Flood Watch

April 11th, 2014 at 9:39 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Advisory  qpf Click on the graphics to enlarge.   A Flood Watch (see graphic on the left) will be in effect from late Saturday afternoon through Monday.  Look at the graphic on the right.  I hope that’s way overdone, but the forecast here from NOAA shows up to 4.7″ of rain for Central Michigan over a 72-hour period.  There are also Flood Advisories in effect for the Grand River at Ionia, the Looking Glass River at Eagle and the Muskegon River at Evart.  The Grand Rapids National Weather Service says:  “BY MIDDAY MONDAY…ONE TO POSSIBLY THREE INCHES OF RAIN MAY FALL ACROSS THE WATCH AREA.”  River levels are already high and we expect runoff rates to be a little higher than average.  We anticipate that rainfall of 1″ could cause minor flooding issues, while a rainfall of 2 1/2 – 3″ would cause moderate flooding.  Here’s where you can check area river levels.  Here’s the complete write-up/forecast from the GRR NWS.       We’ve been very lucky to escape the snowmelt without heavy rain.  Since March 1st, Grand Rapids has had 2.10″ of precipitation.  That’s 1.34″ below average or 61% of average.

Also:  Space Station transit across the moon…So far, no reports of deaths or injures as Cyclone Ita came onshore in Australiaenhanced satellite pic. of Itawaterfalls of water and ice in Minnesotaa pretty sunset in New York Citymagnitude 6.6 earthquake in Nicaraguacherry blossoms in D.C.

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  1. Scott (robinson twsp) says:

    Our dirt road could use some rain!

  2. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

    Thanks Bill, for leaving Hastings/Barry Co.out of the Flood Watch. We could use some rain, this weekend.

    1. GunLakeDeb says:

      EEks – the Thornapple is barely under a Flood Alert stage – and it’s a really “flashy” river…. even one inch is going to push it too far I’m afraid.

      1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

        I think Barry County should have been included in the Flood Watch, because of the Thornapple River. I live couple blocks north of the river, today levels going down. Like you said Deb, one inch of rain would cause some problems. Looks like the heavy rain will stay north. I hope the thunderstorms don’t go north of Hastings, I been looking forward to the thunder/lightning.

  3. Barry in Zeeland says:

    4.7″ of rain? Ouch. 4.7″ would be a decent snowfall, but rain is going to be a mess!

    On another note, northern lights possible tonight? Activity is high:


    But kp is only at about 3 yet. We’re way overdue for a good show!

    1. steven (Derby Lake) says:

      Best time to see them then?

  4. Hey sorry DarrenSVRtsm I forgot to thank you for giving your analysis on what is going on with the severe weather and when it may spike. Lots has happened today and forgot to tell you. But anyway its a great night out there! I can hear lots of frogs out there. Looks like there is one more day with the high fire danger. I am sure there will be more grass fires, since most people don’t listen to the warnings. Lets hope they are at a minimum!

    1. DarrenSVRtsm ( Cedar S ) says:

      No worries Kyle , I hope your day today is bit more mellow , as we know life has a way of grabbing your attention on occasion. I think this happens for different reasons , some times we don’t know why but often it’s something we realize later , or at the very least life slows down for a bit and allows us to realize just how fortunate we really are. Looking forward to hitting our first 70 degree mark of the year , I’m thinking we should make this pretty easy , unless the clouds keep us in the 60′s either way I’m pulling down my bike and hitting the trails. Enjoy your day tomorrow Kyle , and everyone else as well. :)

  5. steven (Derby Lake) says:

    I feel like I’m stealing your thunder Jack :( ,,,, No pun intended. Stay Cued Boys and Girls. ;)


    1. Jack says:

      No Problemooo, Steven(Dlake) Heavy Rain = ” The Sky is Crying” !!! Cue, The ” Late -Great ” Stevie Ray Vaughn :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI9TS4O5Ww4. Crank it UPPP….. And….Stay Cued.. :-)

  6. Our Local Atmospheric Model for Breckenridge is printing out 3.98 inches

  7. steven (Derby Lake) says:

    Haven’t seen any northern lights, just the moon, mars and I think theres another one that’s close.

    1. Barry in Zeeland says:

      They’re getting closer. Kp is up to 5 now. Needs to be about 7 to push them this far south to see them.

  8. John (Norton Shores) says:

    Fox17 is on the low side of the rain totals, only giving me .81″ of rain through Sunday night, hmm nice try Fox17 but your not fooling me, I really wish that would be the amount we would get as I do not want flooding rains but unfortunately that will not be the case. Expecting to see 3-4″ of rain over the next couple days.

    1. Are you familiar where Muskegon County or whatever invested money to put up the turtle fence? Well if you are that area is really flooded! I know it usually wet through there but the levels were high

      1. John (Norton Shores) says:

        Yes I am, I drive by there frequently and yes the water level is very high, the river is also very high. I don’t think the water from the river has ever gone over the expressway but it sure could over the next couple days if we get 5″ of rain in a short period of time. Good thing they built those overpasses high and not low!

        1. I love that stretch through there! Its all natural beauty. I also like it up in Lakewood Club and Whitehall. I was up that way yesterday. First we stopped in Norton Shores and boy, you have quite the police presence there! I saw lots of cops and people pulled over

        2. John (Norton Shores) says:

          I love that area too! We did? I guess I never noticed the cops, I didn’t really get out and about yesterday.

        3. Yeah not sure what went on. But Norton Shores is a nice area, but I really like anything north of Russell Rd.

  9. I sure hate rough days! And today was one of them! I got a song for that though. “Don’t look back” lol


    Sorry Jack, I stole you CUE lol

    1. Jack says:

      Not a Problem Kyle. Here is a Tune that Helps Me on ahh Bad Day. Song Simply Entitled ” GRACE ” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kf_BLjn4a0. God BLESS U….Kyle

      1. Thanks Jack and God Bless You too

  10. Jack says:

    Here is a Classic, By Bob Dylan that I Believe Fits This THREAD,,,Cue, ” Watching The River Flow”"”"”. vimeo.com/66483892.

    1. Jack says:

      Whoops here is the Lyrics instead :::: What’s the matter with me,
      I don’t have much to say,
      Daylight sneakin’ through the window
      And I’m still in this all-night cafe.
      Walkin’ to and fro beneath the moon
      Out to where the trucks are rollin’ slow,
      To sit down on this bank of sand
      And watch the river flow.

      Wish I was back in the city
      Instead of this old bank of sand,
      With the sun beating down over the chimney tops
      And the one I love so close at hand.
      If I had wings and I could fly,
      I know where I would go.
      But right now I’ll just sit here so contentedly
      And watch the river flow.

      People disagreeing on all just about everything, yeah,
      Makes you stop and all wonder why.
      Why only yesterday I saw somebody on the street
      Who just couldn’t help but cry.
      Oh, this ol’ river keeps on rollin’, though,
      No matter what gets in the way and which way the wind does blow,
      And as long as it does I’ll just sit here
      And watch the river flow.

      People disagreeing everywhere you look,
      Makes you wanna stop and read a book.
      Why only yesterday I saw somebody on the street
      That was really shook.
      But this ol’ river keeps on rollin’, though,
      No matter what gets in the way and which way the wind does blow,
      And as long as it does I’ll just sit here
      And watch the river flow.

      Watch the river flow,
      Watchin’ the river flow,
      Watchin’ the river flow,
      But I’ll sit down on this bank of sand
      And watch the river flow.

  11. Jack says:

    Good Saturday Morning Everyone A Classic For Your Early Saturday MOANIN ::::::
    Artist: Pink Floyd
    Enjoy……. :-) .

  12. Jack says:

    eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/OH2014.html. Check it out & Stay Cued

  13. DarrenSVRtsm ( Cedar S ) says:

    Hey Kyle they just upgraded to a moderate risk for Sunday and in the general area I was talking about earlier , looks tempting .

      1. DarrenSVRtsm ( Cedar S ) says:

        Slight risk edging closer to us…


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