        3. GunLakeDeb says:

          Well, you’ve heard me complain before that we have NOTHING. No sirens, and weather radio broadcasts don’t even reach us. But that just got added to a “2014 Townships goals” list for YS :-)

  18. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

    Almost forgot, let the HUNGER GAMES begin.

  19. Mr. Positive says:

    57 on Sunday with nothing but blue skies. Bring it :)

  20. Travis Ulberg (West of Martin, Allegan County) says:

    It’s definitely a cold day at Comerica Park today, 40° with a 20mph wind. I could see the breath of the players on the field during warmups. Baseball is pretty miserable to play and watch when it is that cold. It’s not much warmer here as I have hit my high temp of 45°.

    1. steven (Derby Lake) says:

      It was like that yesterday at Chicago White Sox/Minnesota game.

  21. steven (Derby Lake) says:

    Play Ball!!!!!!

  22. INDY says:

    Cold day for the Tigers we won’t see a full game today!! Rain is close! INDYY!!

  23. Jack says:

    3 in the Book, TIGERS Lead 3-2……. STAY CUED. & Go Tigers + Go Bills BADGERS on Saturday……… ;-)

  24. INDY says:

    Getting windy outside!! INDYY!!

    1. Jack says:

      Rain delay in “Debt”riot. ….not Raining here in my neck of the Woods, what is Happening at THEEEEEE YardofBricks Indy ?

  25. Jacob G says:

    So while we look further out it looks like at the next update from NOAA we could be in the start of El Nino. The latest Kelvin wave is hitting the surface and it has been close to record push of water temps to the surface. With the SOI dropping so hard the last 30 days hard to argue we are not entering or have already enter into a El Nino phase. So while we start to look out what that means here locally some things are raising concerns around flooding and severe weather. Obviously the southern jet has becoming increasingly active and looking out next 10-14 days with total precip you can clearing see that on the maps. We still have record ice and cold just north of us. El Nino springs do tend to have more severe weather in the spring up here in MI and taper off in the summer months. With March coming in so below average pretty much a slam dunk Mar-May is below average. However I think we can get some nice summer like weather coming up in May and our first 70 degree in second half of April. So bottom line I think we still have up and down pattern for a bit longer here however things will get more active in severe weather department second half of April and probably peaking in May with a lot of warm fronts. Not sure yet if we are going to have a lot of MCS this summer with an active southern jet with El Nino.

    1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

      What does next winter look like with this El Nino?

      1. Jacob G. says:

        I think it will look similar to the El Nino winter of 09-10 year but the wild card is the warm pool off of Alaska and how strong the El Nino gets. So best guesstimate based on analogs are below average temps, especially further south but not as below as this year and above average snowfall for some areas but an overall lower average precip.

        1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

          A wait and see. Maybe by late summer we will have general idea what our next winter will be like. I would like a normal/average winter, nothing too extreme. I am not asking for

  26. Eileen (Hesperia) says:

    3 run home run by Davis for the Tigers – score 6-2 – yea!!!

  27. Eileen (Hesperia) says:

    Solo home run by Torri Hunter score 7-2 :)

    1. Jack says:

      HECK YES….LOVE IT….. Go TIGERS ((((( ROAR))))))). Happy FRYday to HESPERIA…… Stay Cued…. ;-)

      1. Eileen (Hesperia) says:

        Happy FRYday to you too Jack :)

    2. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

      World Series bound, in October.

  28. steven (Derby Lake) says:

    Here comes the winds here.

    1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

      Same here in Hastings.

      1. steven (Derby Lake) says:

        Had a few gusts within the last 40 mins or so up around 35+ mph. I don’t think there is any open areas along the shore line of the lake here to take out the ice. It definitely will be windy enough at times though.

  29. People on M37 must think it is an autobahn because people fly down that road and do erratic maneuvers. I was on the road today and boy do I hate it. Thanks to someones stupidity on that road at 10 mile a few months back, I had a near death experience. I stay off that road as much as possible but today we had to go to Kent City

  30. steven (Derby Lake) says:

    Bill- Check out this video of a meteorite from the helmit camera of a sky diver. This guy is lucky.

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      My initial thought is to be skeptical of that video. The odds of catching a tiny meteor like that is smaller than winning the lotto. Any meteor would probably be pretty hot and traveling at a very high rate of speed. It’s theoretically possible, but like I said…I’ll wait for the response.

  31. mr. negative says:


  32. steven (Derby Lake) says:

    Tigers!!!! Only team undefeated still. Whoop Whoop!!!!

  33. Jack says:

    PHOTO of The Day, of Northern Lights in Minnesota . HERE : GOD IS GOOD !! ;-) . Stay Cued……. ;-)

    1. steven (Derby Lake) says:

      That guy is saying “Who knew” ;)

  34. Power outage numbers are beginning to rise. The biggest outage is between Carson City and Crystal.

  35. fixxxer says:

    i keep hoping every damn day it will get better weatherwise but i think its just gonna be a crappy spring & summer to.

    1. steven (Derby Lake) says:

      Ya think???

    2. Jack says:

      Bad Cue? Try This instead :::: He, heeeee,,,, stay Cued…. ;-)

    3. Jack says:

      Darn it…3rd Time is The Charm……. Crank it UP!!!!!

      1. steven (Derby Lake) says:

        +1 ;)

    4. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      You are a sorry excuse of a human being!

  36. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

    Bill, is NBC doing a special report about climate changes? I hope and pray you will be allowed to present data and your views about climate changes. I am sure the NBC report will be one sided, and have no real data to support their views. Knowing you Bill, if you have problems with the report you will find a way to share your views. GOOD LUCK….GO BADGERS.

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      I can’t be responsible for what NBC does…I’ve talked before about GE’s ownership of NBC. GE is the biggest lobbyist in the world. They spend more money on lobbying than any oil company. They would love the government to mandate specs. for appliances that would favor GE products. Climate Change (formerly known as “global warming” until the warming stopped: is a means to shift huge amounts to money to the government and government cronies (Solyndra – LG Chem).

      1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

        I know Bill, you do your best in getting the word out. Let’s hope the people will watch the report with a open mind.

      2. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

        I won’t say anything more about global warming/climate extreme. I get too upset. I had a light stroke a few years ago. World events, Obama, global warming do upset me. I see our country on a fast track to hell. Good night everyone, Saturday will be a better day.

        1. Bill Steffen says:

          This is a good read: Dr. Gray is the only one I know of who successfully predicted the temperature trends from the 1970s to present.

        2. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

          Thanks Bill, good reading.

        3. Cort S. says:

          Gee dude, don’t let the fear machine kill you. Here is some good news for 2014:

        4. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

          My heart bleeds when I see our nation heading in the wrong direction.

        5. Mark (East Lansing) says:

          When was it going in the right direction?

  37. steven (Derby Lake) says:

    Snowing here in Montcalm county. Sticking to the deck, grass and concrete walk.

  38. DF (SE Mich) says:

    Really heavy sleet/snow in A2 right now. Can Flint make the all time record tonight’s or snow? Wel’ll see after the bomb of a forecast today.

    1. Jeff kirk says:

      Snowing in Kalamazoo. Light coating on grass

  39. mr. negative says:


  40. steven (Derby Lake) says:

    Looks like a significant power outage along M-57 between Northland Drive and Stout avenue, northeast of Rockford.

  41. INDY says:


    1. Jack says:

      Thee answer My Friend is SNOWING The WIND !!!! Lol…. Stay CUED…..INDY….. ;-)

  42. Jack says:

    JUST ahhh Saturday MOANING TUNE for Our ” Ears” ……CUE::::: Pink Floyd – High Hopes [Lyrics] – YouTube
    ► 7:00► 7:00
    TURN IT UP. !!!!! Stay Cued & Happy Saturday YE – All … :-)

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